Rs 748.131.121.8 Ordinance Of The Detec Of 13 February 2008 On The Airfield Heads (Heads Of Aerodrome Order)

Original Language Title: RS 748.131.121.8 Ordonnance du DETEC du 13 février 2008 sur les chefs d’aérodrome (Ordonnance sur les chefs d’aérodrome)

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748.131.121.8 order of the DETEC on heads of airfield (heads of aerodrome order) February 13, 2008 (status April 1, 2011) the federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communications (DETEC), view the art. 29 c, al. 4, and 29, al. 3, of the Ordinance on aviation infrastructure (OSIA) on 23 November 1994, stop: Section 1 purpose art. 1. the Ordinance regulates: a. the agrementation of the airfield Chief; b. tasks of the head of the airfield.

Section 2 Agrementation of the head of the aerodrome article 2 notification to the FOCA when communicating to the federal Office of civil aviation (FOCA) the appointee, the operator of aerodrome attached to its notification: a. personal data complete; b. an excerpt to date of the Swiss criminal and, for foreign citizens, if requested by the FOCA, a similar certificate from the State of origin.

Art. 3 agrementation and the OFAC license authorized the head of the airfield as the experts of the FOCA noted that the person in question has the personal and professional skills required.
The approval of the FOCA translates the issuance of a licence.
The license is valid for an aerodrome given; validity period is five years.
OFAC renews the license at the request of the head of the airfield for as long as the conditions of the agrementation are always met.

Art. 4 loss of the license, the head of the airfield shall notify without delay the FOCA in case of loss of the license.
In this case, the FOCA replaces the license.

Section 3 tasks of the head of the aerodrome article 5 monitoring of exploitation, presence and substitute the head of airfield organizes monitoring of exploitation in accordance with this order.
It must be on the aerodrome during flight activity, unless it is in take-offs or landings isolated.
He may appoint one or more deputies. It can limit the prerogatives of the alternates.

Art. 6 Exchange of information the Chief of airfield is responsible to receive communications from air traffic control and transmit the releases to air traffic control services.
It ensures that communications are broadcast locally on time.
If a distress signal is received, the head of the aerodrome checks whether a signal emitted by mistake from an aircraft parked on the airfield. He shall notify the competent services mentioned in the Publication of aeronautical information (AIP) of all received messages, even those triggered by mistake.
The head of the aerodrome ensures that the emergency frequency will be heard. He made sure before the closure of the airfield or before leaving.

Art. 7 obligations publication and statement the head of the aerodrome must also complete publication and reporting obligations provided by air law when, according to the AIP, the use of the airfield by aircraft requires prior permission of the operator of the aerodrome (PPR, Prior Permission Required).

Art. 8 preparation of flight the head of aerodrome ensures that the means, devices, and the information necessary for the preparation of flights are kept ready for use in a local appropriate and put at the disposal of the crews during the opening hours of the aerodrome to prepare flights.

Art. 9 aircraft accidents and serious incidents the head of aerodrome announced without delay to the aircraft accident investigation board aircraft accident and serious incident to the senses of the art. 1 to 3 of 23 November 1994 Ordinance on aircraft accident and incident investigations serious according to the instructions published in the AIP.
He shall notify the competent services if an aircraft is overdue or if there is reason to suppose that it was rugged.

SR 748.126.3 art. 10 landings of aircraft from abroad if an aircraft from overseas lands on an aerodrome which is not a customs aerodrome, the aerodrome chief warns the closest customs office (art. 142, para. 2, o from 1 nov 2006 on Customs).

RS 631.01 art. 11 facilities for fuels the Chief of airfield replied exploitation and control of facilities for fuel on the airfield.
It takes into account for this purpose guidelines of FOCA on the construction and maintenance of facilities for fuels and those relating to the refuelling of the aircraft.

Art. 12 statistics the airfield Chief performs, organizes and oversees the succession and the transmission of the statistical documents in accordance with the directives of the FOCA.

Art. 13 measures of the effectiveness of the brake and friction on the aerodromes served by commercial traffic on aerodromes served by companies or of air transport companies providing commercial transportation of people or goods, the head of aerodrome measurements of the effectiveness of the braking in accordance with the provisions of the Organization of international civil aviation (ICAO). Make exception aerodromes with grass runways.
The head of the aerodrome measurements of the effectiveness of the braking at intervals of five years and after each renewal of the track surface.
It measurements of effectiveness of the braking by means of an instrument provided by the document of ICAO "Doc 9137 - surface of pavement condition" and reports the results of these measures to the FOCA.
He measurements also during the winter period of friction in line with the ICAO "Doc 9137 - State of the pavement surface.
The measuring instrument must be calibrated by an authorized. Records of calibration should be submitted to the FOCA to November 1 of each year.

This document can be accessed from the FOCA in English and French languages. It is also available in bookstores or can be ordered or obtained through subscription to ICAO.

Art. 14 journal on aviation fields if the airfield is not served during operating hours, the head of the airfield will deposit a newspaper.
The head of the airport ensures that aircraft commanders, are useful for the compilation of statistics data.

Section 3aDisposition criminal art. 14 has anyone who, as Chief of airfield, breaks one of the obligations provided in the art. 5, al. 2, and 13 is punished according to art. 91, al. 1, let. i, of the Federal law of December 21, 1948 on aviation.

SR 748.0 Section 4 entry into force art. 15. this order comes into force on March 15, 2008.

RO 2008 607 RS 748.131.1 introduced by no I 3 of the O of the DETEC on March 4, 2011, in effect since April 1, 2011 (RO 2011 1155).

Status as of April 1, 2011