Rs Agreement Of 29 April 2010 Between The Federal Council Of The Swiss Confederation And The Government Of The Federation Of Russia Regarding The Protection Of Geographical Indications And Appellations Of Origin (With Annexes)

Original Language Title: RS Accord du 29 avril 2010 entre le Conseil fédéral de la Confédération suisse et le Gouvernement de la Fédération de Russie concernant la protection des indications géographiques et des appellations d’origine (avec annexes)

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Subscribe Now for only USD$20 per month, or Get a Day Pass for only USD$4.99. original text agreement between the federal Council of the Swiss Confederation and the Government of the Federation of Russia regarding the protection of geographical indications and appellations of origin concluded on April 29, 2010, approved by the Federal Assembly on 18 March 2011 entered into force by Exchange of notes on 1 September 2011 (status September 1, 2011) the Swiss federal Council and the Government of the Federation of Russia hereinafter referred to as the 'Parties', reaffirming their commitment to conclude a bilateral agreement on the protection of geographical indications and appellations of origin such as mentioned in art. 3 of the annex to the agreement on trade and economic cooperation between the Swiss Confederation and the Federation of Russia about the art. 12 'IP protection' concluded in Moscow on 12 May 1994;
realizing the importance of effective protection of the intellectual property rights for the development of economic and commercial cooperation mutual benefit between the two countries.
Recognizing the role of geographical indications and appellations of origin for the trade and the local economic development of the two countries.
eager to create favourable conditions for such protection, based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit as well as on other principles and norms of international law commonly recognized;
agreed to the following: art. 1 purpose and scope of application the Parties ensure effective and adequate protection in accordance with the present agreement for the names, geographical indications and appellations of origin of the State of each party designated to art. 3 of this agreement, and which is protected in this part.

Art. 2 definitions for the purposes of this agreement, the following definitions shall apply: "geographical indications" are indications which identify a product as originating in the territory of the State of a part, or a region or locality in that territory, in cases where a quality, reputation or other characteristic of the product may be attributed essentially to that geographical origin;
"appellations of origin" are designations that represent or contain names of geographical areas, contemporary, historical, official or unofficial, in their full or abbreviated designation, as well as derivatives of such designations, which have become known as a result of their use to identify products whose specific properties are determined exclusively or mainly by natural conditions and/or human factors that are specific to geographical objects concerned.

Art. 3 objects of protection 1. Names, geographical indications and appellations of origin (hereinafter: "indications") following are protected: (a) the Switzerland: 'Switzerland', 'Swiss', the names of the cantons of Switzerland (contained in annex I to this Agreement) and any other name designating the Switzerland or its cantons, geographical indications and appellations of origin of the Switzerland set out in annex II of this agreement;
(b) of the Federation of Russia: the names "Federation of Russia", "Russia", the names of the subjects of the Federation of Russia (contained in annex I to this Agreement) and any other name designating the Russia Federation or the subjects of the Federation of Russia, geographical indications and appellations of origin of the Russia Federation set out in annex II of this agreement.

2. for other geographical indications and appellations of origin of the State of each party, legal means are provided to allow interested parties referred to in art. 7 this agreement to prevent their use in a manner not in accordance with the protection provided by this agreement, in accordance with the legislation of the State of each party.

Art. 4 scope of protection 1. The Parties to take the necessary measures, in accordance with this agreement, to ensure mutual protection of the indications referred to in art. 3 of this agreement that are used to refer to products originating from the territory of the States of the Parties. In accordance with the legislation of the State of each part, stakeholders of each part referred to in art. 7 this agreement have legal means to prevent the use of such indications on: (a) identical or comparable goods which do not originate in the place indicated by the indication in question or which do not meet the other conditions laid down in the laws and regulations of the State of the party concerned; (b) other products which do not originate in the place indicated by the indication in question in a manner which misleads the public as to the geographical origin of the product, or which constitutes an act of unfair competition under the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property of March 20, 1883 such as revised at Stockholm on 14 July 1967 and amended on 28 September 1979.

