Rs 432.22 Order Of 9 October 2013 On The 'library Am Guisanplatz' (Obig)

Original Language Title: RS 432.22 Ordonnance du 9 octobre 2013 sur la «Bibliothèque am Guisanplatz» (OBiG)

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432.22 "Library am Guisanplatz" Ordinance (OBiG) October 9, 2013 (State on November 1, 2013) the Swiss federal Council, view the art. 43, al. 2, of the Act of 21 March 1997 on the Organization of Government and administration (LOGA), stop: Section 1 General art. 1 purpose this order defines the collection mandate, services and coordination of the 'library am Guisanplatz' (BiG).

Art. 2 status the BiG is the main library of the federal administration, decentralized administrative units are included, and the Swiss army.

Section 2 Collection and performance art. 3 term of collection the BiG collect specialized information printed or recorded on other media of information which: a. are used to carry out the tasks of the Federal Government or of the Swiss army. forgotten the source. published by the Federal Government or the Swiss army.

Publications of the federal administration and the Swiss Army of general public interest, particularly education, newsletters, annual reports and regulations, must be returned to the BiG spontaneously and for free, at the rate of one per language version available.

Art. 4 acquisition of the the BiG collection expanded his collection to: a. through acquisitions in the framework credits provided for this purpose; (b) retaining the documents published by the Federal Government and the Swiss Army; c. accepting gifts from third parties under art. 64 of the order of 5 April 2006 on the finances of the Confederation; d. conducting extraordinary acquisitions of collections or objects of interest.

For the acquisition of collections or objects of special interest, the BiG can: a. seek financial assistance from other services of the federal administration or the cantons; b. conduct public subscriptions; c. use gifts accepted under art. 64 of the order of 5 April 2006 on the finances of the Confederation.

The federal Council may, at the request of an institution, part of this last collection at the BiG when she has a particular interest in the BiG.

RS 611.01 art. 5 conservation of the collection the BiG charge of conservation funds, including their restoration and maintenance correct.
To preserve and retain its original, the BiG can transfer its funds on other media.

Art. 6 access to the collection the BiG reference its funds in the online catalogue available to the public of the Alexandria library network.
The BiG funds can be loaned under the conditions laid down by the regulations of use or consulted in the premises of the BiG by: a. employees of the Federal Government; b. the military; c. the scientists and the public, to the extent where the resources available to the BiG.

The use of the funds may be limited if the conservation status of the works justifies.
The BiG can offer personal subscriptions to employees of the federal administration and Swiss Army for some books or put these at their disposal in the form of copies of service.

Art. 7 research based on scientific research or documentation mandates, the BiG provides specialized information: a. the federal administration and the Swiss Army; b. to scientists and to the public, to the extent where the resources at its disposal.

It brings users the necessary assistance continued their research in: a. providing the infrastructure for the use of its funds; b. ensuring access to the facilities of institutions or companies outside; c. providing books specialized in interlibrary loan.

The BiG can publish scientific work under own publications.

Art. 8 the BiG archives service ensures the management of the archives Service of the federal Department of defence, protection of the population and sports and the Swiss army in accordance with the relevant administrative units.

Section 3 Coordination and collaborative art. 9 library of the federal administration the BiG is the direction and coordination of the libraries of the Federal Government.
It ensures the collaboration within the Federal Government in the field of preservation and provision of information and documentation.

Art. 10 conference Confederation documentation the documentation of the Confederation (CDC) Conference is the federal coordinating body in specialised areas of information and documentation, in accordance with art. 55 of the Act of 21 March 1997 on the Organization of Government and administration. It is used particularly to: a. provide technical support to the BiG; b. launch joint projects in the areas of specialized; c. ensure a regular exchange of information.

The CDC is composed: a. the Manager of the BiG, which holds the Presidency of the CDC; (b) a representative of each Department and the Federal Chancellery.

May participate in the sessions of the CDC with a consultative voice representing: a. of the Swiss National Library; b. the Parliament services; c. other interested units.

The BiG is the secretariat of the CDC.

Art. 11 network of library of Alexandria in Alexandria, the BiG library system fulfills the following tasks: a. She assists its partners on the technical plan; b. She manages the online public access catalogue; c. it defines and directs the commitment of computing.

Art. 12 cooperation with others to accomplish its tasks, the BiG can cooperate with Swiss and foreign institutions that perform similar or complementary tasks.
It contributes to the development of the library at the national level.

Section 4 entry into force art. 13. this order comes into force on November 1, 2013.

RO 2013 3377 RS 172.010 State on November 1, 2013