Rs 0.811.119.349 Convention Of 29 May 1889 Between The Switzerland And The France Regarding Admission Reciprocal Doctors, Surgeons, Obstetricians, Midwives And Veterinarians Domiciled Near The Border, To The Practice Of Their Art In The Common

Original Language Title: RS 0.811.119.349 Convention du 29 mai 1889 entre la Suisse et la France concernant l’admission réciproque des médecins, chirurgiens, accoucheurs, sages-femmes et vétérinaires domiciliés à proximité de la frontière, à l’exercice de leur art dans les commun

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0.811.119.349 original text Convention between the Switzerland and the France regarding admission of doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, midwives and veterinarians domiciled near the border, to the practice of their art in the neighbouring towns of the two countries concluded on May 29, 1889, approved by the Federal Assembly on 20 June 1889 Instruments of ratification exchanged on 13 July 1889, entry into force on 17 August 1889 the federal Council of the Swiss Confederation and the President of the French Republic , Wanting to set admission reciprocal in the common borders of Switzerland and France, doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, midwives and veterinarians established in common said, to the practice of their art, have resolved to conclude a special agreement for this purpose and have appointed for their Plenipotentiaries, namely: (follow the names of the Plenipotentiaries) which, after to be communicated their full powers, found in good and due form , have agreed to the following articles: art. 1. the doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, midwives and established Swiss graduate veterinarians in the Swiss communes adjacent to the France, which, in these municipalities, are allowed to practice their art, will be admitted to exercise it in the same way and in the same measure in neighbouring French communes.
Conversely, doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, midwives and established french graduate veterinarians in French communes adjacent to the Switzerland, and who, in these municipalities, are allowed to practice their art, will be admitted to exercise it in the same way and in the same measure in the Swiss population.

It comes to Barber-surgeons who are no longer among the medical professionals.
It comes to Barber-surgeons who are no longer among the medical professionals.

Art. 2. people who under article 1, exercise their profession in the neighbouring towns of the neighbouring country, have not the right to settle there permanently, or to their home.
They are required to comply with the legal and administrative measures provided for in this country.

Art. 3. physicians, surgeons and midwives admitted, under article 1, to practise their art in the neighbouring communes of the country nearby and who, instead of their home, are authorized to issue remedies to their patients, didn't have the right to deliver also in municipalities adjacent to the other country, if there is no pharmacist.
Admitted graduate veterinarians to, exercise their profession in the border area are allowed to sell medicines in the towns they visit.

See the note to the art. 1 art. 4. persons who contravene the provisions of articles 2 and 3 above would be the first contravention, private one year of profit created by article 1; in case of recidivism, they would lose all right to this benefit and would be scratched from the list established in accordance with article 5 of this convention.

Art. 5. during the month of January of each year, the Swiss federal Government will hold the french government a nominal roll of doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, midwives and graduate veterinarians established in municipalities bordering Swiss of France, with the indication branches of the art of healing they are allowed to exercise.
A similar condition will be given at the same time by the french government to the Swiss federal Government.

See the note to the art. 1 art. 6. a State annexed to this convention will be French communes and the common Swiss to which these provisions apply.

Art. 7. this agreement will be enforceable from the twentieth day after its promulgation in the forms prescribed by the laws of the two countries and will continue in effect until the expiry of six months from the day that she will have been denounced by one of the two contracting parties.
It will be ratified, and the ratifications will be exchanged as soon as possible.
In faith, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the present convention and there have affixed their seals.
Done at Paris on a double expedition, on May 29, 1889.

List of Swiss communes to which applies the convention Canton de Berne La Joux, the Boston, Saulcy, Alle, Beurnevésin, Boncourt, Bonfol, Bressaucourt, Montreal, Bure, Chevenez, Coeuve, Cornol, Courchavon, Courgenay, gray, Courtemaîche, Damphreux, Damvant, Fahy, Fontenais, Grandfontaine, Lugnez, Miecourt, Montenol, village, Montmelon, Ocourt, Porrentruy, Réclère, Roche-d'Or, Rocourt, Seleute, Saint-Ursanne, Vendlincourt, Bémont, the wood, Saint-Brais, Les Breuleux, La Chaux, the underworld, Epauvillers, Epiquerez the , Goumois, Montfaucon, Montfavergier, Muriaux, Noirmont, Erlanger, Pommerats, Saignelégier, Soubey, Ferrière, Renan, Saint-Imier, Sonvillier, Tramelan-top, Villeret.
Canton of Neuchâtel the Chaux-de-Fonds, the Eplatures, laths, the Sagne, Le Locle, the personnel, the Brévine, Brot-Plamboz, James-Péquignot, lime-the-Middle, the bridges-Martel, Môtiers, the Bayards, Boveresse, Buttes, the coast - aux-Fees, Couvet, Fleurier, Noiraigue, Saint-Sulpice, through the Windows.
Canton of Vaud all municipalities of district of Nyon and Valley, and circles of Vallorbe, Baulmes and St. Croix In addition, all the municipalities of the districts of Vevey, Lavaux, Lausanne, Morges, Rolle and Aubonne circle.
Canton of Geneva all the communes in the canton.
Canton of Valais the common Mex Saint-Gingolph, Port-Valais, Vouvry, Vionnaz, Collombey - Muraz, Monthey, Troistorrents, Val-of illiez Valley, Champéry, Massongex, Saint-Maurice, Evionnaz, Salvan, Finhaut, Martigny-Combe, Orsières.

