Rs 413.14 Order Of 2 February 2011 Supplementary Examination Allowing Holders Of A Federal Professional Maturity Certificate To Be Admitted To The Universities

Original Language Title: RS 413.14 Ordonnance du 2 février 2011 relative à l’examen complémentaire permettant aux titulaires d’un certificat fédéral de maturité professionnelle d’être admis aux hautes écoles universitaires

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The further review Ordinance 413.14 allowing holders of a federal professional maturity certificate to be admitted to the universities from February 2, 2011 (status 1 January 2013) the Swiss federal Council, view the art. 39, al. 2, of the Act of 4 October 1991 on the EPF, view of art. 60 of the Act of 23 June 2006 on medical professions, given the administrative agreement of January 16/15 February 1995 passed between the Swiss federal Council and the Swiss Conference of cantonal directors of public education (CDIP) for the recognition of certificates of maturity, stop: Section 1 provisions general art. 1 purpose this order regulates the complementary examination allowing holders of a federal professional maturity certificate to be admitted to the universities.

Art. 2 purpose of the further review the further review is intended to confer on holders of a federal certificate of professional maturity general ability to graduate.
The federal professional maturity certificate and certificate of further review are worth together as certificate equivalent to a Swiss baccalaureate or recognized by the Confederation. As such, they give right admission: a. federal polytechnic schools according to the Act of 4 October 1991 on the EPF; b. Federal reviews of the medical profession in accordance with the law of June 23, 2006 on the medical professions.

Cantonal law regulates admission to the cantonal universities.

Section 2 review additional art. Principles 3 the further review is placed under the supervision of the Swiss Commission of maturity.
It is organized by the Swiss Commission of maturity, subject to para. 3. the Swiss Commission of maturity may, at the request of a canton, authorize a school delivering baccalaureate certificates recognized by the Confederation to organize itself the further review, provided that this school offers a one year preparatory course.

Art. 4 purpose of review, sessions, registration, admission, fees orders below govern by analogy the purpose of the review, sessions, registration, admission and taxes: a. the Ordinance of 7 December 1998 on the Swiss maturity examination; (b) the order of November 3, 2010, on taxes and benefits for the Swiss maturity examination and further tests.

The review sessions, registration and taxes for the further review organized by a cantonal school are governed by the relevant cantonal provisions.
Allowed schools to take the additional test can only admit applicants who completed the preparatory course of a year.

RS 413.12 RO 2012 3625 SR 172.044.13 art. 5 review objectives and the objectives of the review and the programs of the various disciplines are based on the study design framework of the CDIP for schools of maturity of Switzerland.
They are guidelines.

Art. 6 directives this order is supplemented by guidelines laid down by the Swiss Commission of maturity. These regulate particular: a. admission requirements; (b) the objectives of the review and the programs of the various disciplines c. review procedures and evaluation criteria; d. work allowed to test instruments; e. the Division of disciplines so the review is presented in two sessions.

The Swiss Commission of maturity the guidelines jointly with the Federal Commission of professional maturity and the Conference of Rectors of Swiss universities.
The guidelines are subject to the approval of the federal Department of the economy, training and research and the Committee of the CDIP.

The name of the administrative unit has been adapted to 1 Jan. 2013 in application of art. 16 al. 3 o from 17 nov. 2004 on official publications (RS 170.512.1).

Art. 7 disciplines, subject to a review candidates must pass an additional examination in the following disciplines: a. the first national language (french, German or Italian); b. a second national language (french, German or Italian) or English; c. mathematics; d. the field of experimental sciences (partial areas biology, chemistry and physical); e. the field of the human sciences (partial history and geography fields).

Art. 8 form of review examinations take the following forms: a. first national language: written and oral test; b. second national language or English: written and oral test; c. mathematical: written and oral test; d. field of experimental sciences: written test; e. field of the human sciences: written test.

Art. 9 review in two sessions the examination before the Swiss Commission of maturity can be presented in one session (full review) or spread over two sessions (partial exams).
The review presented in a school of maturity is in one session (full review).

Art. 10 notes, total points and weighting of the notes the results in each of the five disciplines are expressed in whole notes and half notes. The best score is 6, the worst is 1; the notes below 4 punish inadequate results.
The notes of oral tests are awarded jointly by the expert and the examiner. In areas subjected to two tests, the final score is the average of the two, rounded to a half‑step.
The total number of points is the sum of the scores in all five disciplines.
The notes all have the same weight.

Art. 11 success criteria review is successful if the candidate: a. has obtained a total of at least 20 points; b. has no more than two notes below 4. etc has no rating below 2.

The review is not successful if the candidate: a. does not meet the conditions laid down in para. 1; b. fails to exams without valid reasons in time; c. has not completed a review started, unless he has obtained approval; d. used unauthorized work instruments or has committed another fraud.

Art. 12 sanctions, decision, certificate, waivers and appeals provisions below govern by analogy the sanctions decision, the certificate, the derogations in favour of people with disabilities and remedies: a. the Ordinance of 7 December 1998 on the review Swiss maturity, if the additional review is presented in front of the Swiss Commission of maturity; b. the cantonal provisions governing the review of baccalaureate If the review is presented in a school of maturity.

RS s. 413.12 13 review in case of failure, the candidate may retake the exam failure once. He chose to take the test in two sessions, to ironing once each part of the exam.
The disciplines in which he got at least note 5 on the first attempt are taken for granted.

Section 3 provisions final art. 14 repeal of the law in force the order of 19 December 2003 relating to the recognition of certificates of professional maturity for admission to universities is repealed.

[RO 2004 629]

Art. Transitional provisions 15 anyone who started the review according to the old law may complete it according to the old law until end of 2012 at the latest.
Anyone who has failed the examination according to the old law cannot, as of 1 may 2012, take it again according to the new law.

Art. 16 entry into force this order comes into force on April 1, 2012.

RO 2011 1065 SR 414.110 RS 811.11 FF 1995 II 316, 2004 211 State on January 1, 2013

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