Rs 747.201.55 Ordinance Of The Detec On July 2, 2001, On The Perception Of Emoluments Of The Body For The Approval Of The Boats (Oeohb)

Original Language Title: RS 747.201.55 Ordonnance du DETEC du 2 juillet 2001 sur la perception d’émoluments de l’organe d’homologation des bateaux (OEOHB)

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747.201.55 order of the DETEC on the perception of emoluments of the body for approval of vessels (OEOHB) on 2 July 2001 (State on March 1, 2008) the federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communication, view of art. 11, al. 1, of the Ordinance of 23 January 1985 on the expertise of the types of boats, stop: art. 1 purpose this order regulates the collection of fees for the expertise and other administrative acts of the body for the approval of boats.

Art. 2 subjection to the emoluments applicant for a delivery of the certification body is required to pay a fee.
If the fee required for a delivery is borne by several persons, they answer jointly and severally.
The person who asked expertise and does not present the boat on the agreed date must pay the basic fee, if she has not told at least two working days in advance the approval body, she décommandait expertise or are forfeited.

Art. 3 disbursements disbursements may be calculated separately for the actual costs. They are charged with fees.
Are deemed disbursements costs not included in the fees, including postal taxes and telecommunications, supplements for the work requested in very short time, the production of double and translation costs.

Art. Administrative 4Emoluments the administrative fee amounts to the following amounts: Francs has.

for the record of technical expertise - 30 b.

for the type certificate - 50 c.

for additional registration in the type certificate - 30 new content according to section I of the DETEC Feb 8 O. 2008 (RO 2008 553).

Art. 5Emoluments for the technical expertise the basic fee collected for the technical expertise of a sport or recreational boat amounts to the following amounts: Francs has.

for boats up to 10 m in length - 120 b.

for vessels more than 10 m in length 150.-the following supplements are perceived: Francs has.

for fixed motorboats 30 - b.

for the control: 1. fires 30 - 2.

the protection of the waters 30 - 3.

health planning 30 - 4.

fixed fuel facilities 30 - 5.

fixed tank to feces - 30 c.

for the measurement of sound emissions of exploitation - 200 d.

for the calculation of the sailing surface: 1. up to 15 m sailing surface 100 - 2.

more than 15 m sailing surface 150.-for pleasure boats, the following supplements are perceived: Francs has.

for the calculation of the number of people 30 - b.

for the calculation of the propulsive power - 30 c.

for the calculation of freeboard - 30 d.

for the calculation of stability - 30 for subsequent controls, only the fees mentioned in paras. 2 and 3 are seen.
For the other boats, the fee is calculated according to the rules laid down in art. 7. new content according to section I of the DETEC Feb 8 O. 2008 (RO 2008 553).

Art. 6 repealed by no I of O of the DETEC on Feb 8. 2008 (RO 2008 553).

Art. 7 fees for any other administrative procedures the fees for other administrative acts can be calculated based on the time spent.
The fare is between 100 and 150 francs per hour of work. It is determined by the magnitude and difficulty of the administrative act and applies to the works that go beyond the usual expertise.

Art. 8 reduction or discount of the fee for important reasons, the certification body may reduce the fee or put it back, especially if: a. the administrative act is in her interest; b. subsequent control is carried out without a fault is attributable to the holder of the type certificate.

Art. 9 decision on fees at the request of the person subject to the fee, it is set by a decision in good and due form.

New content according to section V 6 O on August 22, 2007 relating to the formal update of federal law, in effect since Jan. 1. 2008 (RO 2007 4477).
Repealed by no V 6 O on August 22, 2007 relating to the formal update of federal law, with effect from Jan 1. 2008 (RO 2007 4477).

Art. 10 due date and payment period the fee is payable: a. as soon as the person subject to the fee was informed in writing; b. If appealed, upon entry in force of the decision on the latter.

The payment period is 30 days from the due date.

Art. 11 cashing the certification body sets the terms of payment.
He may refuse to issue the minutes of technical expertise or type certificate as long as the fee has not been paid.

Art. 12 prescription the claim concerning the fee shall lapse five years after the deadline.
The limitation period is interrupted by any administrative act designed to honor the debt by the debtor.

Art. 13 repeal of the law in the order of 5 August 1997 on the collection of fees by the Commission of Federal expertise of the types of boats is repealed.

[RO 1997 2017]

Art. 14 transitional provision the current expertise on the entry into force of this order are governed by the old law.
The emoluments provided for by this order apply to the expertise of sports boats requested since May 1, 2001.

Art. 15 entry into force this order comes into force on July 16, 2001.

RO 2001 1900 new content according to section I of the DETEC Feb 8 O. 2008 (RO 2008 553).
RS 747.201.5 State on March 1, 2008