Rs 0.748.125.194.542 Additional Protocol Of October 11, 1989 To The Agreement Between The Swiss Confederation And The Italian Republic Relating To The Coordination Of Search And Rescue Aircraft Operations

Original Language Title: RS 0.748.125.194.542 Protocole additionnel du 11 octobre 1989 à l’Accord entre la Confédération suisse et la République italienne relatif à la coordination des opérations de recherches et de sauvetage d’aéronefs

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0.748.125.194.542 translation protocol additional to the agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the Italian Republic relating to the coordination of research and operations of aircraft rescue concluded on 11 October 1989, Instruments of ratification exchanged on July 1, 1994 entered into force on 1 July 1994 the Swiss federal Council and the Government of the Italian Republic, considering the fact that the two Governments signed on October 27, 1986 an agreement relating to the coordination of research operations and aircraft rescue, whereas it is appropriate, in order to clarify and supplement the agreement, in particular art. 9, al. 2, to determine the form that should take assistance on airports in each of the two States to aircraft civil and military of the other State, to determine the distribution and payment of the costs of such assistance during the search and rescue and exercises in common operations, as well as set in the "SAR operations manual" other technical terms , have agreed to the following: art. 1 form of assistance each Contracting Party undertakes to provide aircraft SAR civilian and military of the other Contracting Party (and the aircraft designated by the RCC) who use one of its airports, under the agreement of October 27, 1986, the forms of assistance following Rome during operations and SAR exercises: 1) use of airports; 2) use of AIDS to navigation and air traffic; 3) supply of fuel and lubricant; 4). first level maintenance work; 5) repair of equipment damaged; 6) assignment and commissioning of aircraft; 7) meals; 8) housing; 9) transmissions; 10) transport; 11) clothing; 12) medical and hospital assistance; 13) procedures in the event of damage caused to third parties.

SR 0.748.127.194.542 art. 2 payment terms the forms of assistance may be provided: - free; - against cash payment - cash on delivery; - by restitution.

Art. 3 forms of free assistance the following forms of assistance are provided free of charge: 1) use of civilian and military airports (taxes and landing fees, parking, accommodation, use of the infrastructure and runway safety devices); 2) use of AIDS to navigation and air traffic; 3) supply of fuel, lubricant and ingredients on the civilian and military airports; 4) use of the land-based facilities of service on military airports; 5) first level maintenance work on the civilian and military; 6 planes) service by the military; 7 networks communications) transport Airport-City-Airport; 8) medical benefits in the health of airport; 9 services) food and accommodation of crews on military airports.

Art. 4 forms of assistance against payment with the following forms of assistance are provided against cash payment: 1) hotel accommodation if there are no opportunities on military bases; 2) telephone communications; 3) urban transport systems; 4) medical and hospital assistance in private health facilities.

Art. 5 forms of assistance against refund the following assistance is provided against refund: 1) use, in case of major force, unauthorized civilian airports; 2) repairs of damaged equipment; 3) transfer and development potential of the equipment operation 4) payment of damages caused to third parties during flight or ground incidents; 5) hospital in public health institutions or medical benefits; 6) various services not provided for in this Protocol or to which the provisions of this Protocol shall not apply.

Art. 6 forms of assistance by restitution the competent administrations will define, case by case, what specific materials supplies that must be addressed by the return of these are.

Art. 7 administrative procedures the competent administrations will define "SAR operations manual" adequate administrative procedures for the supply of the forms of assistance mentioned in art. 3, 4, 5 and 6 of this Protocol.

Art. 8 final provisions 1. This additional protocol comes into force in accordance with the procedure laid down in art. 20, al. 1, of the agreement on the coordination of the operations of search and rescue aircraft, signed in Rome on October 27, 1986, and remains in force for the duration of it, subject to para. 2 below.
2. the present Protocol may be denounced at any time by each Contracting Party with a notice period of six months.
Done in Rome, October 11, 1989, in two originals in the Italian language.

RS 0.748.125.194.54 for the Swiss federal Council: for the Government of the Italian Republic: Rolf Bodenmuller Francesco Aloisi Larderel 1995 3178 RO the original text is published under the same number, in the Italian edition of the compendium.
RS 0.748.125.194.54 State on June 10, 1997

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