Rs 531.215.14 Order Of July 6, 1983, On The Constitution Of Reserve Requirements Of Coffee

Original Language Title: RS 531.215.14 Ordonnance du 6 juillet 1983 sur la constitution de réserves obligatoires de café

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531.215.14 order on the constitution of reserve requirements of coffee on 6 July 1983 (status 1 January 2013) the Swiss federal Council, view the art. 8, 27, 52 and 55 of the Act of 8 October 1982 on supply of the country (LAP), stop: art. 1 principle in order to ensure the constitution of reserve requirements, the following goods cannot be imported or released with bond for investment in private according to art warehouse. 42 of the Federal law of October 1, 1925 on customs with a special authorization: the tariff description of the goods ex 0901 number.

Even roasted or decaffeinated coffee: - not roasted coffee 1100 - not decaf 1200 - decaf - roasted coffee: 2100 - not decaffeinated 2200 - decaffeinated 2101.

1100 / 1219 extracts, essences and concentrates of coffee and preparations with a basis of these extracts, essences or concentrates.

The reservesuisse is responsible for granting import permits. It is on behalf of the federal Office for national economic supply of the country (federal Office).
Quantities of goods not exceeding 20 kg gross can be imported without a permit.
In the passenger traffic and cross-border traffic, goods intended for personal use are exempt from the permit.

[RS 6 469; RO 1959 1397, 1956 635, 1973-644, 1974 1857, 1980 1793, 1992 1670, 1994 1634, 1995 1816, 1996 3371, 1997 2465, 2000 1300 1891, 2002 248, 2004 4763, 2006 2197]. Currently, see the law of 18 March 2005 (RS 631.0).
RS 632.10 Annex new content according to point 2 of the annex to the Dec. 22 O. 2004 on the mod of the customs tariff annexed to the tariff act of customs as well as other legislative acts in connection with the agreement of 26 October 2004 between the Switzerland and the EC on agricultural products transformed, in effect since Feb. 1. 2005 (RO 2005 503).
New content according to Chapter 6 of the appendix to the O of 2 July 2003 on preparations for economic national supply, in force since 1 August 2003 (RO 2003 2167).
Introduced by c. I 4 the on 7 Dec O. 1998, in force since Jan. 1. 1999 (RO 1999 303).

Art. 2 procedure for authorisation of individual permits are granted.
After consulting with the federal Department of Finance (FDF), the federal Department of the economy, training and research (RFLD) may order that permissions are granted according to the procedure of the General License.

The name of the administrative unit has been adapted to 1 Jan. 2013 in application of art. 16 al. 3 o from 17 nov. 2004 on official publications (RS 170.512.1). This mod has been taken throughout the text.

Art. 3 conditions depends on the granting of permits the granting of individual licences or general licence is subject to the conclusion and execution of a contract under the terms of which the importer is committed to a mandatory reserve of coffee within the Swiss customs territory, for the duration of the contract, and to participate in the renewal of the reserve requirements of the Confederation.
Individual permits or general permits for importation of small amounts or goods not subject to the mandatory storage (art. 5) may be granted if the importer undertakes in writing to assume the same financial charges than those who would follow him to a storage contract.

Art. 4Retrait and refusal to permit individual or general permits the federal agency may, on its own initiative or on a proposal from the reservesuisse, remove or refuse individual permits or licenses General when the importer violates or does not the conditions attached to the granting of the permit or the General License, whether they concern the mandatory reserves or exemption from the obligation to establish such reservations.

New content according to Chapter 6 of the appendix to the O from 2 July. 2003 on preparations for economic national supply, in force since 1 August 2003 (RO 2003 2167).

Art. 5 volume and quality of required reserves after consulting the circles interested in the economy, the EAER determines: a. goods that must be stored; (b) the volume and the quality of mandatory reserves for economic national defence and those that are intended to address severe shortages, as well as the elements to calculate the amount of the reserve requirement of each owner.

Art. 6 storage contracts the terms of the constitution of reserve requirements are regulated by contracts of uniform content between the federal agency and the owners of reserve requirements.

Art. 7 obligation to report the owner of the mandatory reserve shall, as directed by the Davis, to periodically report all of its reserves (reserve requirements and constituted inventory on a voluntary basis) including goods mentioned in art. 1 art. 8 final provisions the Davis and the FDF are responsible for execution.
The Decree of the federal Council on July 16, 1962, on the constitution of reserves of coffee is repealed.
This order comes into force on September 1, 1983.

[RO 1962 896, 1975 402 HP. I 13, 1977 2325 c. I 3]

RO 1983 985 SR 531 State on January 1, 2013