2. the protection granted to the by. 1 of this article shall also apply in cases where the actual origin of the product is indicated or in those where the protected indication is used in translation, transliteration and transcription or accompanied by expressions such as 'kind', 'type', 'style', 'imitation', 'method' or similar expressions, including graphic symbols that can be confusing.
3. the protection granted to the by. 1 and 2 of this article shall also apply, in accordance with the laws of the State of a part, in cases where products originating in the territory of the States of the Parties are for export and marketing outside the territory of each State and in cases where the products are in transit through the territory of the State of one of the Parties.
4. the registration of a mark infringes the by. 1 or 2 of this article is denied or invalid, either automatically if the legislation of the State of the party concerned allows, or at the request of an interested party.
5. the designated protected indications to the by. 1 of art. 3 of the present agreement may not become generic.
6. regarding services, the Parties provide adequate and effective protection for the indications referred to in art. 3 of this agreement, in accordance with what allows the law of the State of a part.
7. the Parties prevent the coat of arms, flags and other emblems of the State or regions of the other party to be used and/or registered as objects of intellectual property protected under national law, such as trademarks or designs, way not in compliance with the conditions set by the laws and regulations of the State of the party concerned.
The protection also applies to objects of intellectual property protected under national law, such as trademarks or designs that contain elements that can be confused with the coat of arms, flags and other emblems of the State of Parties.

SR 0.232.04 art. 5 relationship between geographical indications and appellations of origin identical or similar can be confusing in the case of geographical indications or appellations of origin of the Parties or of one of the Parties and a third country which are identical, or that the similarity can be confusing, protection will be granted to each indication, provided that she didn't mislead the consumer as originally. In order not to jeopardize the interests of the producers and not to mislead consumers, the products must be differentiated clearly and specifically one of the other, through measures such as the identification of the country of origin on the product.

Art. 6 exceptions 1. The provisions of this Agreement shall in no way prejudice the right of any person to use, in the course of commercial operations, his name or his predecessor in business that contains or consists of an indication protected by this agreement, provided that this name is not used so as to mislead consumers.
2. nothing in this agreement will oblige a party to protect an indication of the other party which is not protected or which ceases to be protected in its country of origin or which has fallen into disuse in that country, including in the case of end of production of the goods which the indication was protected.

Art. 7 interested parties the benefit of the protection afforded by this agreement will cover:-producers of the property identified by the indications referred to in art. 3 of this agreement; - the federations, associations and producer organizations of which they are members and that are incorporated under the laws of the State of one parts; - consumers, in cases where this is provided by the laws and regulations of one of the Parties--the federations, associations and consumer organizations that are incorporated under the laws of the State of one of the Parties.

Art. 8 presentation and labelling

If the description or presentation of a product, especially in the labelling or packaging of products on labels of letters, invoices or on other printed documents and publications, in advertisements or in advertising, is contrary to this agreement, the Parties apply, in accordance with the legislation of the States of the Parties, the necessary measures and provide for legal actions that are necessary in order to combat acts of unfair competition or prevent use misleading or false to a protected indication.

Art. 9 competent authorities 1. The competent authorities of the Parties responsible for the application of this agreement are: - the Federal Institute of intellectual property for the Swiss side; - the Federal Service for intellectual property, patents and trademarks (Rospatent) for the Russian side.

2. the Parties shall notify each other through diplomatic channels the changes to their competent authorities.

Art. 10 procedures for non-compliant use of indications 1. If a party represented by its competent authority has a reason to suspect that an indication defined in art. 3 of this agreement, used or having been used in trade between individuals or legal entities of the Contracting States, way not in accordance with this agreement, and that this non-compliance is specific for the first part interest and is likely to lead to administrative measures or legal proceedings under the laws of the State of the other part the competent authority of the first part shall inform without delay the competent authority of the other party and provide the necessary information concerning the improper use.
2. the competent authority of the other party to review the matter and shall communicate to the competent authority of the first part the results of its review and any action or legal means available in the law of this State to prevent such improper use.

