Rs 172.010.59 Order Of 6 December 2013 On Confederation Directory Services Operated By The Foitt (Osaco)

Original Language Title: RS 172.010.59 Ordonnance du 6 décembre 2013 sur les services d’annuaires de la Confédération exploités par l’OFIT (OSACO)

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172.010.59 order for services of directories of the Confederation by the FOITT (OSACO) December 6, 2013 (Status January 1, 2014) the Swiss federal Council, saw the Act of 21 March 1997 on the Organization of Government and administration, view the art. 27, al. 2, let. c, and 27, art. 6, of the Act of March 24, 2000, on the staff of the Confederation (FPL), stop: art. 1 principle and purpose of the treatment of data the Agency federal information technology and telecommunications (FOITT) operates information systems in order to harmonize and consolidate centrally to supplement by technical guidance information from various sources, personnel of the Confederation and the people close to the federal administration (directory services).
These directory services are used to identify people who registered and manage technical devices, connections, contact information, and similar items that have been assigned.
They are only used for purposes internal to the Federal Government, with the exception of the publication of data in the federal directory.

Art. 2 field of application of the information on the following persons are dealt with in the directory services: members of the central federal administration within the meaning of art. 7 of the order of 25 November 1998 on the Organization of Government and administration (OLOGA); (b) members of the federal administration decentralized to the senses of the art. 7A OLOGA; c. Members Services of Parliament within the meaning of Title 4, Chapter 7, of the Act of 13 December 2002 Parliament; d. members of the federal court, the federal administrative court, the federal court and the federal Patent Court, unless otherwise provided by law; e. members of the public prosecutor of the Confederation, to the senses of the art. 7 to 22 of the Act of 19 March 2010 on the Organization of the penal authorities; f. members of the Secretariat of the supervisory authority of the public prosecutor of the Confederation, to the senses of the art. 27, al. 2, of the Act of 19 March 2010 on the Organization of the penal authorities; g. people elected by the Federal Assembly to the senses of the art. 168 of the Constitution; h. members of cantonal and communal authorities in need of digital certificates Confederation; i. external people working for organs in the sense of the let. a to h.

The FOITT may also address in the directory services of data members from the following companies, who are in regular contact with bodies within the meaning of para. 1: a. railroad Federal within the meaning of the Railway Act of 20 March 1998 Federal; b. The Swiss Post Office; c. RUAG; d. NAC.

RS RS RS RS RS 742.31 Art. 101 173.71 171.10 172.010.1 3 categories of data the categories of data according to annex may be processed in directory services.
Sensitive data and personality profiles should not be treated in directory services.

Art. 4 original data the FOITT automatically resumes processed data in directories from the information system services the personnel of the federal administration (BV MORE) within the meaning of section 2 of the order of October 26, 2011 on the protection of personal data of the staff of the Confederation.
The FOITT contains the data about individuals is not in BV MORE with the bodies referred to in art. 2. he can take these data automatically from information systems concerned.
The FOITT full data and technical information on the devices, connections and similar equipment assigned to the person.

SR art. 5 body responsible for the FOITT is responsible for: a. technical exploitation of its directory services; (b) the security of the data contained in these services; c. the treatment according to the right of the data contained in these services.

People argue their rights of access to the FOITT and can enforce their rights of rectification and erasure of data from service personnel in their administrative unit or organization.

Art. 6 read access to data the categories of data followed by an asterisk in the annex may be consulted online by everyone whose data can be entered into the system.
The categories of data that are not followed by an asterisk in annex can be consulted by employees of the administration allowed to do (directors).

Art. 7 publication of data the FOITT book Chancellery the data necessary for the publication of the federal directory (art. 5, paras. 1 and 2, the O on October 29, 2008, on the Organization of the Federal Chancellery).

SR 172.210.10 art. 8 transmission of data to other systems all categories of data can be transmitted from automated information systems internal to the Federal Government, in which they are set and harmonised, in condition: a. that there for the system concerned, a legal basis and regulation of treatment within the meaning of art. 11 of the Ordinance on 14 June 1993 to the Federal law on data protection; ETB. that the information system has been announced to the federal Commissioner for the protection of data, with the exception of files that should not be advertised under art. 18 of the Ordinance on 14 June 1993 to the Federal data protection act.

SR 235.11 art. 9 write access data to a person and the report with the Confederation, as well as contact data are processed directly in the management system of the personnel concerned by the competent personnel department.
The technical data are processed by employees of the FOITT competent for this purpose.
The FOITT provides rights to writing for systems and components of systems to have access to exercise his activity the person authorized to write.

Art. 10 conservation and destruction of data when a person no longer subject to this order, the FOITT destroyed in systems to the meaning of this order that person-related data within a period of 180 days from the date on which the submission ceased.

Art. 11 inventory the FOITT keeps an inventory: a. its directory services; b. information systems which it automatically resumes data; (c) information systems on which data are transmitted automatically.

Art. 12. another applicable law the order of February 22, 2012 on the treatment of the personal data related to the use of the electronic infrastructure of the Confederation, which are generated during the use of the electronic infrastructure of the federal administration, applies for the rest.

SR 172.010.442 art. 13 modification of another Act...

The mod. can be found at the RO 2013 4553.

Art. 14 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 2014.

Annex (art. 3, para. 1) Categories of data preliminary remark: for the meaning of the asterisks (*), see art. 6. 1 person-related data. Name * 2. First name * 3. Civility * 4. Title * 5. Initials * 6. Key to identify with certainty the personne7. Profession * 8. Language of correspondence * (b) data relating to the relationship with the Federal Government 1. Work reports (internal/external) * 2. OU * 3. Future connection to an organisationnelle4 unit. Number personnel5. Function * 6. Post * 7. Identification of the HR system from the personne8 data. Date of entry and departure. c 1 contact data. Location and mailing address * 2. Office number * 3. Components of business address * such as e-mail address *, telephone number (fixed * mobile *), fax number *, address VoIP * 4. Components of the address of the external persons * d. technical data 1. Devices, connections and similar equipment assigned to the practice2. Components of the address, identification numbers and other technical parameters of devices, connections and similaires3 equipment. The system of devices, connections and equipment similaires4 language. Public key digital certificates * 5. 6 permission groups. Name access to information systems State on January 1, 2014