Rs 444.12 Order Of May 21, 2014, On The Federal Inventory Of Cultural Property (Oibc)

Original Language Title: RS 444.12 Ordonnance du 21 mai 2014 sur l’inventaire fédéral des biens culturels (OIBC)

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444.12 order on the federal inventory of cultural property (OIBC) of May 21, 2014 (State July 1, 2014) the federal Council Swiss, view of art. 31 of the Act of 20 June 2003 on the transfer of cultural goods (LTBC), stop: art. 1 purpose this rule order: a. the criteria for inclusion in the federal inventory of cultural property (inventory TBC) of cultural property furniture which are the property of the Federal Government; b. the procedure: 1. registration of movable cultural property to inventory TBC, 2 of deletion of an entry in the inventory TBC.

Art. 2 join the TBC inventory cultural movables which are of significant importance for the cultural heritage are inventoried TBC.
Cultural property furniture is of significant importance to the cultural heritage when it meets at least one of the following criteria: a. historical, scientific or artistic significance; b. unique character or rarity c. craft value; d. iconographic importance; e. historic significance; f. importance in the context of the collection; g. material value.

Art. 3 side of cultural assets registered each well cultural registered in the inventory is identified by a side.
The coast is composed in accordance with the annex.

Art. 4 description of cultural goods entered for each good cultural, TBC inventory reported the following information, as long as they are known: a. the side; (b) the registration date; c. the name of the institution of Confederation that the type object has the property; d. e. material; f. technology; (g) dimensions and weight; h. lots , the number or the volume; i. patterns; j. registrations k. marks and special signs, including the damage and the repairs; l. the time or the date of manufacture; Mr. author; n. the title; o. as accurate information as possible on the origin and the place of manufacture or, if this is an item from excavations or archaeological or palaeontological, findings on the place of its discovery; p. bibliographic references with a table of figures, if available; q. a photograph or other representation of the object.

Art. 5 competence for inventory TBC the specialized service of the federal Office of culture (specialty) is the TBC in the form of a database electronic inventory and publish it on the website of the federal Office of culture.
He decides the inscription of cultural inventory TBC and the cancellation of the recording.

Art. 6 registration the institution of Confederation that has cultural property request to the specialty service registration of this cultural property in inventory TBC.
The request must contain the information referred to in art. 4 and be filed in electronic form.
If the specialty service approves the request, it entered the cultural property in the electronic database.

Art. Time of registration 7 cultural property are considered registered from their record in the electronic database. The registration date is recorded in the inventory TBC.

Art. 8 cancellation of registration in the cases referred to in art. 3, al. 3, LTBC, the institution of the Confederation who owns cultural property may request the cancellation of registration at the specialized service. The application must be reasoned.
If the specialty service approves the request, he writes off the registration of the electronic database.

Art. 9 access to inventory TBC TBC inventory access is free.

Art. 10 amendment to another act order of 13 April 2005 on the transfer of cultural property is changed as follows:...

RS 444.11 mod. can be found at the RO 2014 1451.

Art. 11 entry into force this order comes into force on July 1, 2014.

Annex (art. 3, para. 2) Composition of the coast of inventory of cultural property registered 1. The first two or three positions of the side represent the institution of Confederation who owns cultural property, in accordance with the following abbreviations: SNM composed of the national museum in Zurich, Swiss national museum, Castle of Prangins, Forum the history of Switzerland in Schwyz and the center of the collections of Affoltern am Albis NB Swiss National Library, to which are attached the Swiss Literary Archives , Cabinet prints and the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel SOR Museum Oskar Reinhart collection 'Am Romerholz' Winterthur MVL Museo Vela in Ligornetto MMS Museum of music automatons ETH ETH of Zurich and its collections GKS Collection of art and cultural assets of the Foundation Gottfried Keller BKS Art Collection of the Confederation 2. Figures for the fourth and fifth positions of the rating represents the type of object according to the following list: 00 Collections and copies rare zoology, Botany, mineralogy and Anatomy, and objects of palaeontological interest 01 objects relating to history, including the history of science and technology, military and social history as well as the life of the personalities of science and art , and events of national significance 02 products of archaeological excavations or archaeological Fragments from the dismemberment of monuments 03 artistic or historical and archaeological sites 04 antique items with more than one hundred years old, such as inscriptions, coins and seals engraved 05 ethnological material 61 objects of art such as paintings, paintings and drawings made interest entirely by hand on any support and in any material (excluding the) industrial designs and manufactured articles decorated by hand) 62 original Productions of statuary art and sculpture in any material 63 objects of artistic interest such as engravings, prints and lithographs original 64 objects of artistic interest such as assemblies and fixtures artistic originals, in all matters 07 manuscripts, incunabula and rare books, documents and publications Alumni (historical interest (artistic, scientific, literary, etc.), isolated or in collections 08 stamps, revenue stamps and objects similar, isolated or in collections 09 Archives, including photographic, phonographic and cinematographic archives 10 furnishings with over 100 years of age and 3 old music instruments. The institution of Confederation who owns cultural property adds additional positions.

State on July 1, 2014