Art. 11 rights on existing brands and transitional measures 1. The by. 4 of art. 4 does not apply if a mark has been filed or registered in good faith in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of the party, or if it was acquired through use in good faith in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of the game, before the entry into force of this agreement. Such a mark may continue to be used despite the protection and utilization of an indication referred to in art. 3 of this agreement, provided that there is no other reason for the invalidation of the brand or its revocation according to the legislation of the State of the part.
2. the products identified with an indication referred to in art. 3 of this agreement that, at the time of the entry into force of this agreement, have been produced, identified and presented in a manner consistent with the law, but prohibited by this agreement, may be marketed by wholesalers or producers for a period of one year from the entry into force of the agreement and by retailers until stocks are exhausted.
3. the products produced, identified and presented in accordance with this agreement, but which the designation or the presentation lose their compliance with this agreement following an amendment of the agreement, may continue to be marketed until stocks are exhausted, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.

Art. 12 amendments 1. The Parties may introduce amendments to this agreement by mutual consent.
2. changes to this agreement should not adversely affect any right or no previous obligation resulting from this agreement, taking into account cases covered by the provisions of art. 11 of this agreement.
3. If the law of the State of a part is changed with the intention to protect the indications referred to in art. 3 is not in Schedule I or II of this agreement, or if a geographical indication or an appellation of origin other than those listed in annexes I or II of this agreement is recognised and protected by a party, the competent authority of that party may propose to include the indications concerned in the annex corresponding to this agreement by sending a notification to the competent authority of the other party. If the competent authority of the other party opposes the amendments of the appendices within six months from the date of receipt of the notification in question, the competent authority shall conduct consultations to resolve the issue of the protection of the indication concerned. If no such objections, the competent authority of the other party confirms within six months of acceptance of the amendments and proceed to the exchange of the revised version of the corresponding annex no later than one month after the expiry of the six-month opposition period.

Art. 13 consultations disagreements between the Parties concerning the application or interpretation of this agreement are resolved through consultations between the Parties conducted within a reasonable time.

Art. 14 final provisions 1. This agreement is effective the first day of the second month following the date of the last written notification through diplomatic channels of the completion by the Parties of their internal procedures necessary for the entry into force of this agreement. The signing of this agreement, the competent authorities exchange annexes I and II referred to in art. 3 of this agreement.
2. a party may denounce this agreement by written notification to the other party through diplomatic channels. In this case, this agreement will end after the expiry of a period of six months from the date of receipt of this notification.
In testimony, the undersigned, having been duly authorized for this purpose, have signed this agreement.
Made in Bern, April 29, 2010, in duplicate originals, all in french, Russian and English, each text being equally authentic. In case of divergence, the English text is used.

