Rs 831.201.26 Order Of The Dfi On 25 May 2011 On The Empowerment Of Pediatric Audiologists

Original Language Title: RS 831.201.26 Ordonnance du DFI du 25 mai 2011 concernant l’habilitation des audioprothésistes pédiatriques

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831.201.26 order of the DFI on empowerment of audiologists Pediatric on 25 May 2011 (State July 1, 2011) the federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), view the art. 24, al. 1, of the regulation on January 17, 1961, on disability insurance, stop: art. 1 purpose this order regulates the empowerment of Pediatric Audiologists, who back and fit hearing aids to policyholders less of 18 years and teach how them to use them.

Art. 2 clearance only pediatric audiologists authorized by the federal Office of social insurance (office) may exercise their activity paid by disability insurance.

Art. 3 training to be empowered, Pediatric audiologists must: a. hold a federal patent audiologist or a foreign certificate deemed equivalent by the federal Office for vocational training and technology and have completed training in the field of the pedo-acoustic with a final examination and diploma work, forgotten the source. completing a university education in physics or in a technical science and justify a specialization in the field of examination and therapy of hearing impairments at a level equivalent to a doctoral thesis, as well as of professional experience of at least one year in an academic centre of pedo-Audiology with adaptation of hearing aids for children service.

Art. 4 premises to be empowered, Pediatric audiologists must have premises which: a. are closed and quiet; b. have a surface of at least 8 m and a height of at least 2 m; c. are equipped with permanent measurement facilities; d. respect, regarding the background noise, no 3 of the annex to the order of 9 March 2010 on audiometry.

SR 941.216 art. 5 equipment to be empowered, Pediatric audiologists must have the following equipment: a. an audiometer to sounds, calibrated according to the ISO standards, with possibilities of masking of air conduction (CA) for frequencies between 125 and 8000 Hz, and bone conduction (CO) for the included frequencies between 500 and 4000 Hz in free field (speakers of a 125 to 8000 Hz frequency) and intensity of CA from 0 to 120 weighted decibels (dB/HL) co 0 to 65 db/HL and speakers from 0 to 85 dB/HL; b. installation speech audiometry with player and sound carriers wear and test material recognized at European and regional level. Tests must be done without distortion as well by headphones to 120 decibels in acoustics (dB/SPL) as by speakers at a distance of 1 m and a ranging level up to 90 dB/SPL; c. a computer equipped with software for programming hearing aids; d. a measuring equipment for hearing AIDS control; e. a device to probe in-situ measuring the individual capacity inside the ear of the insured; f. a drill of to the less 30 000 rpm, including a strawberry used to process different materials; g. a polishing machine; h. an ultrasound device; i. an otoscope; j. fingerprinting equipment; k. installation of measuring RECD (real-ear-to-pair difference); l. a tympanometer.

The Ordinance of 15 February 2006 on measuring instruments and the enforcement provisions of the federal Department of justice and police to apply to the audiometric measuring instruments.

SR 941.210 art. 6 granting of a security clearance applicant filing of clearance with the form established by the office.
The Agency shall on the request of empowerment. It can consult experts in order to check if the necessary conditions are met.

Art. 7 withdrawal of the clearance when the person no longer meets the required conditions or that the time allocated to him by the office so that it fills them has not been observed, the office may withdraw the authorization.
When the authorised person ceases its activity, it shall notify without delay the office, which then withdraws the authorization.

Art. 8 obligation to inform any significant change in the situation of the authorised person, in particular concerning his place of business, his address or his staff, must be announced without delay to the office.

Art. 9 list of paediatric audiologists authorized the Agency lists of paediatric audiologists authorized.

Art. 10 entry into force this order comes into force on July 1, 2011.

RO 2011 2661 RS 831.201 State on July 1, 2011