Rs 811.112.021 Regulation Of 27 June 2007 Of The Swiss Council On Accreditation

Original Language Title: RS 811.112.021 Règlement du 27 juin 2007 du Conseil suisse d’accréditation

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811.112.021 regulation of the Swiss Accreditation Council of June 27, 2007 (January 1, 2013 State) approved by the federal Department of the Interior on 20 August 2007 the Swiss Council on accreditation, see art. 8 of the order of 27 June 2007 on graduation, academic training, postgraduate training and academic medical professions exercising, stop: Section 1 Organization art. 1 composition the Swiss Council on accreditation is composed: a. the President; (b) other members appointed by the federal Council.

If required by the order of the day, others with a consultative vote may participate in the sessions.

Art. 2 duties of the president: a. directs the secretariat; b. distributes business; c. calls sessions, educated business, sets the agenda and preside over; d. ensures the networking with other federal offices, and with other agencies and national or international accreditation bodies e. gives each accreditation body a written mandate concerning the conduct of the external assessment; (f) represents the Swiss Accreditation Council; g. reports to the federal Department of the Interior (DFI), the Federal Commission of the medical professions (MEBEKO) and the Swiss University Conference (CUS); h. manages the means to finance the operating costs of the Swiss of accreditation Council and the resources provided for the procedure of accreditation of courses of study; i. established at the end of each calendar year, to the Secretary of State for training, in research and innovation , a report separately on the use of resources on the Swiss Council on accreditation operating costs; j. establishes at the end of each calendar year, for CUS, a separate report on the use of resources regarding the procedure for the accreditation of courses of study.

He adjusts his substitute.

The name of the administrative unit has been adapted to 1 Jan. 2013 in application of art. 16 al. 3 o from 17 nov. 2004 on official publications (RS 170.512.1).

Art. 3 secretariat the secretariat is attached to the president of the Swiss Council on accreditation and is directly subordinate to him.

Art. 4 tasks of the secretariat the secretariat has the following tasks: a. coordinate, in consultation with the president, the tasks of the Swiss Council on accreditation during the different stages of the accreditation procedure described in art. 26-31 of the law of 23 June 2006 on the professions medical (medical); b. it documents and organizes, in consultation with the president, the administrative procedure related to applications for accreditation institutions internationally recognized within the meaning of art. 48, al. 1, medical; c. He writes decisions and reports of the Swiss Council on accreditation; d. It provides the secretariat and in consultation with the president accounting;. e it organizes meetings and prepares the minutes; f. he informs third parties.

RS 811.11 Section 2 meetings art. 5 convening and non-publicite president shall convene the members at a meeting at least annually.
He may convene additional sessions according to the needs.
It also convenes a session at the duly motivated request, one of the members of the Swiss Council of accreditation.
Sessions are open to the public or stakeholders.

Art. 6 challenge members who must withdraw under art. 10 of the Federal Act of 20 December 1968 on administrative procedure shall take part, deliberation or decision on the matter in question.

RS 172.021 art. 7 preparation the secretariat shall give members the agenda in writing and the necessary documents, generally 14 days before the meeting.

Art. 8 adoption of the Swiss Council on accreditation decisions can validly make decisions when at least four of its members are present.
It takes its decisions by a simple majority of the members present. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman has the casting vote.
The Swiss Accreditation Council may take decisions by way of circulation. This procedure is excluded if one of the members of the Council requires the convening of a meeting.

Art. 9 official secrecy members of the Swiss Council on accreditation, advisors and employees of the secretariat are subject to secrecy under article 320 of the penal code.

RS 311.0 art. 10 obligation to secrecy members of the Swiss Council on accreditation, the other participants in the sessions and the staff of the secretariat are required to keep secret the deliberations and documents as long as the Swiss Council on accreditation has not released them from this obligation.
If a person violates the obligation of secrecy, the DFI takes the necessary steps.

Section 3 entry into force art. 11 this Regulation comes into force on September 1, 2007.

RO 2007 4073 RS 811.112.0 State on January 1, 2013

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