Annex I Names of the Cantons of the Swiss Confederation: Iacaaie eaioiiia Oaaeoadee: Original name Ideaeiaeuiia iacaaiea (eaoeieoa) transcript Odainedeioe 1. Aargau 1. Adaao 2. Appenzell (Ausserrhoden) 2. Aiiaioaeeu-Aonaddiaai 3. (Innerrhoden) Appenzell 3. Aiiaioaeeu-Eiiaddiaai 4. Basel (-Landschaft) 4. Aacaeu (-Eaiaoaoo) 5. Basel (-Stadt) 5. Aacaeu (-Ooao) 6. Bern / Berne 6. Aadi 7. Freiburg / Fribourg 7. Odeaoda 8. Geneva 8. Aeaiaaa 9. Glarus 9. Aeadon 10. Graubünden 10. Adaoaþiaai 11. Jura 11. Þda 12. Luzern 12. Eþoadi 13. Neuchâtel 13. Iaaoaoaeu 14. Nidwalden 14. Ieaaaeuaai 15. Obwalden 15. Iaaaeuaai 16. Schaffhausen 16. Oaooaocai 17. Schwyz 17. Weao 18. Solothurn 18. Cieioodi 19. St. Gallen 19. Naio-Aaeeai 20. Ticino 20. OE÷EII 21. Thurgau 21. Oodaao 22. URI 22. Óðè 23. Vaud 23. Âî 24. Wallis / Valais 24. Aaeeen / 25 Aaea. Zug 25. Öóã 26. Zurich 26. Oþdeo Subjects of the Russian Federation: Noauaeou Dinneeneie Oaaadaoee: Original name Ideaeiaeuiia iacaaiea (eaoeieoa) transcript Odainedeioe 1. Danioaeeea Aauaa (Aauaa) 1. Republic of Adygeya (Adygeya) 2. Danioaeeea Aeoae 2. Republic of Altai 3. Danioaeeea Aaoeidoinoai 3. Republic of Bashkortostan 4. Danioaeeea Aodoe 4. Republic of Buryatia 5. Danioaeeea Aaaanoai 5. Republic of Dagestan 6. Danioaeeea Eiaooaoe 6. Republic of Ingushetia 7. Eaaadaeii-Aaeeadnea Danioaeeea 7. Kabardino-Balkarian Republic 8. Danioaeeea Eaeiuee 8. Republic of Kalmykia 9. EADA÷AAAI-× adeannea Danioaeeea 9. Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic 10. Danioaeeea Eadaee 10. Republic of Karelia 11. Danioaeeea Eiie 11. Komi Republic 12. Danioaeeea Iadee Ye 12. Republic of Marij El 13. Danioaeeea Iidaiae 13. Republic of Mordovia 14. Danioaeeea Naoa (sseooe) 14. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 15. Danioaeeea Naaadia Inaoe - Aeaie 15. Republic of North Ossetia - Alania 16. Danioaeeea Oaoadnoai (Oaoadnoai) 16. Republic of Tatarstan (Tatarstan) 17. Danioaeeea Yes 17. Republic of Tuva 18. Oaiodonea Danioaeeea 18. Udmurtian Republic 19. Danioaeeea Oaeane 19. Republic of Khakasia 20. × a÷ainea Danioaeeea 20. Chechen Republic 21. × oaaonea Danioaeeea - × oaaoe 21. Chuvashi Republic - Chuvashia 22. Aeoaeneee edae 22. Altai kray 23. Caaaeeaeuneee edae 23. Zabaikal kray 24. EAI÷aoneee edae 24. 25 kray Kamchatka. Edaniiaadneee edae 25. Krasnodar kray 26. Edaniidneee edae 26. Krasnoyarsk kray 27. Iadineee edae 27. Perm kray 28. Ideiidneee edae 28. Primorsky kray 29. Noaadiiieuneee edae 29. Stavropol kray 30. Oaaadianeee edae 30. Khabarovsk kray 31. Aiodnea iaeanou 31. Amur oblast 32. Adoaiaaeunea iaeanou

