Rs 941.11 Order Of October 28, 1992, Governing The Emoluments For Swiss Currencies Expertised By The Federal Finance Administration

Original Language Title: RS 941.11 Ordonnance du 28 octobre 1992 régissant les émoluments pour les monnaies suisses expertisées par l’Administration fédérale des finances

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941.11 order governing the emoluments for Swiss currencies expertised by the Federal Finance Administration of October 28, 1992 (Status January 1, 2008) the Swiss federal Council, view the art. 4 of the Federal law of October 4, 1974, establishing measures to improve federal finances, stop: art. 1 scope of application this order regulates the fees by the Federal Finance Administration for the expertise of Swiss coins struck from 1850.

Art. 2 regime of fees is required to pay a fee anyone seeking expertise of currencies within the meaning of article 1. Entries fees and disbursements are calculated apart but are seen at the same time as the fee of expertise.
If the fee required for expertise is borne by several persons, they answer jointly and severally.

Art. 3 exemption from fees the Federal, cantonal and communal authorities and the Swiss National Bank are exempt from all fees.

Art. 4 fake money, manipulated currencies and currencies-like objects the fee required for the expertise of fake currencies, manipulated currencies or currencies-like objects is the responsibility of the person who manufactures, by design, matter or puts into circulation of such currencies.

Art. 5 calculation of the fees the fee is calculated according to the time of work.
It is of 100 francs per hour.

Art. 6 of writing writing fees fee is: a. at 15 francs per page for text; b. to 20 francs per page for tables.

Art. 7 disbursements are deemed the additional costs for a given benefit, including disbursements: a. fees arising from the order of October 1, 1973 on allowances paid to the members of the commissions, experts and those responsible to assume another term; b. costs incurred by scientific expertise, special examinations or the meeting documents; c. the port and telephone costs; d. reproduction photographic; e costs. costs related to the work that the administration entrusted to third parties.

[RO 1973 1559, 1989-50, 1996 518 art. 72 points 2. RO 1996 1651 art. 21 let. [b]. see currently O Dec. 12. 1996 on daily allowances and other compensation paid to the members of the extra-parliamentary commissions (RS 172.311).

Art. 8 reduction or discount fees the Federal Administration Finance can reduce or get back the fee in case of indigence of the taxable person or for other important reasons.

Art. 9 quote if the expertise may be costly, the Federal Finance Administration informs the taxable person of the amount it will likely have to pay.

Art. 10 advance the Federal Finance Administration may require the taxable person an advance in justified cases (e.g. home abroad, late payments).

Art. 11 decision setting the fee as soon as the valuation, the Federal Finance Administration set the fee in a decision.

New content according to section IV 81 of the O on August 22, 2007 relating to the formal update of federal law, in effect since Jan. 1. 2008 (RO 2007 4477).
Repealed by no IV 81 of the O on August 22, 2007 relating to the formal update of federal law, with effect from Jan 1. 2008 (RO 2007 4477).

Art. 12 deadline, the fee is due: a. 30 days after notification of the decision; b. If the decision is contested, from the entrance in force of the decision on appeal.

The payment period is 30 days from the due date.

Art. 13 prescription claim shall be barred after five years from the expiry date.
The limitation period is interrupted by any administrative act citing the claim with the taxable person.

Art. 14 entry into force this order comes into force on January 1, 1993.

1992 2238 RS 611.010 RO. Currently the art. 46a of the law of 21 March 1997 on the Organization of Government and administration (RS 172.010).

Status as of January 1, 2008