Law 8 Of 2016 Amendments To The General Election Law No. 5 Of 2014

Original Language Title: القانون 8 لعام 2016 تعديل قانون الانتخابات العامة رقم 5 لعام 2014

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Law 8 of 2016

Amendments to the General Election Law No. 5 of 2014

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 14/05/1437 H corresponding to 22/02/2016 AD.

Issued as follows:
Article 1

Article / 6 / of the general elections law No. 5, issued on 24.03.2014 to become as follows:

Stop the right to nominate for membership of the People's Assembly or membership of local governing boards for military personnel of the army and internal security forces throughout their time in the service.
Article 2

Added material number (59) bis to the General Election Law No. 5, issued on 03.24.2014 reads as follows:

Judiciary Committee Supreme Elections - may, if necessary - the transfer of constituencies or more election, or the election centers, into a circle or other constituencies, and the transfer of the vote-counting any polling station to another.
If the Supreme Judicial Elections Commission has decided to move the elections any constituency or centers where a circle or other constituencies, the right of voters who cited his constituency to exercise their right election ballot in the circuit or circuits that quoted his constituency to exercise their right election by election in the constituency or constituencies that quoted a god elections his constituency, and exempted the candidate who quoted his constituency elections of the period due to the transfer of the citizen.
Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections take all decisions it deems appropriate to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and the exercise of freedom and fairness and control in the constituency transferred to the electoral process.
Article 3

Amend paragraph (a) of Article (67) of the General Election Law No. 5, issued on 03.24.2014 to become as follows:

Voters exercised their right to vote or referendum under his identity card or military.
Article 4

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 14/5/1437 AH corresponding to 23/02/2016 AD

Bashar al-Assad