Rs 513.12 Order Of 21 May 2008 On Hq National Central Alarm Of The Federal Council (O Em Cf Neoc)

Original Language Title: RS 513.12 Ordonnance du 21 mai 2008 relative à l’état-major Centrale nationale d’alarme du Conseil fédéral (O EM CF CENAL)

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513.12 Ordinance HQ national central alarm of the federal Council (O EM CF NEOC) of May 21, 2008 (status on June 15, 2008) the Swiss federal Council, view the art. 8, al. 2, of the Ordinance of the Federal Assembly of 4 October 2002 on the Organization of the army, stop: art. 1 scope and field of application this rule order tasks, organization, training and the establishment of the national alarm of the federal Council (staff) staff.
Except special provisions of this order, military law is applicable.

Art. 2 status HQ is subordinate to the federal Office for the protection of the population (FOCP).

Art. 3 task the staff supports the national central alarm (NEOC) in the performance of its tasks.

Art. 4 national the NEOC alarm: a. defines the mission of the staff in case of commitment after hearing the FOCP; b. prepares the commitment of the staff c. included in his budget the financial resources required for the commitment of staff, insofar as they are not charged on military appropriations; d. takes control of the staff body; e. makes available to the Commander of the General staff provided that a qualified person is available.

Art. 5 command Commander of the General staff is elected by the federal Department of defence, protection of the population and Sport (DDPS) on the proposal of the FOCP.
Task: a. direct staff; b. ensure installation protected PC-NEOC driving command. Regarding the changes of function or rank of the members of the staff, he has the same skills as a commander of a large unit.
Under the active service and support service, the army ensures protection of the NEOC PC as well as the health service and the supply of staff.

Art. 6 effective regulatory the DDPS fixed regulatory staff of the General staff.

Art. 7 incorporation NEOC employees liable for military service and that the civil service is a special feature of the General staff (the staff function) are incorporated into this function. They may be required by contract to perform the training services required within two years of their incorporation.
Can be incorporated in the General staff at the request of the Commander of the General staff: a. persons subject to military service who have the knowledge required to perform specific staff functions; b. employees of the NEOC liable for military service where the civil service is no function of staff; (c) the number of persons subject to military service which are necessary to achieve the regulatory staff in non-specific staff functions.

To be incorporated into specific staff functions, persons subject to military service must have completed the training services listed in the Appendix, in derogation of art. 46, al. 1, let. c, of the Ordinance of 19 November 2003 (OOMi) military obligations.
The members of the staff remain attached to their weapon or their auxiliary service.
The duration of inclusion of the captains and senior staff officers who are not intended to further training depends on the needs of the General staff, in derogation from art. 50, al. 1, let. b, OOMi.

SR 512.21 art. 8 allocation and assignment the persons referred to in art. 6 of the Federal Act of 3 February 1995 on the army and military administration can be allocated or assigned to the General staff as soon as they have reached the age of 18 years of age.

RS 510.10 art. 9 statement the captain fixed headquarters for staff instruction services and their duration annually and shall communicate the dates in time to members of staff liable for military service.
It organizes the training services.

Art. 10 summons the Commander of the General staff shall convene the members of the General staff: a. instruction services; b. interventions as part of a mobilization by a system of warning and after consultation with the Director of the FOCP.

Members of staff may be forced by the Commander of the General staff to be available outside the service.
Call alarm exercises or interventions can be done by any means of communication that fits.
The Commander of the General staff may order, if necessary, the performance of service in civilian dress.

Art. 11 fulfillment of instruction services staff liable for military service members serve of statement in their function: a. within the staff; b. within an another staff of the federal Council; c. in formations of the army, in the context of schools, courses or exercises, preparations of exercises and in particular of course national security cooperation.

Art. 12 report of the service in accordance with art. 11, requests for postponement of service of the members of the staff are considered independently of the provision by the Commander of the staff pronounced thereon. The directives of the head of the army concerning the procedures for granting of the waiver of service apply.

Art. 13 promotion to get a promotion, staff members liable for military service who have specific staff functions must have accomplished, in derogation from art. 57, al. 3, let. a, OOMi, instruction services listed in the Appendix.

SR 512.21 art. 14 military controls in derogation of art. 22, al. 3, of the order of 10 December 2004 on military controls, the following data concerning the members of the staff are necessarily identified: a. knowledge civil special (e.g. languages, special trainings); b. telephone and fax numbers; c. e-mail address; d. mailing address, insofar as it is different from the home address.

RS 511.22 art. 15 execution the DDPS is responsible for the execution of this order.

Art. 16 repeal of the law in force the staff of the federal Council Ordinance on November 27, 2000 national central alarm is repealed.

[2001-11 RO]

Art. 17 entry into force this order comes into force on June 15, 2008.

Appendix (art. 7, para. 3, and art. 13) Incorporation and promotion of members of the staff liable for military service in duties at headquarters General staff functions that are not mentioned below are subject to the conditions of promotion and incorporation in the OOMi.
According to the source or the future function of the holder, the Commander of the General staff may order, in agreement with the General staff of armed forces, a special service of the same duration in the administration the benefit of the NEOC in place and establishing a training course for staff (SFEM).
Functions with double rank of staff members can be promoted to the next grade at the earliest after the lower grade for three years. Lieutenants may be promoted to the rank of first lieutenant already after two refresher courses.
Functions specific to the staff the following training services must be made in order to obtain the following ranks: rank function Service instruction 1. lt/plt collab SFEM I spec, part 1 2. Cap/maj collab spec or SFEM I expert, part 2 3. Maj cdt replace SFC II, part 1 4. shift/lt col collab spec, expert or leader intervention SFEM II, part 1/2 5. lt col cdt replace SFC II, part 2 6. Col cdt SFC II RS 512.21 If this training service has already been done for the rank and the current function, this condition is regarded as being met.

State on June 15, 2008

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