Rs 512.271.5 Order Of The Ddps Of 15 November 2001 On The Institute Of Aviation Medicine (Oima)

Original Language Title: RS 512.271.5 Ordonnance du DDPS du 15 novembre 2001 sur l’Institut de médecine aéronautique (OIMA)

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512.271.5 order of the DDPS on the Institute of aviation medicine (OIMA) of 15 November 2001 (State on November 27, 2001) Department of defence, protection of the population and sports, in agreement with the Department of the environment, transport, energy and communication, view of art. 37, al. 1, of the order of 5 December 1994 on the military flight service (FSO), view of the art. 25, al. 3, of the order of November 14, 1973, air navigation (ONA), stop: art. 1 tasks the Institute of aviation medicine (IMA) is a medical Institute specialized Confederation in the areas of medicine and aviation psychology which is responsible for: a. determine the suitability of candidates for aviation preparatory Instruction (DPI), belonging to the aircrew of the Army (military pilots, paratroopers Scouts, photographers edge and operators); This control in accordance with the instructions of the Commander of Air Forces developed in collaboration with instances of selection and training of aviation Chief; b. control periodically on medical fitness to the flight of the candidates as well as aircrew army; c. assistance to personnel of the armed forces in the field of medicine and Aviation Psychology; d. determine and periodically check the ability , medically, of civilian pilots, to conduct flights with aircraft military; e. determine fitness, medical, military and civilians to fly as passengers of military aircraft equipped with an ejector seat; f. determine the ability of people applying to the profession of instructor in Air Forces and groups of specialists; g. check the State of health of the senior officers of staff of the air force and members of the groups of specialists; h. set the conditions for admission to the medical plan of the military in the service of flight and military jump; i. stop the requirements of aviation medicine for army personnel and the specialized technical requirements for military medical specialists in aviation medicine; j. Select and train the next generation in aviation medicine in this area and provide permanent training for military medical specialists in aviation medicine; k. teaching medicine and Aviation Psychology staff navigating in schools and during army; l deal with the medical aspect of protection and rescue equipment for Army aircrew; Mr. treat in scientific and practical terms with questions of medicine and Aviation Psychology; n. develop preparations for mobilization.

The IMA works with the Emergency Service of the army in the area of employment and education, to improve the safety of flights and prevent air accidents as well as during of military aircraft accident investigations. It maintains contacts with academic and other institutions both Swiss and foreign.
He manages the Aeromedical Center (AMC) in accordance with the requirements laid down by the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA).

Art. 2 Aeromedical Center review and the expertise of the CMA concerning candidates as well as a civil pilot license holders are governed by the order of 14 April 1999 on the titles of JAR - FCL flight for aircraft and helicopter (OJAR-FCL) pilots. The provisions of the Ordinance of 18 December 1975 on the medical Department of civil aviation (OMA) also apply.
The IMA lists to the attention of the Chief doctor of the FOCA of the medical certificates issued and denied; It contains personal details of individuals considered as well as their level of ability.
The reviews conducted by the medical officers of the CMA and any special examinations required by the IMA are subject to the rates of the Swiss national health insurance in case of accidents (SUVA).

RS 748.222.2 RS 748.222.5 SUVA rates can be found from the IMA.

Art. 3 subordination in terms of organization, the IMA is subordinate to the Director of the federal Office for the training of Air Forces (office).
The Chief Surgeon of the army is responsible for the area of the health service.
The Chief doctor of the FOCA is responsible for the field of aviation medicine of the CMA.

Art. 4 Organization of the IMA is headed by a Chief Medical Officer.
It consists of sections of medicine and Aviation Psychology and administrative service.
The specifications of the Chief Medical Officer is set by the Director of the office in agreement with the Chief Medical Officer of the army and, with regard to the field of civil aviation, the FOCA.

Art. 5 medical specialists in aviation medicine of the aviation brigade 31 medical specialists in aviation medicine incorporated into the air force brigade 31 are subordinate to the head doctor of the IMA medically.

Art. 6 experts the IMA can resort to experts.

Art. 7 challenge if people working at the IMA and experts know the persons to be examined as a result of another activity, they cannot carry out expertise or review of the latter if they guarantee a perfect impartiality.
Art. 10 of the Federal Act of 20 December 1968 on administrative procedure concerning the disqualification apply also by analogy.

RS 172.021 art. 8 personal information worthy of protection the medical and psychological information collected within the framework the JAI activities are dealt with by the IMA. they are kept in a special archive as long as they must remain at the disposal of the IMA.
The right to consult the information of a medical nature is regulated by art. 148d of the Federal Act of 3 February 1995 on the army and military administration.
In addition, the provisions of the Federal law of June 19, 1992, on the protection of the data are applicable.

RS 510.10 RS 235.1 art. 9 support for medical expenses the Confederation assumes the costs of examinations and additional expertise required by the IMA to judge the ability to the flight or the jump of army personnel.
The costs of examinations and expertise about candidates or civilian licensees are the responsibility of the persons concerned.

Art. 10 repeal of previous law the order of the federal military Department of 30 November 1970 on the Institute of aviation medicine (IMA) is repealed.

Not published in the RO.

Art. 11 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 2002.

RO 2001 2748 RS 512.271 RS 748.01 State 11. July 2006

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