Rs 0.632.296.451 Negotiations From July 31, 1979 Relating To The Accession Of The Republic Of The Philippines In The Context Of Multilateral Trade Negotiations (With Annexes And Exchange Of Letters)

Original Language Title: RS 0.632.296.451 Négociations du 31 juillet 1979 relatives à l’accession de la République des Philippines dans le contexte des négociations commerciales multilatérales (avec annexes et échanges de lettres)

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0.632.296.451 translation of the original English text negotiations on the accession of the Republic of the Philippines in the context of the trade negotiations multilateral approved by the Federal Assembly on 19 March 1980, entered into force for the Switzerland on January 1, 1980, Geneva, July 31, 1979 Mr Olivier Long director-general of the GATT the Swiss Delegation and the Delegation of the Republic of the Philippines informed the Director-general that concluded Today, their bilateral negotiations. Therefore, they add, in the annex, a copy of each of the schedules of concessions that the Switzerland is prepared to grant to the Philippines and the Republic of the Philippines is prepared to grant to the Switzerland.

List of concessions from the Philippines to the Switzerland list of concessions from Switzerland to the Philippines the rate base rate Fr. products Dexcription

Concession bound rate * Fr.

((1) shrimp 20 - 18. - 03.03.22) 2 44.14.10 leaves of veneer and plywood, etc. of less than 5 mm thick, a single sheet wood 16 - 14 - 3) 44.14.20 other Wood sawn, longitudinally, of a thickness of less than 5 mm, other than plywood and contre-plaques - 45 - 38) 4 44.15.10 Contre-plaqués, more than 10 mm 12. - 7. - 5) 44.15.20 plywood, 10 mm or less 15 - 9 - 6) 44.15.20 other 33. - 18 - 7) 44.24.01 household wooden 40 - 30. - 8). 44.27.20 decorative indoor wooden objects - 120 - 83 Swiss Francs per 100 kg Delegation of the Philippines Geneva, July 30, 1979, to the multilateral trade negotiations, H.E. Mr Ambassador Arthur Dunkel federal Department of public economy 3003 Berne Ambassador, referring to your letter of July 16, 1979, I have the honour to inform you that the Government of the Philippines, in its periodic reviews of the possibilities and measures for liberalisation , will take into account the list products annexed to your letter (Appendix 2), according to the progressive development of its economy. The issue of the domestic sales tax will be taken into consideration in the light of the Protocol of accession of the Philippines to the GATT.
Please accept, Mr. Ambassador, the assurance of my high consideration.

Wilfredo V. Vega Ambassador Head of the Delegation of the Philippines delegate Bern, July 16, 1979 to trade H.E. Mr. Wilfredo V. Vega Ambassador permanent representative to the GATT Delegation of the Philippines to the 17 trade negotiations multilateral Street Rothschild 1202 Geneva Mr. Ambassador, on behalf of the Swiss authorities, I would like to inform you that the Switzerland has very much appreciated the participation of the Government of the Philippines to the multilateral trade negotiations and its decision to join the GATT.
In this context, the Switzerland acknowledges the tariff concessions granted by the Philippines (Appendix 1) as a result of bilateral negotiations. These concessions are some products the Switzerland had indicated on 30 November 1978, as being of some interest to export to the Philippines. Therefore, the Switzerland considers them as a significant contribution to the stabilization and liberalization of its trade with the Philippines.
The Switzerland also expects that the discrimination of its export products due to internal sales tax be eliminated as soon as possible.
Please accept, Mr. Ambassador, the assurance of my high consideration.

Arthur Dunkel Ambassador annex 1 list of concessions to the Switzerland of the tariff Description of the products right to basic % Concession in % 1) ex 33.04 odoriferous Substances artificial and other for drugs, food, drinks and similar use 50 30 2) ex 84.11 A compressors air and pumps empty portable or fixed to a flow with pressure air greater than 33 feet cubic per min.; open to 400 000 BTU/h type compressors; hermetic compressors to over 400,000 BTU/h; 30 30 3 air pumps) ex 84.11 B shares of air pumps, vacuum pumps and compressors of air or gas 30 30 4) ex 84.11 C other vacuum and compressor pumps air or gas 50 50 5) ex 85.01 B power generating Machines (dynamos, alternators or turbo-generators) 30 30 6) ex 85.19 B apparatus for the connection and the interruption of the electric circuits fixed and variable potentiometers, PCB, with the exception of the switches used for electrical circuits in households, paintings of command and 50-50 State distribution on 5 November 1999 Appendix 2 list of products for which Switzerland has a particular export interest to the Philippines 0404 cheeses and curds 3901 condensation, polycondensation and polyaddition products modified or not, same polymerized, linear or not (phenoplastes, aminoplastes, alkyd, intramolecular polyesters and other non saturated polyesters, silicones, etc.)

3902 polymerization and copolymerization products (polyethylene, polytetrahaloethylenes, polyisobutylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl, polyvinyl chloracetate and other polyvinyliques derivatives acetate, polyacryliques, and polymethacryliques, native coumarone resins, etc.)

3907 works in materials of the textile 3901 to 3906 5101 son of fibers n synthetic and artificial keep, not put up for retail sale 5509 other cotton fabrics 5802 other rugs, even made-up, so-called tissue also or Kilim, Soumak, Schumacks, Karamanids and similar, even made-up 5810 embroidery in pieces, strips or patterns 6202 bed linen table, toilet, office or kitchen, curtains, windows, and other items of furniture 6402 footwear with outer soles leather natural, artificial or reconstituted, external (other than those of the n 6401) shoes rubber or material plastic 8515 devices of transmission and reception for radiotelephony and radiotelegraphy; emission and reception for broadcasting and television (including receivers combined with a recording or sound reproduction apparatus) and devices of shooting for television, devices of traffic information, radar (radar), radiosonde and improvised 9101 pocket watches, wristwatches and similar (including time of the same types counters) State on November 5, 1999