Rs 916.404.2 Order Of 28 October 2015 Relative To Fees Relating To Trafficking Of Animals (Gebv - Ta)

Original Language Title: RS 916.404.2 Ordonnance du 28 octobre 2015 relative aux émoluments liés au trafic des animaux (OEmol-TA)

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916.404.2 Ordinance on fees related to the trafficking of animals (Gebv - TA) October 28, 2015 (Status January 1, 2016) the Swiss federal Council, under art. 46 of the Act of 21 March 1997 on the Organization of Government and administration and 15 (b) of the Act of 1 July 1966 on epizootic diseases, stop: art. 1 purpose this order regulates the perception, by the operator of the database on trafficking in animals, due fees for services provided pursuant to the order of October 26, 2011 on the DTAB.

RS 916.404.1 s. 2 applicability of the General Ordinance on the fees the General order of 8 September 2004 on the emoluments applies, unless specific provisions of this order.

RS 172.041.1 s. 3 regime of fees anyone who seeks the provision of services referred to in the annex is required to pay a fee.

S. 4 the calculation of fees fee calculation is based on the rates indicated in the annex.
If a fee is calculated according to the generated working time, should take into account an hourly rate of 75 to 200 francs according to the knowledge required of the personnel performing the task.

S. 5 billing of fees by the operator the operator invoice database fees on behalf of the federal Office for agriculture (FOAG).

S. 6 decision on fee in the event of dispute regarding the invoice, it is possible to ask the FOAG, within a period of 30 days from the date of the establishment of the invoice, to make a decision on fee.

S. 7 repeal or amendment of other acts the June 16, 2006 Ordinance on fees related to the trafficking of animals is repealed.

[RO 2006 2705, 2007 6437, 2008 3579, 2009 581 4255 annex c. 2, 2010 2545, 2011 5475, 2012 6859 annex c. 2]
The am. can be consulted at the RO 2015 4577.

S. 8 entry into force this order comes into force January 1, 2016.

Annex (arts. 3 and 4, Al 1) fees 1 delivery of eartags 1.1 Francs eartags, the delivery time is three weeks, per piece: 1.1.1 for animals of the bovine species, including Buffalo and bison (double eartag) 5.-1.1.2 for ovine and caprine animals -.60 1.1.3 for animals of the porcine species -.35 1.1.4 for the order of the Artiodactyla game held in pens -.35 1.2 replacement of eartags to bovine, ovine and caprine animals, including Buffalo and bison, the delivery time is five working days, each 2.50 1.3 postage, by the expedition: 1.3.1 package 1.50 1.3.2 Port according to the postage rate 1.3.3 Supplement for shipment within 24 hours 7.50 2 registration of equidae 2.1 registration of equidae at the notification of the birth or when the first import - 40 2.2 subsequent registration of equidae born or imported for the first time before January 1, 2011 60 - 3 Notification of animals slaughtered an animal slaughtered Notification: 3.1 of bovine 5 - 3.2 swine -.10 3.3 belonging to equidae 5 - 4 missing or missing indications Notifications or insufficient 4.1 on animals of the bovine species: 4.1.1 missing notification according to art. 5, al. 2, the order of October 26, 2011 on the BDTA 5 - 4.1.2 missing or insufficient guidance as to race, colour, sex of the animal, at number BDTA breeding unit originated the animal or the output type of the animal, by notification card 2 - 4.1.3 missing or insufficient indication of number BDTA breeding unit, to the identification of the animal and the identification number of the mother or the father, on the date of birth, entry or exit, death or slaughter of the animal, by notification card 5 - 4.2 for animals of the porcine species: 4.2.1 missing notification according to art. 6, al. 2, the order of October 26, 2011 on the BDTA 5 - 4.2.2 signs missing or insufficient regarding the date of slaughter or the number of animals, by notification card 5 - 4.3 concerning equidae: 4.3.1 by missing notification according to art. 8, al. 2 to 5, the order of October 26, 2011 on the BDTA 5 - 4.3.2 by notification missing about the birth or the first importation of equidae born or imported for the first time after January 1, 2011 10 - 5 discount data 5.1 list of identification numbers of animals for a unit of livestock for third party mandated pursuant to art. 17 of the Ordinance of October 26, 2011 on the DTAB: package per calendar year, breeding unit and animal kind; fees lower than 20 francs per calendar year are not charged 2 - 5.2 extracts or special assessments of data, which must be carried out by the operator of Bank: official services or companies and organizations mandated, an amount of 500 francs is deducted from the total amount invoiced by extract or evaluation of data according to the working time generated 6 charge reminder costs of recall by payment due 20 - RS 916.404.1