Rs 915.7 Order Of May 23, 2012 On Agricultural Research (Oragr)

Original Language Title: RS 915.7 Ordonnance du 23 mai 2012 sur la recherche agronomique (ORAgr)

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915.7 order on agricultural research (ORAgr) from May 23, 2012 (Status January 1, 2016) the federal Council Swiss, view of art. 177, al. 1, of the law of 29 April 1998 on agriculture (LAgr), stop: Section 1 purpose and areas of research art. 1 purpose research agricultural and agri-food of the Confederation aims to acquire scientific knowledge and technical bases for: a. practice, training and extension in agriculture and the agri-food industry; (b) agricultural policy decisions; c. legal tasks.

Art. 2 lines of research research agricultural and agri-food of the Confederation takes into account the national and international context.
It has the following objectives: a. to promote a multifunctional and competitive agriculture and an agricultural and agri-food sector competitive; b. contribute to food security and health of human beings human and animal; c. support an environmentally sustainable use of resources and contribute to the preservation and the promotion of biodiversity, similarly to the development and maintenance of cultivated landscapes diversified.

It focuses particularly on the needs: a. producers and processors of the agricultural sector and the food professionals of the trade supply chain, including upstream and downstream, and people who are active in training and extension b. consumers; c. Administration.

Section 2 Agroscope art. 3 principles the Confederation operates an agricultural and agri-food research station called Agroscope.
Agroscope is part of the federal Office for agriculture (FOAG).

Art. 4 the FOAG organization responsible for conducting of Agroscope through Council Agroscope. The Director of the FOAG chairs Council Agroscope.
Agroscope is headed by a Manager.
It is subdivided into units.
The FOAG enacts internal rules governing the conduct, organization, tasks and skills of the Agroscope Council and Agroscope.

Art. 5 tasks of Agroscope Agroscope has the following tasks: a. research and development industry and the agricultural sector agri-food; b. establishing bases of decision for the federal legislation, expertise, assessments and monitoring within the meaning of the research administration; c. tasks execution resulting from agricultural legislation and agreements with other offices.

It makes it accessible to the persons concerned and the general public the results of its activities, particularly through extension, teaching, scientific and practical, of expertise publications, events and offers training continues, for as much as any public or private interest leadership opposes.

Art. 6 repealed by no I of O from 28 oct. 2015, with effect from Jan 1. 2016 (2015 4539 RO).

Art. 7 collaboration Agroscope collaborates with other institutions, including Governments, authorities, universities, other institutes of training, professional organizations and extension stations, as well as with the active producers in agriculture and the agri-food industry, crafts, and the economy.
It works in addition with the scientific community on the national and international levels, in particular in common projects of research and development. For this purpose, he strives to obtain financial resources to recognized bodies dedicated to promoting research on the national and international levels.

Art. 8 right on intangible assets except for the copyright, the rights to intangible property created in the course of their activity by individuals for the benefit of a contract of employment with Agroscope belong to the Confederation.
Agroscope decides to exercise rights over intangible property that belong to the Confederation.
In the case of Agroscope collaboration with third parties, the question of property and the exercise of the rights to intangible property should be resolved by contract.
The exclusive rights to use software developed by persons referred to in para. 1 return to Agroscope. Agroscope is possible transfer by contract with the holders right copyright on other categories of works.

Art. 9 repealed by section 3 of the annex to the O from 14 oct. 2015 (the new optimization model accountant of the Confederation and new management model of the federal administration), with effect to the Jan 1. 2016 (2015 4019 RO).

Art. 10 fees Agroscope collects fees for his services and expenses.
Fees are fixed in accordance with the Ordinance of June 16, 2006 the fees by the federal Office of agriculture.
The fees for publications shall be fixed in accordance with the order of 23 November 2005 on the emoluments of publications.

RS 910.11 [RO 2005 5433. RO 2014 4329 art. [8]. see currently O from nov 19. 2014 on fees relating to publications (RS 172.041.11).

Section 3 mandates of research and contributions to research art. 11 research within the limits of the approved credit terms, the FOAG may entrust the research institutions public or private, in Switzerland or abroad, mandates in accordance with the purpose and the agricultural and agri-food research areas defined in art. 1 and 2.
It concludes a contract with each institution to which he attributes a search warrant.
The property and the exercise of rights in intangible property are regulated in the contract.

Art. 12 contributions to research within the limits of the approved credit, the FOAG may pay to public or private institutions that make the application of consistent contributions to the realization of research projects to the purpose and the agricultural and agri-food of the Confederation research axes defined in the art. 1 and 2.
Contributions amount up to 75% of the costs certified and recognized by the FOAG.
If the FOAG decides to make a contribution, he concludes a contract with the applicant. It can bind the payment under certain conditions.
The property and the exercise of rights in intangible property are regulated in the contract.

Section 3aConseil of the agronomic research art. 12A. the Council of agricultural research within the meaning of art. 117 LAgr is an Advisory Board within the meaning of art. 8, art. 2 of the order of 25 November 1998 on the Organization of Government and administration.
It periodically checks the quality, news, the efficiency and effectiveness of research agricultural and agri-food of the Confederation. For this purpose, it takes account of the objectives of the federal Council concerning agricultural policy, food policy, research policy, and economic, environmental and social policies.
With the agreement of the FOAG he may: a. do assess the institutions supported by the FOAG or specific areas of these institutions of research and extension;
b. to evaluate Agroscope or specific areas of Agroscope;
c. establish subcommissions and entrusting them with the treatment of certain tasks.
The FOAG gives the necessary support to the agricultural research Council.

RS 172.010.1 Section 4 provisions final art. 13 run the FOAG executes this order.

Art. 14 repeal and amendment of existing law the order of 27 October 2010 on agricultural research is repealed.

[RO 2010 5871, 2011 5227 ch. I 6 and 7]
The mod. can be found at the RO 2012 3431.

Art. 16 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 2013.

RO 2012 3431 RS 910.1 introduced by section I of the O on October 28. 2015, in force since Jan. 1. 2016 (2015 4539 RO).

Status January 1, 2016