Rs 831.143.32 Order Of The Fdf On The Central Compensation Office (Order On The Cdc) On December 3, 2008

Original Language Title: RS 831.143.32 Ordonnance du DFF du 3 décembre 2008 sur la Centrale de compensation (Ordonnance sur la CdC)

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831.143.32 order of the FDF on the central compensation Office (the CdC order) of December 3, 2008 (status on October 15, 2010) the federal Department of finance, view the art. 110, al. 2, 113, al. 2, and 175, al. 1, of the regulation of October 31, 1947 on old-age insurance and survivors (RAVS), view the art. 43, al. 2, of the regulation of January 17, 1961 on the disability insurance (di), view the art. 15, al. 4 and 23, al. 2, of the Ordinance of 31 October 2007 on family allowances (OAFam), in agreement with the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the federal Department of the Interior, stop: Section 1 provisions general art. 1 composition the central compensation Office CdC (CdC) is a main division of the Federal Finance Administration.
It consists of the following units: of the central compensation Office of the federal compensation fund (CFC) is included in the compensation fund for family allowances (CAF SWC), the Swiss cash compensation (CSC) and the AI Office for insured persons residing abroad (AOCI).

Art. 2 the CdC organization is organized in direction, units and internal inspectorate.
The structure and the skills of the units as well as the collaboration between them are dealt with in a regulation internal CdC. art. 13 is reserved.

Art. 3 substitute the Federal Finance Administration rule, in agreement with the Director of the CdC, the substitution of the latter.
The Director of the CdC sets the succession within the units.

Art. 4 service staff the CdC manages its own service staff.
The Federal Finance Administration regulates the powers of the Director of CdC personnel.

Art. 5 review and hardware revision of the CdC surveillance is the responsibility of the federal financial control that this is assisted by the internal Inspectorate of the CdC. Monitoring hardware on the central compensation, the CFC, the CSC and AOCI by the federal Office of social insurance (OFAS) as well as on the CAF swc by the cantons is reserved.

Art. 6 tasks of the units of the CdC the CdC units tasks are resolved as follows: a. central compensation: in art. 71 of the Federal Act of 20 December 1946 on old-age insurance and survivors (LAVS) and 174 RAVS; to the art. 21a of the Federal law of March 24, 2006 on family allowances (Act) and 18A in 18i OAFam; (b) CFC and CHC: art. 62 LAVS; c. CAF SWC: art. 15 OAFam; d. AOCI: in art. 57 of the Federal Act of 19 June 1959 on disability and 41 RAI.

New content according to section II of the Sept. 8 O. 2010, in effect since Oct. 15. 2010 (2010 4495 RO).
RS 831.10 RS RS 831.20 Section 2 Representations 836.2 Swiss art. 7. the Swiss representations abroad are their assistance to the central compensation Office, CCS and AOCI at the application of optional insurance, in accordance with art. 3 of the order of 26 May 1961 concerning the insurance old-age, survivors and disability optional.

RS 831.111 Section 3 provisions the art CFC. 8 membership in the Fund are affiliated to the CFC: a. the federal Council; b. Federal Administration; c. federal courts; d. institutions and autonomous enterprises of the Confederation.

Other communities, institutions and organizations under private or public law which are subject to the supervision of the Confederation or who have close relations with the Confederation, may be affiliated to the CFC.
Art. 118, al. 2, RAVS is applicable by analogy.

Art. 9 employers control the CFC periodically revises employers affiliated.
It can load external review bodies of the control of employers, in agreement with the federal financial control and the FSIO.

Art. 10 the CFC CFC administration fees administration fees are established by the CdC and must be brought to the budget of the SWC.
Organizations, institutions and individuals who are affiliated with the FCC pursuant to art. 8, al. 1, let. d, 2 and 3, reimburse to the SWC administration costs they cause.
Any of the AHV compensation fund subsidies pursuant to art. 158 RAVS must be repaid by the CFC in the Confederation through the CdC.

Section 4 provisions relating to the art CAF SWC. 11 reservation of cantonal law the provisions of this section apply subject to cantonal family allowance regimes.

Art. 12 join the Fund membership in the Fund is regulated by art. 8, al. 1 and 2.

Art. 13 organization the CAF swc is managed by the FCC.
The structure and tasks of the CAF SWC are resolved in an internal regulation, enacted by the FCC.

Art. 14 control of employers CAF SWC periodically revises employers affiliated.
It can load external review bodies of the control of employers, in agreement with the cantons.

Art. 15 contributions the CAF-CFC fixed the employer contributions according to the cantonal provisions and in line with the SWC and the CdC.
The contributions are fixed to cover the payment of benefits and administration costs, the creation of the reserve to cover risks of fluctuation and the reimbursement of costs pursuant to art. 23, al. 2, OAFam.

Art. 16 reserve to cover risks of fluctuation in the amount of the coverage of the risks of fluctuation reserve is set in the internal regulations.

Art. 17 management of funds of the CAF SWC funds are managed separately (art. 52 of the Act of 7 October 2005 on the finances of the Confederation).
The interest rate is set by art. 70, al. 2, of the Ordinance of April 5, 2006 on the finances of the Confederation.

RS RS 611.01 Section 5 provisions 611.0 finals art. 18 repeal of the law in the order of 1 October 1999 on the central compensation, the federal compensation fund, the Swiss compensation fund, and the AI Office for insured persons residing abroad (order on the CdC) is repealed.

[RO 1999 2822, 2001-1579, 2002 3720, 2005 2527]

Art. 19 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 2009.

RO 2008 6485 RS 831.101 RS 831.201 RS 836.21 State on October 15, 2010

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