Rs 742.140.3 Act Of March 18, 2005 On The Connection Of The Eastern Switzerland And West To The European Network Of Trains With High Performance (Connection To Lgv, Llgv Act)

Original Language Title: RS 742.140.3 Loi fédérale du 18 mars 2005 sur le raccordement de la Suisse orientale et occidentale au réseau européen des trains à haute performance (Loi sur le raccordement aux LGV, LLGV)

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742.140.3 Federal law on the connection of the Eastern Switzerland and West to the European network of trains with high performance (connection to LGV, LRLGV Act) of 18 March 2005 (Status January 1, 2010) the Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation, view the art. 81, 87 and 196, no. 3, of the Constitution, in view of the agreement of November 5, 1999, agreement between the Swiss federal Council and the Government of the French Republic relating to the connection of the Switzerland to the rail network french, particularly in the high-speed links, seen the Convention of September 6, 1996, between the head of the federal Department of the environment transport, energy and communications and the Minister of transport of the Federal Republic of Germany relating to the guarantee of the ability to access to the new railway line through the Alps (NRLA), saw the message of the federal Council of May 26, 2004, Swiss stop: art. 1 purpose the connection of the Eastern Switzerland and West to the European network of trains with high performance (connection to the high-speed lines, connecting LGV) aims to strengthen the position of the Switzerland economic and tourism and to transfer as much as possible of international air and road traffic on the rail.
The LGV connection must shorten the travel time between the Switzerland and, on one hand, Munich, Ulm and Stuttgart, and of the other Paris, Lyon and the South of the France.

Art. 2 object this Act has for object the achievement of the first phase of the LGV connection.

Art. 3 connection to the HSL project includes, as part of appropriations, measures of construction necessary for the realization of the LGV connection.
The first phase of the LGV connection includes measures on the following sections: a. Zurich - St. Gallen - Bregenz - Lindau - Geltendorf - Munich; b. Zurich - Bülach - Schaffhausen - Singen - Stuttgart; c. Belfort - Dijon; d. Lausanne - Frasne - Dijon and Berne - Neuchâtel - Pontarlier - Frasne - Dijon; e. Genève - Bellegarde - Nurieux - St. Petersburg - Mason; f. Biel - Belfort; g. Basel - Mulhouse; h. Chur - St. Margrethen; i. St. Gallen - Bodensee - Singen.

The federal Council will submit to the Federal Assembly in 2007 a project presenting an overview of future developments of major rail projects as well as the next steps and their financing.

Art. 4 planning and construction managers of the infrastructure plan and build the LGV connection.
The Confederation concludes agreements with the infrastructure managers. These agreements define in detail the lines, benefits, costs, delays, the allocation of funds and the organization.
The agreements are subject to the approval of the federal Council.
The conventions concerning the measures planned in Switzerland are subject to the federal Council once plans approved pursuant to art. 18 of the Act of 20 December 1957 on the railways and entered in force.

SR 742.101 art. 5 award of mandates of the infrastructure managers award the mandates of provision of services and benefits in accordance with the Federal law on public procurement.

Art. 6 permanent optimization of the work connection HSL integrated permanently, according to the principle of optimization micro - and macroeconomic, progress of railway technology, improvements in the Organization and the evolution of the traffic of passengers and goods.

Art. 7 funding the Federal Assembly allocates the credit commitment necessary to the achievement of the first phase of the LGV connection by a federal decree.

Art. 8 methods of financing the Federal Government puts the resources available, by blaming them on the funds for major rail projects, in the form: a. variable interest loans, conditionally repayable and to fund lost to finance measures in Switzerland; b. of repayable loans, variable interest, to finance advance measures in Germany; These loans are carried in the balance sheet of the Fund for large-scale railway projects; c. contributions to funds lost to co-finance measures planned in France.

New content according to section II 14 of the law of March 20, 2009, on the reform of the railways 2, in force since Jan. 1. 2010 (2009 5597 5628 RO; FF 2005 2269, 2007 2517).

Art. 9 monitoring and control the federal Council ensures the supervision and control of the realization of the LGV connection.

Art. 10 reports the federal Council reports once a year to the Federal Assembly: a. the status of the realization connection HSL; b. expenditures made in respect of the credit allotted commitment; c. the load supported by the Federal Government so far and planned for the next five years.

Art. 11 procedure and the procedures and skills regarding planning, construction and exploitation of the LGV connection located in Switzerland are governed by the law of 20 December 1957 on the railways.

SR 742.101 art. 12 run the federal Council shall issue implementing provisions.

Art. 13 referendum and entry into force the present law is subject to the referendum.
The federal Council shall determine the date of entry into force.

Date of entry into force: 1 September 2005 RO 2005 4239 RS 101 RS 0.742.140.334.97 RS 0.742.140.313.69 FF 2004 3531 ACF on August 24, 2005 (RO 2005 4242).

Status as of January 1, 2010

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