Rs 916.307.11 Order Of The Foag Of May 21, 2014, On The List Of Gmo Feed

Original Language Title: RS 916.307.11 Ordonnance de l’OFAG du 21 mai 2014 sur la liste des aliments OGM pour animaux

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916.307.11 order of the FOAG on the list of GM animal feed of May 21, 2014 (Status January 1, 2015) the federal Office for agriculture (FOAG), view the art. 62, al. 1 and 4, and 68, al. 3, of the order of October 26, 2011 on pet food, stop: art. 1 list of GM animal feed genetically-modified organisms (GMOS) approved for the production of raw materials and additives as well as raw materials and additives that can contain such bodies are listed in the list of feed GMOS in the annex.

Art. 2 traces of GMOS which are more approved for the manufacture of feedingstuffs feedingstuffs containing traces of GMOS that are more licensed for the manufacture of raw materials and additives may be put into circulation for five years after the repeal of the approval to the following conditions: a. proof can be provided that appropriate measures have been taken to avoid these traces; (b) the percentage of these traces is not 0.9% mass.

Feedingstuffs containing traces of agencies whose approval was revoked for security reasons cannot be put into circulation.
Concerning GMOS which approval for the manufacture of pet food has been repealed, the following are annexed: a. the date of the repeal of the approval; b. information according to which the approval has been repealed or not for security reasons.

New content according to chapter I of O of the FOAG from 29 oct. in force since Jan. 1, 2014. 2015 (2014 4045 RO).

Art. 3 repeal of another act order of the FOAG of 1 February 2005 on the lists of GM animal feed is repealed.

[RO 2005 985]

Art. 4 entry into force this order comes into force on July 1, 2014.

Annex (arts. 1 and 2, para. 3) list of the GMO food for animals genetically modified organisms approved for the manufacture of raw materials and additives raw materials and additives for the manufacture of which column 1 can be used Date of approval Date of the extension of the approval Date of the repeal of registration repeal of approval for safety soybean GTS 40-3-2 (Monsanto) all 20.12.1997 01.01.2015 corn Bt 11 (Syngenta) all 14.10.1998 01.01.2015 but Bt 176 (Syngenta) all 06.01.1998 01.01.2015 no corn MON810 (Monsanto) all 27.07.2000 but 1507 (Pioneer HiBred) 01.01.2015 all 01.07.2014 all GMOs allowed to be put into circulation in the EU according to the art. 19 to 23 of the Regulation (EC) n. 1829/2003 Corn gluten-feed of Corn gluten flour from cobs of corn seeds corn forage corn corn-cobs full, dry flour corn flakes gelatinized corn malt distillery dried corn starch cornstarch seeds of extruded soybean hulls of soy flour or flakes of potato starch of potato protein of potato molasses beet pulp dehydrated beet oil crab and other byproduct resulting from the production of rapeseed oil, soybean, cotton and maize new content by clause II of the O of the FOAG from 29 oct. in force since Jan. 1, 2014. 2015 (2014 4045 RO).
R (EC) n. 1829/2003 of the European Parliament and the Council on Sept. 22. 2003 food and genetically modified feed, OJ L 268 of the 18.10.2003, p. 1; amended lastly by the R (EC) n 298/2008 of the 11.3.2008, OJ L 97 of the 9.4.2008, p. 64.

State on January 1, 2015

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