Rs 748.03 Order From 1 St July 2015 Financial Aid (Oafa) Aviation Training

Original Language Title: RS 748.03 Ordonnance du 1er juillet 2015 sur les aides financières à la formation aéronautique (OAFA)

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748.03 order on financial aid for training aerospace (OAFA) on 1 July 2015 (Status January 1, 2016) the federal Council Swiss, view of art. 111 of the Federal law of December 21, 1948 on aviation (LA) and art. 37b, al. 3, of the Federal Act of 22 March 1985 concerning the use of the tax on petroleum to mandatory assignment and the motorway fee (LUMin), in the execution of the art. 103a and 103B, stop: art. 1 training that may benefit from financial assistance the Board federal aviation civil (OFAC) granted from the proceeds of the tax on mineral oils affected air traffic (art. 37, para. 1, let. c and 37f, let. e LUMin), financial aid to people who follow one of the following courses: a. training of professional pilot (aeroplane and helicopter): 1. pilot without type rating (Frozen ATP) 2. professional pilot with qualification of instrument (CPL/IR);

b. training of flight (on airplane and helicopter) Instructor: 1 instructor (FI), 2. instructor qualification of instrument (IRI), 3. Instructor rating in mountain (MI);

c. training of technician on aircraft.
The number of applicants receiving assistance by type of training and year should not exceed the needs of Swiss civil aviation determined empirically on the basis of the previous three years.
No financial assistance is given to people undergoing training which is the responsibility of the air force.

Art. 2 aptitude and selection of candidates can apply individuals who: a. are recommended by a Swiss company of aviation (airline, flight school or maintenance organization) in anticipation of a hiring; ETB. meet the legal requirements to be admitted to the training.

If the number of candidates exceeds needs, OFAC selects those that offer the best warranties pass the training and provide good benefits in their work.
For professional pilot training (art. 1, para. 1, let. a), it gives priority to those who have a recommendation without restriction based on evaluations conducted in aeronautical education preparatory (SPHAIR).
For other professional categories or for professional pilots who do not meet the conditions of the al. 3, he realizes his own assessments or charge others to achieve.

Art. 3 training institutions financial assistance is given to people who follow a training provided by training in Switzerland.
Training institutions provide theoretical and practical training of a high level of quality.
Training institutions that have a certificate or authorisation of the FOCA to operate are presumed to meet the requirements referred to in para. 2. financial assistance may be granted to persons undergoing training provided by a facility for training abroad, if the following conditions are met: a. There is no adequate training facility in Switzerland; ETB. the training institution meets the requirements provided for in para. 2 art. 4 amount of financial assistance financial assistance covers more than half of the costs of the training.
Are considered as pass-through costs charged by the training institution for its training activity, including teaching materials, rental of the trainers, simulators or comparable equipment, insofar as the candidate must bear.

Art. 5 obligation to repay the candidate is required to repay to OFAC the amount of financial assistance: a. If he interrupts the training without a valid reason; forgotten the source. If it does not begin its activity within the company recommended him within twelve months after the exams successfully and that it does not perform this activity: 1. because of at least 150 hours of flight in the space of three years, in the case of flight instructor training, 2. at least 60% of a post on a full-time basis for at least five years in the case of other training.

The company which recommends a candidate for training is required to repay the amount of financial assistance if, for reasons that are attributable to OFAC, she does not use the candidate during the period referred to in para. 1, let. b. if important reasons are attributable both to the company that advised the candidate to the latter, both are required to repay the FOCA in proportion to their share of responsibility.
FOCA shall determine the amounts to be repaid.

Art. 6 request financial assistance is granted at the request of the candidate.
The financial aid application should be addressed to the FOCA two months at least before the start of the training.
It should include: a. a final estimate of the attributable costs of training established by the training institution; b. all useful documents relating to the establishment of training chosen when the latter is not required to have a certificate or authorization from OFAC or that he is abroad (art. 3, para. 4); c. confirmation of the undertaking concerned certifying that she recommended the candidate and that she is committed to using it for the minimum period referred to in art. 5, al. 1, let. b; (d) if applicable, the recommendations emanating from the procedure of selection of the SPHAIR program or business of aviation.

On request of the applicant, the FOCA l' OFAC decides preliminary ruling if a training facility that is not required to have a certificate or authorisation from the OFAC or located abroad fills whether the conditions referred to in art. 3, al. 4 art. 7 decision the OFAC decision by decision.

Art. 8 delivery of invoices and payment the candidate back to the FOCA partial invoices and global relating to training costs that are attributable to him.
Share of invoiced attributable training costs indicated in the decision is paid for an accounting period, up to the maximum amount stated in the decision.

Art. 9 training certificate and attestation of hiring the candidate address OFAC training courses. If training is not completed, he explain the reasons to the FOCA.
The company address OFAC proof of hiring the candidate. If hiring does not take place, or if the candidate leaves the company before the end of the minimum duration, the company explain the reasons to the FOCA.

Art. 10 transitional provisions the candidates begin their training in the two months following the entry into force of this order can apply within the same period.

Art. 11 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 2016.

RO 2015 2479 SR 748.0 RS 725.116.2 State on January 1, 2016