32 Arkhangelsk oblast 33. Anodaoainea iaeanou 33. Astrakhan oblast 34. Aaeaidianea iaeanou 34. Belgorod oblast 35. Adinea iaeanou 35. Bryansk oblast 36. Aeaaeiednea iaeanou 36. Vladimir oblast 37. Aieaiadaanea iaeanou 37. Volgograd oblast 38. Aieiaianea iaeanou 38. Vologda oblast 39. Aidiiaaenea iaeanou 39. Voronezh oblast 40. Eaaiianea iaeanou 40. Ivanovo oblast 41. Edeoonea iaeanou 41. Irkutsk oblast 42. Eaeeieiadaanea iaeanou 42. Kaliningrad oblast 43. Eaeoaenea iaeanou 43. Kaluga oblast 44. Eaiadianea iaeanou 44. Kemerovo oblast 45. Eedianea iaeanou 45. Kirov oblast 46. Einodiinea iaeanou 46. Kostroma oblast 47. Eodaainea iaeanou 47. Kurgan oblast 48. Eodnea iaeanou 48. Kursk oblast 49. Eaieiadaanea iaeanou 49. Leningrad oblast 50. Eeiaoea iaeanou 50. Lipetsk oblast 51. Iaaaaainea iaeanou 51. Magadan oblast 52. Iineianea iaeanou 52. Moscow oblast 53. Iodiainea iaeanou 53. Murmansk oblast 54. Ieaeaaidianea iaeanou 54. Nizhni Novgorod oblast 55. Iiaaidianea iaeanou 55. Novgorod oblast 56. Iiaineaednea iaeanou 56. Novosibirsk oblast 57. Iinea iaeanou 57. Omsk oblast 58. Idaiaodanea iaeanou 58. Orenburg oblast 59. Ideianea iaeanou 59. ORYOL oblast 60. Iaicainea iaeanou 60. Penza oblast 61. Ineianea iaeanou 61. Pskov oblast 62. Dinoianea iaeanou 62. Rostov oblast 63. Dcainea iaeanou 63. Ryazan oblast 64. Naiadnea iaeanou 64. Samara oblast 65. Nadaoianea iaeanou 65. Saratov oblast 66. Naoaeeinea iaeanou 66. Sakhalin oblast 67. Naadaeianea iaeanou 67. Sverdlovsk oblast 68. Niieainea iaeanou 68. Smolensk oblast 69. Oaiaianea iaeanou 69. Tambov oblast 70. Oaadnea iaeanou 70. Tver oblast 71. Oiinea iaeanou 71. Tomsk oblast 72. Ooeunea iaeanou 72. Tula oblast 73. Oþiainea iaeanou 73. Tyumen oblast 74. Oeuiianea iaeanou 74. Ulyanovsk oblast 75. × aeaeinea iaeanou 75. Chelyabinsk oblast 76. ssdineaanea iaeanou 76. Yaroslavl oblast 77. Iineaa 77. Moscow 78. General-Iaoadaoda 78. St.Petersburg 79. Aadaenea aaoiiiiia iaeanou 79. the Jewish autonomous oblast 80. Iaiaoeee aaoiiiiiue iedoa 80. Nenets autonomous okrug 81. Oaiou-Iaineeneee aaoiiiiiue iedoa - Þada 81. Khanty-Mansijsk autonomous okrug - Ugra 82. × oeioneee aaoiiiiiue iedoa 82. Chukotka autonomous okrug 83. ssiaei-Iaiaoeee aaoiiiiiue iedoa 83. Yamalo-Nenets autonomous okrug State on September 1, 2011 annex II Geographical indications of Switzerland: Oaaeoadneea aaiadaoe÷aneea iaeiaiiaaie: Original name Ideaeiaeuiia (eaoeieoa) transcript Odainedeioe Nudu Aiiaioaeead Appenzeller Cheese iacaaiea fool Alpkase / Berner Hobelkase Aadiad Aeuieaca / Aadiad Oiaaeeaca Bündner Bergkäse Emmentaler Yiiaioaead Formaggio of Alpe Ticinese Oidiaaaei Aadaeaca Aþiaiad Ä'Aeuia oe÷eiaca Glarner Schabziger / Glarner Krauterkase Aeadiad Oaaoeaad / Aeadiad Edaeoadeaca Gruyère Adþad the Etivaz Ë Aoeaa Raclette in Valais Daeeao crucial Aaea Sbrinz Nadeio Schweizer Tilsiter Oaaeoad Oeeuceoad head of monk , Bellelay Òåò aa Ioai, Odiiaae aa Aaeeaeae Tomme cheese Vaud Oiii Aaaoac Vacherin Fribourg Vacherin Mont of gold Aaodai Iiio a odeaodaeoa Aaodai'Îð Busciun da cavra Aþooi aa eaada Werdenberger Sauerkase / Bloderkäse Aadaaiaadaad Caoadeaca Meat-based products Iniua idiaoeou Appenzeller Mostbrockli Aiiaioaeead Iinoadieee Aiiaioaeead Iaioee Siedwurst Aiiaioaeead Neaaodno Neuchâtel sausage Appenzeller Pantli Appenzeller / Neuchâtel sausage Ninen iioaoaeuoac / ninennii iaoaoaeuoa fool Zungenwurst Aadiad Ooiaaiaodno Boutefas Aooaoan Bündnerfleisch Aþiaiadoeaeo ham of the Terminal Aeaiaii aa ea Aidi Longeole Vaud sausage cabbage Eiiaeieu

I oo aaaoac sausage Ninen Vaud ninenii aaaoa sausage of Ajoie Ninen a'Aaeoa meat dried Valais IAEA Naoa crucial Aaea St. Galler (Kalbs) - No. Bratwurst. Aaeead (eaeuac) - Adaoaodno St. Galler Schublig No. Aaeead Oþaeea Spices Niaoee Munder saffron (saffron) Ioiaad naodai (naoodii) Bread, pastry, cakes, confectionery, biscuits and other baker's wares: Oeaa e eiiaeoadneea ecaaee: Basler Läckerli Aanead Eaeadee meringue from Gruyères Iadaia aa Adþad aa naeaeu aaeacai Toggenburger Waffeln Iai Valais rye bread / Toggenburger cookies Oiaaaiaodaad Aaooaeui / Oiaaaiaodaad Aeneaeon Swiss Chocolate / Schweizer Schokolade Naen × ieeeo / Oaaeoad Oieieaaa Krauterbonbons Naen Edieoadaiiaiin Niedoiua iaieoee Abricotine Spirits Swiss / Aadeeioei Valais apricot brandy / I-aa-ae a aadeei whether Aaea Absinthe the crooked Val

