Rs 151.21 Order Of 14 October 2009 On Projects In Favour Of The Rights Of Man And Of The Struggle Against Racism

Original Language Title: RS 151.21 Ordonnance du 14 octobre 2009 sur les projets en faveur des droits de l’homme et de la lutte contre le racisme

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151.21 order on projects in favour of the rights of man and of the fight against racism of October 14, 2009 (Status January 1, 2013) the Swiss federal Council, view the art. 386, al. 4, of the penal code, view of art. 7 of the International Convention of 21 December 1965 on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, stop: art. 1 purpose this order regulates: a. the realization by the Confederation of public awareness projects to human rights or the prevention of anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia; (b) the payment by the Confederation of subsidies to projects within the meaning of the let. a that are made by third parties.

Art. 2 requirements for projects projects must serve the prevention of anti-Semitism, racism or xenophobia, to raise awareness about the human rights as well as to the intervention and the Council in the event of conflict. They must particularly take into account the school and training.
For this purpose, projects must: a. be likely to have the impact and the multiplier effect the largest possible; b. involved insofar as possible the persons directly concerned; c. aim at the long term and meet the requirements of sustainable development; d. can be assessed as to their implementation and their impact.

Subsidies can also be assigned to the establishment or strengthening of structures. But they should not be used for the maintenance of existing structures.

Art. 3 tasks at the Service of the fight against racism the anti-racism (service) Service, attached to the general Secretariat of the federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), assumes the following tasks: a. It encourages and coordinates activities to prevent racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia, and to promote human rights at the federal, cantonal and communal levels; b. It coordinates its activities with the Federal Government , extra-parliamentary commissions, cantons, municipalities and the Intercantonal conferences relevant; c. it carries out projects alone or in cooperation with others; d. It reviews of third party projects, accompanies and follows their progress. It assesses projects; e. It coordinates the projects of third parties; f. He is responsible for the public relations work on projects.

Art. 4 distribution of subsidies to support the projects of third parties within the limits of the approved appropriations each year, the annual amount set aside for third party projects is distributed as follows: a. two-thirds for projects not covered by the school field; b. one-third for projects in the school area.

Art. 5 allocation of supply a project cannot benefit from a single grant.
In duly motivated cases, other subsidies may be granted for similar projects.
If subsidies are allocated to projects whose duration extends beyond the fiscal year, the approval by Parliament of the following credits is reserved.

Art. 6 submission of applications applications for subsidies should be directed to the service.
They must include the following documents: a. a description of the project; b. a budget; c. a financing plan; (d) an assessment method.

The service may require additional documents.
It may issue guidelines on the filing of applications.

Art. 7 review of applications service examines whether the application meets the conditions set out in art. 2. it addressed a proposal to the Department.
If it finds that the application is incomplete, it tells the applicant that he may complete it.

Art. 8 an interdepartmental working group interdepartmental working group supports and accompanies the Service activities.
This working group consists of representatives of the following departments: a. DFI; b. federal Foreign Affairs Department; c. federal Department of justice and police; d. federal Department of defence, protection of the population and sports; e. federal Department of economy, training and research.

The DFI heads the working group.

The name of the administrative unit has been adapted to 1 Jan. 2013 in application of art. 16 al. 3 o from 17 nov. 2004 on official publications (RS 170.512.1).

Art. 9 Foundation education21 the DFI load Foundation education21 of examination of applications for subsidies, as well as follow-up and evaluation of projects in the field of education.
It concludes with the Foundation education21 a service contract that stops the terms of their collaboration.
The Foundation education21 passes the requests, accompanied by his proposals to the DFI for decision.

"Education and development (FED)" previously. The name of the administrative unit has been adapted to Jan. 1. 2013 in application of art. 16 al. 3 o from 17 nov. 2004 on official publications (RS 170.512.1). This mod has been taken throughout the text.

Art. 10 decision the DFI decides on granting subsidies that it is proposed to allocate to projects of third parties.
It may delegate this power to the service.

Art. 11 report and obligation to inform third parties benefiting from subsidies make report to the service on the level of achievement and impact of projects.
They must, if the service request, allow him to consult documents related to the project and provide all information.
The service may issue instructions for the presentation of the report.

Art. 12 legal protection of law are governed by the General provisions of the Federal judiciary.

Art. 13 repeal and amendment of the old law the order of 27 June 2001 on projects in favour of the rights of man and of the fight against racism is repealed.

[RO 2001 1785, 2005 5675]
The mod. can be found at the RO 2009 5327.

Art. 14 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 2010.

RO 2009 5327 RS 311.0 RS 0.104 State on January 1, 2013

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