Rs 442.123 Order Of The Dfi On November 25, 2015, Establishing A Scheme Of Incentive Pricing, Of Distinctions And Acquisitions For The Year 2016

Original Language Title: RS 442.123 Ordonnance du DFI du 25 novembre 2015 instituant un régime d’encouragement en matière de prix, de distinctions et d’acquisitions pour l’année 2016

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442.123 order of the DFI establishing a scheme of incentive pricing, of distinctions and acquisitions for the year 2016 November 25, 2015 (Status January 1, 2016) the federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), view the art. 28, al. 1, of the Act of December 11, 2009 on the promotion of culture (LEC), stop: Section 1 purposes art. 1 Awards granting awards and federal awards aims to: a. encourage the exceptional Swiss cultural creation and enhance the qualities; b. distinguish cultural actors for their cultural performances, including their works, their projects and their mediation activity; c. to stimulate the promotion of award-winning cultural actors and cultural benefits; d. sensitize a wide audience to the exceptional Swiss cultural creation.

Art. 2 acquisitions the acquisition of works of art and design work is designed to: a. encourage the exceptional Swiss cultural creation and enhance the qualities; b. document the evolution of art and design Swiss; c. enrich the decoration of the premises belonging to the Confederation; d. to facilitate the activities of exhibition of party institutions by the loan of works.

Section 2 Instruments art. 3 awards and recognition awards and distinctions are awarded in the following disciplines: Visual arts (including architecture), design, literature, dance, theatre and music.
There is no right to a support.
The awards are awarded in public demonstrations. Award-winning cultural benefits are presented to the public in an appropriate form.

Art. 4 acquisitions Confederation made the acquisition of works of art and design work.
The art works are assigned to the decoration of the premises of the Confederation or are lent to third party institutions for exhibitions.
If there is no specific need of the art Collection of the Confederation, the design work are made available, as a loan, to the "Museum für Gestaltung" in Zurich, at the mudac in Lausanne or other third-party museums. If necessary, the Swiss national museum may use the work deposited on loan in these museums.

Section 3 terms formal art. 5 price contest for obtaining a federal price is open to cultural Swiss actors and cultural actors who have their domicile or their seat in Switzerland.
The terms are defined in the competition, including price categories in different disciplines, the amount of prices, time of registration, the format in which the applications must be filed and the authorization for the federal Office of culture (OFC) to use the work in publications having a direct relationship with federal price.

Art. 6 distinctions the formal conditions of encouragement, defined in art. 5, al. 1, also apply to distinctions.
In accepting the award, the cultural actor allows the OFC to use his works in publications having a direct relationship with the Federal distinction.

Section 4 Conditions material art. 7 Federal awards are awards based on the following criteria: a. quality of the work; b. outreach; c. its news; d. strength of innovation.

Art. 8 federal distinctions distinctions are awarded on the basis of the following criteria: a. the quality of cultural delivery; b. outreach; c. the career of its author.

Art. 9 acquisitions acquisitions are made on the basis of the following criteria: a. the quality of the work of art or design work; (b) the importance of the artist c. the opportunity to insert the work into the Confederation Art Collection; d. the needs of potential borrowers.

Section 5 Procedure and other provisions art. 10 federal awards prizes are awarded on the basis of a call for applications. The competition is published on the website of the OFC and in other organs of publications appropriate. > en art. 11 acquisitions the acquisition of works of art and design work is done without competition, on the basis of a recommendation of the Federal Commission of the Federal Committee of design or art.

Art. 12 rule of preference before making decisions on financial aid, the OFC weighs the different criteria of encouragement. Preference goes to the people who best meet the criteria of encouragement as a whole.

Section 6 entry into force and duration art. 13. this order comes into force on January 1, 2016.
It has effect until 31 December 2016.

RO 2015 5601 RS 442.1 State on January 1, 2016