Aanaio whether Aae aa Odaaad Damassine / Damassine of Ajoie / Damassine Baroche Aaiannei / Aaiannei a'Aaeoa /aaiannei aa ea Aadio brandy PEAR of the Valais I-aa-ae aa load whether Aaea Baselbieter Kirsch Aacaeuaeoad Eedo Zuger Kirsch Ooaad Eedo Appenzeller Alpenbitter Aiiaioaeead Aeuiaiaeooad Rigi Kirsch Deae Eedo Schweizer Kirsch Oaaeoad Eedo Wines IAEA Geneva Aeaiaa Neuchâtel Iaoaoaeu Schaffhausen Oaoooaocai Ticino oe÷eii Aaea Ai Zürich Oþdeo Graubünden Vaud Valais / Bündner Adaoaþiaai / Eagle Auvernier Chablais Chamoson Dardagny Aadaaie Oaiicii Oaaea Iaadiua Yaeu Aþiaiad

Dézaley Aacaea Dole (followed or not "Valais" name or a common name) had (n idiaieaeaieai aac iacaaie "Aaea" n iacaaieai eiiioiu eee eee) Epesses Yiann Féchy Oaoe Fendant (followed or not "Valais" name or a common name) Oaiaai (n idiaieaeaieai aac iacaaie "Aaea" n iacaaieai eiiioiu eee eee) Hallauer Oaeeiad the side Ëà Êîò Lavaux Eaai Maienfeld Iaaioaeua Malans Iaeain mount on Rolle Iiio-nþd-God Nyon Ieii St. Saphorin / St Saphorin Naio Naoidei / No. Naoidei Salquenen / Salgesch Naeeaiai / Naeaao Satigny Naoeie Schafiser Oaoecad Twann Oaaii of Vully Aþee Yvorne Eaidi Vegetables and cereals Iaiue e cadiiaua Cardon thorny Genevan Eadaii yieii aeaiaaoa Rheintaler Ribel Daeioaead Deaae PEAR to Botzi load to Aiooe Watches / Precision instruments × anu / oi÷iua einodoiaiou Swiss Naenn Geneva / Geneva Aeaiaa / Aeaiaaa Neuenburg / Neuchâtel Iaeaiaoda / Iaoaoaeu Schaffhausen Oaoooaocai Textile products Oaenoeeuia idiaoeoe Swiss Naenn Langenthal Eaiaaioae St. Gallen embroidery (St. Galler embroidery / St. Galler Spitzen) No.aaeai yiadieaade (No.aaeai Oodeeadae / No.aaeai oieooai) Ceramics Eadaieea

Laufen Eaooai Plastic products Idiaoeoe ec ieanoeea Sarnen Nadiai Machinery / Metal working industry / Engineering industry Iaoeiinodiaiea / iaoaeeiiadaaaouaaþua idiiuoeaiiinou Swiss Naenn Chemical / Pharmaceutical products oeie÷anea e oaiaoaaoe÷anea idiaoeoe: Swiss Naenn Basel Aacae Wood Aadaai wood Jura AOT crucial Russian Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin Aeþda: Dinneeneeo aaiadaoe÷aneeo oeacaiee e iaeiaiiaaiee iano idienoiaeaaie oiaadia: iiei÷iua e iniua idiaoeou , ioeoa Milk and meat-based goods, poultry Aauaaeneee nud Adygeyskiy syr Aeoaeneee nud Altayskiy syr Aieiaianeia ianei Vologodskoye bar Einodiineie nud Kostromskoy syr Iiaeaeneia iieiei Mozhayskoye moloko Iaoaeeineea eodu Petelinskie kury Iioaoiineee nud syr Rostovskiy okorok Ryazanskie kury Neaedneea iaeuiaie eodu Dcaineea ieidie Dinoianeee Poshekhonskiy

