Rs 916.131.12 Order Of August 21, 2013, Concerning Financial Assistance Outstanding For The Valuation Of Pear Juice Concentrate

Original Language Title: RS 916.131.12 Ordonnance du 21 août 2013 concernant l’aide financière exceptionnelle pour la valorisation du concentré de jus de poire

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[916.131.12] order concerning the exceptional financial assistance for the development of concentrated PEAR juice by August 21, 2013 (Status January 1, 2014) the Swiss federal Council, having regard to art. 177, al. 1, of the law of 29 April 1998 on agriculture, stop: art. 1 scope and object to reduce stocks of concentrate of PEAR juice (concentrate), contributions may be granted for the promotion of Swiss pear harvest 2012 and prior crop from concentrate.
Financial support is provided for the enhancement of 850 tonnes of concentrate, maximum.

S. 2 contributions contributions are calculated on the basis of the disorder concentrated.
The maximum contribution per kilo of troubled concentrate 71% extract is as follows: a. 2.65 francs for the concentrate that is used as food for animals or for the production of pet foods; b. 2.25 francs to concentrate that is used as food or for the production of foodstuffs.

S. 3 entitled to contributions are entitled to persons contributions which are headquartered or domiciled in Switzerland.

S. 4 requirements for concentrate contributions are granted to concentrate: a. that corresponds to the minimum quality requirements laid down by industry and recognized by the federal Office for agriculture (FOAG); ETB. which was announced at the FOAG by professional Cidery under art. 6 of the Ordinance of October 23, 2013, on fruits.

No contribution shall be granted for the concentrate: a. that is used for the regular supply of a cider works within the meaning of the s.1, al. 6, of the Ordinance on fruit; b. for storage which the cider gets contributions under art. 1, al. 1, of the Ordinance on fruit; c. that is exported; d. which is used for the manufacture of products which are subject to the tax on alcohol; Oue. which is used for the manufacture of products listed under the customs tariff numbers 2009.7111, 2009.7119, 2009.7121, 2009.7129, 2009.7910, 2009.7990, 2009.8921, 2009.8929, 2009.8931, 2009.8939, 2009.8941, 2009.8949, 2202.9021, 2202.9029, 2202.9051, 2202.9059, 2202.9071, 2202.9079, 2206.0011, 2206.0019, 2106.9029 and 2202.1000.

New content according to art. 12 October 23 o. 2013 on fruit, in force since 1 Jan. 2014 (2013 3961 RO).
RS 916.131.11 new content according to art. 12 October 23 o. 2013 on fruit, in force since 1 Jan. 2014 (2013 3961 RO).
New content according to art. 12 October 23 o. 2013 on fruit, in force since 1 Jan. 2014 (2013 3961 RO).

S. 5 tender award of contributions made by tender.
The FOAG publishes the call for tenders in the Swiss Official Gazette of commerce.
In the tender, it sets a deadline for submission of tenders.

S. 6 tenders tenders shall include the following data: a. the amount of disorder concentrate 71% extract which must be valued; b. the intended use; etc. the contribution per kilo of concentrate the bidder requires.

The offer must cover a minimum volume of 5000 pounds.
Any bidder may submit maximum three offers.
Tenders must be forwarded to the FOAG form provided for this purpose.
After the expiration of the time limit, offers cannot be modified or removed.

The form is available free of charge from the federal Office of agriculture, at the address

S. 7 allocation of contributions the contributions are assigned in ascending order, from the request for contributions by kilo of lower concentrate.
If the bids to consider train together exceeded the maximum volume of 850 tons, their volume is reduced in proportion. If the result is larger than the minimum volume laid down in art. 6, al. 2, the bidder may withdraw its offer.

S. 8 payment of contributions entitled who received contributions for the concentrate shall provide to the FOAG, to no later than December 6, 2013, the receipts relating to the purchase of concentrate or purchasing agreements it has entered into with the cider houses.
If the beneficiary is a professional cider which receives contributions under art. 1, al. 1, of the Ordinance of October 23, 2013, on fruit, it must provide to the FOAG, no later than December 6, 2013, a declaration of commitment for the valorization of the concentrate.
The FOAG examines the documents provided and contributes to the claimant.

RS 916.131.11 new content according to art. 12 October 23 o. 2013 on fruit, in force since 1 Jan. 2014 (2013 3961 RO).

S. 9 exclusion of other contributions concentrate for which contributions are made pursuant to this order, as well as its derivatives cannot be the subject of other federal contributions.

S. 10 certificate of upgrading the beneficiary contributions until December 31, 2014, at the latest to provide to the FOA, an attestation written making account of the recovery of concentrate for which contributions were granted.

S. 11 refund of unduly obtained contributions unduly obtained contributions must be returned.

S. 12 run the FOAG is responsible for the implementation of this order.

S. 13 entry into force and duration of validity this order comes into force on September 15, 2013 and has effect until December 31, 2015.

RO 2013 2779 RS 910.1 State on January 1, 2014