Rs 951.25 Federal Act Of 6 October 2006 On Financial Aid To Bond In Favour Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Organizations

Original Language Title: RS 951.25 Loi fédérale du 6 octobre 2006 sur les aides financières aux organisations de cautionnement en faveur des petites et moyennes entreprises

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951.25 Federal law on financial aid to organizations of security for small and medium-sized enterprises of October 6, 2006 (status July 15, 2013) the Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation, view of art. 103 of the Constitution, the report of the Commission of the economy and charges of the national Council on 15 November 2005 and the opinion of the federal Council on March 10, 2006, stop: Section 1 provisions general art. 1 purpose this law is designed to allow small and medium-sized businesses profitable and likely to grow easier access to bank loans. She particularly encourages the creation of such companies.
To this end, the Confederation may grant financial aid to private organizations that grant bonds.

Art. 2 principles of support by providing financial assistance, the Confederation shall ensure that: a. the needs of the regions of the country are taken into account; b. bonds are proposed in the Switzerland; c. the interests of women managing a business and people aspiring to exercise a lucrative activity independent to take particularly into account; d. financial assistance either subsidiary comparable cantonal measures and that these measures are harmonized with each other.

Section 2 financial aid art. 3 recipients recognized organizations that provide collateral, in the form of solidarity bonds, small and medium-sized businesses seeking loans from banks subject to the Federal law of November 8, 1934 on the banks may be granted financial aid.

RS 952.0 art. 4 conditions for the recognition of security organizations are recognized if they: a. managed non-profit; b. open to companies from all industries; c. independent lenders, legally and economically; d. directed professionally and effective; e. active supracantonal level.

The federal Council may limit the number of recognized organizations. They organize themselves freely.

Art. 5 financial aid financial aid shall be granted: a. to cover losses on bond; b. to cover administration charges.

In duly motivated exceptional cases, the Confederation can put at the disposal of the loans subordinated organizations.

Art. 6 losses on bond only losses resulting to 500,000 francs as bonds are taken into account. The Confederation supports 65 percent of the loss.
Are reserved to the relevant provisions of the Federal law of June 25, 1976, encouraging the granting of guarantees and contributions in the service of the interest in the art and mountain regions. 71a to 71d of the Act of 25 June 1982 on unemployment insurance.

RS 901.2 RS 837.0 art. 7 administrative expenses the Confederation pays the costs to organizations when these expenses arise from the granting of guarantees and are not covered by the licensees of bonds or by the cantons and other funding opportunities is not enough.

Art. 8 financing the Federal Assembly approves by simple federal decree of executives credit limited in time to finance: a... .b. the subordinate loans provided for by art. 5, al. 2. the net bonds whose losses are covered within the meaning of art. 6, al. 1, must not exceed 600 million francs.
The amounts allocated to financial assistance to cover expected losses on bond and administration fees are set by the budget.

Repealed by chapter I of the Federal Act on Sept. 30. 2011, in force since July 15. 2013 (2013 2283 RO; FF 2011 2175).

Section 3 Procedure and remedies art. 9 recognition and monitoring the federal Department of the economy, training and research (Davis) recognizes organizations who meet the conditions laid down in art on request. 3 and 4. The recognition may include charges.
It controls if the conditions and charges are met. For this purpose, recipient organizations make available the necessary information.
He may withdraw recognition to an organization that no longer meets the conditions.

New expression by clause I 37 of the O of 15 June 2012 (reorganization of departments), in force since Jan. 1. 2013 (2012 3655 RO). This mod has been taken throughout the text.

Art. 10. remedies the EAER decisions subject to an appeal to the federal administrative court.

Section 4 Evaluation art. 11. the federal Council shall report regularly to the Federal Assembly on the effectiveness, the opportunity and the economic nature of this Act.

Section 5 provisions final art. 12 run the federal Council shall issue implementing provisions.
The Davis is responsible for enforcement of this Act. He may delegate to third parties the task of law enforcement.
The delegation of tasks is made by performance mandate.

Art. 13 repeal and amendment of the law in force the federal decree of 22 June 1949, which encourage bond of arts and trades unions is repealed.
The following acts are amended as follows:...

[RO 1949 II 1761, 1968 100]
Mod. can be found at the RO 2007 693.

Art. 14 transitional provision bonds issued before the entry into force of this Act continue to be treated on the basis of the federal decree of 22 June 1949 to encourage bond arts and crafts unions.

[RO 1949 II 1761, 1968 100]

Art. 15 referendum and entry into force the present law is subject to the referendum.
The federal Council shall determine the date of entry into force.

Date of entry into force art. 1-12:15 March 2007 art. 13 to 15:15 July 2007 RO 2007 693 RS 101 FF 2006 2887 FF 2006 2915 ACF Feb 28. 2007 art. unique, al. 1 o of June 27, 2007 (RO 2007 3363) status on July 15, 2013

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