Sibirskie pelmeni Niaaoneee nud Soviet syr Oaiaianeee ieidie Tambovskiy okorok oaee÷neee nud Uglichskiy syr ssdineaaneee nud Yaroslavskiy syr Duaiua idiaoeou Fish Aaeeaeuneee iioeu Baikalskiy eai÷aoneee omul Kamchatskiy losos Edaau eininu ÷aoea (eai÷aoea) Kraby chatka (kamchatka) give eeda Russkaya ikra (Russian caviar) io÷iua e eiiaeoadneea idiaoeou Pastry and Confectionary Aidiiaaeneee oeaa khleb English oeaa Voronezhskiy Russkiy khleb Ooeuneee idiee Tulskiy pryanik Naeuneioicenoaaiiua idiaoeou Agricultural Products Anodaoaineea adaocu Astrakhanskie arbuzy Anodaoaineea oiiaou Astrakhanskie tomaty Aaoeedneee iaa Aashkirskiy myod

Eooiaeoeea iaodou Lukhovitskie ogurtsy Niedoiua iaieoee Wines and Spirits Aadao-Aþdni Abrau-Dyurso IAEA Eoaaie Vina Kubani Aaaanoai Dagestan Aadaaio Derbent Iineianea aiaea Moskovskaya vodka give aiaea Russkaya vodka (Russian vodka) Neaednea aiaea Sibirskaya vodka Niaaoneia eadenoia Sovetskoe igristoe Oeieineia eadenoia Tsimlianskoe ssioadu Noaadiiieu Yantar Stavropolia Ieiadaeuia AAIA igristoe Mineral Water Adouc Arkhyz Adoai Arshan Aiainea Anapskaya Aidenianea Borisovskaya Aaooaiednea Bahtemirskaya Aieiaianea Vologodskaya Aadce-sso÷e Yatchi-Varzi Eidi iieia Gornaya polyana aid÷ee eeþ÷ Goryachiy klyuch Aoieainea Duplenskaya Aeaoadeiaionea Yekateringofskaya Annaiooee Essentuki Aeaeaciiaianea

Zheleznovodskaya Caeaiiadaanea Zelenogradskaya Edeoonea Irkutskaya eada÷einea Karachinskaya Eaoeinea Kashinskaya Edaeinea Krainskaya Eadiaaii Karmadon Eaeeieiadaanea Kaliningradskaya Eoea Kuka Eiinoaioeiianea Konstantinovskaya Eodoaanea Kurtyayevskaya eada÷adianea Karacharovskaya Eodaacae Kurgazak Eicaeunea Kozelskaya Eeneiaianea Kislovodskaya Eeiaoea Lipetskaya Eaaeinea Labinskaya Iineianea Moskovskaya Iaooe Mashuk Iaicaeeinea Menzelinskaya Iaeuoeinea Maltinskaya Iaaoonea Nagutskaya Ieaeia-Eaeeinea was-Ivkinskaya Iadcai Narzan Iinea Omskaya Iaooianea Obukhovskaya Ieanooinea Plastunskaya Iieþnodiai Polyustrovo Daeoneee enoi÷iee Raifskiy istochnik Nadiaa Sarova Neaaiianea Slavyanovskaya Niediianea Smirnovskaya Nocaaeunea Suzdalskaya Naeeaaiianea Selivanovskaya Naeuoianeee diaiee Seltsovskiy rodnik Naieaidnea Semigorskaya Oieuooeinea Tolyattinskaya