List of French communes covered by the territory of Belfort all municipalities of the canton of Delle convention; the municipalities of Chavannatte, Chavannes-les-large, Suarce, Georgetown and Eschene-Autrage.
Department of Doubs Commons of Abbevillers, Allenjoie, Audincourt, Badevel, Brognard, Dampierre-les-Bois, Etupes, Fesches, Mandeure, Sochaux, Valentigney and old-Charmont (of the canton of Audincourt);
all municipalities of the canton of Blamont;
Commons of Bourguignon, Noirefontaine, bridge stiff, Vermondans and Villars-under-Dampjoux, of the Township of bridge stiff;
Commons reach Burnevillers, Chamerol, Courtefontaine, Dampjoux, stay, Glère, Indevillers, Liebvillers, Montancy, Montandon, Montécheroux, Montjoie, Montursin, Mouillevillers, the Plains, Soulce, Vaufrey and Vernois, in the canton of Saint-Hippolyte;
the municipalities of Belfays Le Boulois, Les Breseux, Cernay, Charmauvillers, Charquemont, Damprichard, the bark, Ferrières, Fessevillers, Fournet-Blancheroche, Goumois, Maiche, Mancenans, Thiebouhans, Trevillers and Urtiere, Maiche Township;
the Commons of the Baker, the Belieu, Le Bizot, Bonnetage, the bump, La Chenalotte, Les Fontenelles, Luhier, the time, Montbeliardot, Mont-de-Laval, Narbief, Christmas-James, the town and St. Julien, the County of the town;
Fuans and Luisans, communes of the canton of Pierrefontaine. all municipalities of the canton of Morteau;
the communes of the Germans, Arcon, Arc-under-Francisco Bougny, La Chaux, Gilley, Hauterive, Lièvremont, La Longeville, houses-du-Bois, Montbenoit, Montflovin and city-of-bridge, in the canton of Montbenoit.
the commune of Goux (canton of lever);
common La Cluse, Dommartin, Doubs, the Dubai, Granges-Narboz, Granges-Sainte-Marie, the hospitals-new ones, the hospitals-old, Houtaud, Malbuisson, Montperceux, Oye Puck, Pontarlier, Touillon Loutelet, Verrières-de-Joux and Vuillecin, of the Township of Pontarlier;
the common Le Crouzet Boujeons, Chapel-des-Bois, Châtel-white, lime-new, Gellin, Jougne, Labergement-Sainte-Marie, Les Longevilles, Métabief, Mouthe, small-lime, the bridges, Reculfoz, Remoray, Rochejean, Rondefontaine, Saint-Antoine, St.Petersburg and Villedieu, in the canton of Mouthe.
Department of Jura Commons of the Lake-of-Red-trout and St. Lawrence (canton of Saint-Lau-rent); of Bellefontaine, wood of upstream, Longchaumois, Morbier, Morez, the wet, Prémanon, Les Rousses and Tancua (canton of Morez), Lajoux, Lamoura, Saint - Claude and Septmoncel (canton of Saint-Claude).
Department of Ain all the municipalities of the canton of Ferney.
the municipalities of Cessy Chevry, Crozet, Divonne, Echenevex, Gex, Grilly, Ségny, Vesancy and Vesenex, in the canton of Gex;
Challex, Collonges, Farges, Perón, Pougny Commons and St-Jean-de-Gonville, in the canton of Collonges.
Department of the Haute-Savoie all the communes of the canton of Annemasse.
communes of Archamps, Beaumont, Bossex, Cambridge, Chevrier, Collonges-under - Salève, Vuache-Dingy, Northwich, Jonzier-Epagny, Harrogate, London, Saint - Julien, Savigny, Thairy, Albany, worms, Viry and Vulbens, of the Borough of Saint-Julien.
communes of Esserts-Essery, Salem, Monnetier-Mornex, La Muraz, Nangy and Reignier, Reignier Township;
the common Ballaison, vouchers, Brens, Chens, Douvaine, Excenevex, Lincoln, Paris, Messery, Bronx, Saint-Didier, Veigny-Foncenex and Yvoire, the canton of Douvaine;
communes of Allinges, Anthy, Cambridge-Lyaud Margencel, sailor, RIP and Thonon, the canton of Thonon.
all municipalities of the canton of Evian;
the Commons of abundance, the Chapel, and Chatel (canton of abundance), Chamonix and Vallorcine (canton of Chamonix), Samoëns and Sixt (canton of Samoëns), Montriond and Morzine (canton of the Biot).

RS 12 403; FF 1889 III 361 RO 11 165 it is Barber-surgeons who are no longer among the medical professionals.

This list must be completed, as the convention applies also to the municipalities located near the border between the Switzerland and Alsace, since that Alsace is french territory.
See the note to the previous list.

11 State. July 2006