Rs 631.051 Order Of October 18, 2006, Concerning The Customs Staff Provident Fund

Original Language Title: RS 631.051 Ordonnance du 18 octobre 2006 concernant la caisse de prévoyance du personnel des douanes

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631.051 order relating to the Provident Fund of the Customs staff of October 18, 2006 (status on May 1, 2007) the Swiss federal Council, view the art. 93, al. 2, of the Act of March 18, 2005 on customs, stop: Section 1 provisions general art. 1 legal form and purpose the Customs (Pension Fund) Staff Provident Fund is a special fund of the Confederation. His fortune, to related assignment, is owned by the Swiss Confederation.
The Provident Fund is designed to improve the social situation of the members of the Federal Administration of Customs (customs administration) and their families, in particular to mitigate the financial difficulties that occurred unless there was a serious fault on their part.

Art. 2 financial benefits pension fund provides financial benefits in the form of: a. ready, with the exception of mortgage loans; b. subsidies for tuition to the children of recipients of benefits; c. contributions at the expense of disease of the recipients of benefits and their loved ones; d. contributions for other purposes than the commission (art. 7, let. has) regards as worthy of support.

Art. 3 holiday apartments pension fund has vacation homes and makes them available on favourable terms.

Art. 4 conditions governing the granting of benefits can get benefits of the Provident Fund, on request: a. employed persons for an unlimited period and at least 50% in the administration of the Customs; b. exceptionally, also minded people for a limited time or less than 50%; c. If the circumstances warrant, retirees and widows widowers and orphans.

Financial benefits are granted only to persons: a. who cannot resort to other legal or contractual benefits or cannot resort to a sufficient extent; (b) who are willing to cooperate and agree to prior consultation.

Art. 5 principles of the provision of the benefits the Provident Fund assigns its benefits based on social criteria and ensures an effective and efficient assignment.
There is no entitlement to benefits from the Pension Fund.

Art. 6 sources of funds and accounting finance pension fund: a. its financial services by General Confederation, by donations and bequests resources and wealth in the sense of art. 14, al. 1, let. a; b. its vacation homes by rents, donations and bequests and the fortune to the senses of the art. 14, al. let 1B.

It holds the separate accounts on its financial services and its accommodations. These accounts are made up of the results and the balance sheet inventory account.

Section 2 bodies and procedure art. 7 organs the organs of the Provident Fund are: a. the commission; (b) the secretariat.

Art. 8 the commission consists: a. the President; b. four members; c. of four alternates.

The Director general of Customs is the president. He appoints two members and two alternates and designates one of the two members as Vice President.
The staff of the Customs and the border guard Union designates two members and two alternates.
The members and alternates are appointed for a term of office of four years. The term of office is limited to twelve years.

Art. 9 tasks of the commission: a. liquid all the business she has not delegated to the secretariat; b. rules on using funds, insofar as this jurisdiction has not been delegated to the secretariat; c. enacts a regulation and other enforcement provisions; d. establishes the budget, the annual report and the annual accounts.

The commission's decisions were final.
Applicants may require that their application be submitted for decision to the commission if the secretariat did not accept or does only partially satisfied.
The regulations, the management report and the annual accounts are subject to the approval of the federal Department of Finance (Department).

Art. 10 tasks of the secretariat the secretariat manages the business of the Provident Fund on behalf of the commission and in accordance with the regulations.

Art. 11. staff costs and administrative costs the Directorate-General of customs offers free available to Provident Fund necessary for the management of staff.
She also has other administrative costs, with the exception of the management costs of the holiday apartments.

Art. 12 fortune fortune in cash of the Provident Fund is managed separately by the Federal Finance Administration (art. 52, para. 2, Fla 7. oct 2005 on the finances of the Confederation).
The remuneration of the fortune in cash of the Provident Fund is governed by art. 70, al. 2, of the Ordinance of April 5, 2006 on the finances of the Confederation.
If the Confederation sells houses or apartments that it has leased to the Provident Fund, she credits the latter firstly appropriate costs of major maintenance and modernization that Provident Fund has borne instead of Confederation.

RS 611.0 RS 611.01 art. 13 auditor the auditor is the finance administration of customs inspection.
The Auditors: a. check whether the holding books and the annual accounts conform to the legal requirements, to the rules of the Fund of pension fund and other enforcement provisions; b. may consult all necessary parts and require bodies of the Provident Fund of the oral or written information; c. shall report to the commission and to the Department on the results of the control referred to the Let's. a. financial oversight of federal control of Finance remains reserved.

Section 3 provisions final art. 14 transfer of the fortune in cash upon entry into force of this order, the fortune in cash of the Provident Fund is divided into two on a fortune for: a. the benefits referred to in art. 6, al. 1, let. a; b. the benefits referred to in art. 6, al. 1, let. (b) the opening balance sheet is presented to the Department for approval.

Art. 15 repeal of the law in the order of 1 July 1992 concerning customs staff Provident Fund is repealed.

[1992 1330 RO]

Art. 16 entry into force this order comes into force on May 1, 2007.

RO 2007 1705 RS 631.0 State on May 1, 2007

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