Oiaidianea Undorovskaya Oaeinea Uvinskaya Oaeinea aeai÷oaeeia Uvinskaya zhemchuzhina Óãëè÷ñêà Uglichskaya Óðî÷èùå Äîëèíû iadcaiia natural boundary Doliny Narzanov Oaaac Uaadeinea Shadrinskaya ea÷aaiua Khabaz adce Therapeutic Muds Iaoanoa Matsesta AIA, ieai Water, Beer Aaeeae Baykal Aeeaoeaaneia ieai Zhigulevskoe pivo Eeeineia ieai Klinskoe pivo English eaan Russkiy kvass (Russian kvass) eadaie÷aneea ecaaee, oadoid, odonoaeu Ceramics, china, cut glass Aadaeeee Verbilki Aaeaeu Gzhel Aonaaneee odonoaeu (Åõñù-Odonoaeuiue) Gusevskiy khrustal (Gus-Khrustalniy) Aoeaai Dulevo Aoueianeee odonoaeu Diatkovskiy Eiiaeianeee oadoid Konakovskiy Eiiiiinianeee farfor khrustal oadoid Lomonosovskiy farfor Neiieinea eadaieea Skopinskaya keramica Þaaeediua ecaaee Jewelry Aaeeeionoþaeneia ÷adiaiea ii nadaado Velikoustyuzhskoye chernenie po serebru Edaniinaeunea neaiu Krasnoselskaya skan eoaa÷e Kubachi Dinoianea oeieoou Rostovskaya finift Onieunea yiaeu Usolskaya Odaeuneea naiioaaou Eaeiaa ieieaoþda Lacquer samotsvety Uralskie emmal miniature Inoada Mstera Iaeao Palekh Oaaineeii Fedoskino Oieoe Kholui Edoaeaaa, nodi÷aauoeoua ecaaee, eai Laces, embroidered products, flax Aieiaianeia edoaeaai Vologodskoe kruzhevo Vologodskiy len Aeaoeea edoaeaaa Yeletskie kruzheva Edanoaoea eai Aieiaianeee nodi÷ea Krestetskaya strochka Ieoaeeianeia edoaeaai Mihaylovskoye kruzhevo Dcaineea) also) ocidu Riazanskie (russkie) Oaadnea ooaiaeanoaaiia auoeaea uzory Tverskaya khudozhestvennaya vishivka Oidaeieneia cieioia oeoua Torzhokskoe zolotoe shitie Eoeeu, iaea neoeuiooda Dolls, small sculptures Auieianea eadooea Dymkovskaya igrushka Caaidnea iaodaoea Zagorskaya matrioshka Eadaiiieunea Alimov eadooea Kargopolskaya glinianaya igrushka Oaadnea eoeea Tverskaya kukla Oidaeienea Alimov eadooea Torzhokskaya glinianaya igrushka Dinienu AI iaoaeea, ooaiaeanoaaiiia eeoua Paintings we metal, art castings Aeinoiai (aeinoianeea iiaiinu) Zhostovo (zhostovo trays) Ceaoionoianea adaaþda AI noaee Zlatoustovskaya gravjura na Scott Eaneeineia ooaiaeanoaaiiia eeoua Kaslinskoye khudozhestvennoe litye Eoneineia eeoua Kusinskoye litye Iaaeianeea ooaiaeanoaaiiua ecaaee Pavlovskie khudozhestvennye izdeliya Aaeidaoeaiua ecaaee ec aadaaa e dinienu ii aadaao Decorative wood products and paintings on wood Aadaioaanei-eoadeinea dacuaa Abramtsevsko-kudrinskaya rezba Aiaidianea dacuaa ii aadaao Bogorodskaya rezba po derevu Aaeiiidneea ocidu Belomorskie uzory uzory Gorodetskaya rospis Kirovskaya beresta aadanoa Eedianea dinienu Aidiaaoea Velikoustuzhskie ocidu Aaeeeionoþaeneea Eeiaoeea ocidu Lipetskie uzory Oioeiia Khohloma Daciia Miscellaneous Aaeeaeunea iadia Baikalskaya nerpa Aadaoceineea niaie Barguzinskie sobolia Aidioianea ieaoaia iaaaeu Dorokhovskaya pletennaya Eiaeaeineee idaiid Koelginskiy Idaiaodaneee iooiaue ieaoie Orenburgskiy mramor mebel puhoviy platok Iaaeiiinaaneee ieaoie Pavloposadskiy platok worked iaoa Russkie mekha (Russian furs) Ooeunea aadiiiu Tulskaya garmon Ooeuneee naiiaad Tulskiy samovar Ooeuneia doaeua Tulskoe ruzhye Ooaeaeneee idaiid Ufaleyskiy mramor State on September 1, 2011

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