Rs 173.110.47 Order Of 8 November 2006 Regarding The Notification Of The Cantonal Last Instance Public Law Decisions

Original Language Title: RS 173.110.47 Ordonnance du 8 novembre 2006 concernant la notification des décisions cantonales de dernière instance en matière de droit public

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173.110.47 order with respect to the notification of the cantonal last instance decisions on public law of November 8, 2006 (Status January 1, 2016) the federal Council Swiss, view of art. 112, al. 4, of the Act of 17 June 2005 on the federal Tribunal (LTF), stop: art. 1 principle the cantonal authorities shall communicate without delay and free of charge to federal authorities that are entitled to use the last instance decisions which may be challenged before the federal court: a. by an appeal in civil matters within the meaning of art. 72, al. 2, let. b, LTF; b. by a criminal appeals to the senses of the art. 78, al. 2, let. b, LTF; c. by a public law appeals.

Art. 2 exceptions it is not necessary to notify the cantonal last instance decisions: a. monitoring of the guardianship authorities, the executors and other representatives; b. on the ban, the institution of a guardianship or legal advice and on the deprivation of liberty for assistance purposes. c for the protection of the child; d. made in application of the law of June 22, 1979 on the land where they concern permissions to build in building zones, unless another federal law applies at the same time.

New content according to art. 12 ch. 2 of 4 Dec o. 2015 on second homes, in effect since Jan. 1. 2016 (2015 5669 RO).
RS 700 art. 3 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 2007.

RO 2006 4655 RS 173.110 State on January 1, 2016