Rs 814.201.81 Ordinance Of The Detec Of 10 January 2000 On The Approval Of International Recommendations And Decisions

Original Language Title: RS 814.201.81 Ordonnance du DETEC du 10 janvier 2000 sur l’approbation de décisions et de recommandations internationales

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814.201.81 order of the DETEC on decisions and approval of international recommendations on 10 January 2000 (State on May 2, 2000) the federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communication, view of art. 51, al. 1, of the order of 28 October 1998 on the protection of waters, with the agreement of the federal Department of the economy, stop: art. 1 approval international decisions listed in annex 1 and the international recommendations listed in annex 2 are approved.

Art. 2 effect of approval approved decisions are binding for all of the Switzerland.
Approved recommendations are not binding. The competent authorities are invited to taken into account in the execution of requirements on the protection of the environment.

Art. 3 entry into force this order comes into force on 1 March 2000.

Annex 1 (art. 1) Decisions international Decision PARCOM 85/1: programmes and measures concerning the limit values and quality objectives for mercury releases from sectors other than that of the electrolysis of alkali chlorides PARCOM Decision 85/2: programmes and measures concerning the limit values and quality objectives for discharges of cadmium PARCOM Decision 90/2 on programmes and measures relating to batteries to mercury and cadmium PARCOM Decision 92/1 on the reduction of emissions of chlorinated organic substances from the manufacturing of dough from the dough to bisulfite Decision PARCOM 92/3 on the abandonment of the PCB and substitutes of the PCB Decision PARCOM 95/2 on ceilings of emissions and discharges in the industry of paper pulp to bisulfite integrated and non-integrated Decision PARCOM 96/1 on the abandonment of the use of hexachloroethane (HCE) in the industry of nonferrous metals Decision dangerous and bleached kraft paper OSPAR-98/1 on the status of the decisions, recommendations and other agreements adopted under the old Convention of Oslo and the former Paris Convention, in the context of the Convention OSPAR Decision OSPAR 98/2 on the dumping of radioactive waste at the federal Office for the environment (FOEN), 3003 Bern. The name of the administrative unit has been adapted in application of art. 16 al. 3 o from 17 nov. 2004 on official publications (RS 170.512.1). This amendment has been made throughout the text.

State on May 2, 2000 Appendix 2 (art. 1) recommendations international recommendation PARCOM 85/1 on the values limits emissions of mercury in the water from factories of chlor-alkali existing (factory outlet) recycled brine recommendation PARCOM 87/1 on the use of the compounds tributyl-tin recommendation OSCOM 88/1 on the export of waste intended for disposal in sea recommendation PARCOM 88 / 2 on the reduction of inputs of nutrients to waters Convention of Paris PARCOM recommendation 88. 4 of PARCOM recommendation 89/3 nuclear reprocessing plants on programs and measures of reduction in mercury releases from various sources recommendation PARCOM 89/4 on a coordinated program of reduction of nutrient recommendation PARCOM 89/5 relative to the refineries recommendation PARCOM 90/1 on the definition of the best available technology as steel plants of secondary recommendation PARCOM 91/3 on measures to be taken and to carry out surveys so to reduce pollution in steel production secondary recommendation PARCOM 91/4 on radioactive releases recommendation PARCOM 91/5 on disposal of radioactive waste in deposits located in the basement marine and accessible from the Mainland recommendation PARCOM 92/1 on the best available technology for anodization and facilities for new installations of electrolysis in the primary aluminium industry recommendation PARCOM 92/3 on the limitation of pollution of new steel facilities second merger and new mills PARCOM recommendation 92/4 on the reduction of emissions from the industry of PARCOM recommendation 92/5 electroplating on the best available technology in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals PARCOM recommendation 92/7 on the reduction of inputs of nutrients from agricultural sources to areas where these inputs are likely directly or indirectly to cause pollution PARCOM recommendation 92/8 on the ethoxylates nonylphenoliques PARCOM recommendation 93/2 relative to new restrictions of mercury in dentistry PARCOM recommendation 93/4 on abandonment of cationic detergents dangerous environmental DTDMAC, DSDMAC and DHTDMAC in textile softeners PARCOM recommendation 93/5 relating to the increase of radioactive emissions from nuclear fuel reprocessing plants PARCOM recommendation 94/2 on best available techniques and best environmental practice in the industry of paper pulp to integrated and non-integrated bisulfite PARCOM recommendation 94/4 on the best techniques available in the industry of Chemistry organic recommendation PARCOM 94/5 on best available techniques and best environmental practice in process by wet in the processing industry national textiles recommendation PARCOM 94/7 on the development of action plans and best environmental practice (BEP) for the reduction of inputs to the environment of pesticides used in agriculture recommendation PARCOM 94/8 relating to the environmental impact of emissions of radioactive substances recommendation PARCOM 94/9 on the management of nuclear fuel PARCOM recommendation 96/1 on the best available techniques and best environmental practice in the existing manufacturing facilities of aluminium by electrolysis PARCOM recommendation 96/4 on abandonment of cladding systems to coal tar in a product intended for inland navigation vessels recommendation PARCOM 97/1 on the reference levels in effluent rejected by processes wet in the manufacturing of textiles recommendation PARCOM 97/2 on measures to be taken for the prevention or reduction of emissions of heavy metals and persistent organic compounds due to the large combustion plants (³ 50 MWth) recommendation OSPAR 98/2 on emission and discharge limits applicable to existing facilities of production of aluminium by electrolysis available to the FOEN 3003 Bern.

State on May 2, 2000