Rs 0.742.140.334.94 June 18, 1909 Convention Between The Switzerland And France About The Access To The Simplon

Original Language Title: RS 0.742.140.334.94 Convention du 18 juin 1909 entre la Suisse et la France au sujet des voies d’accès au Simplon

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0.742.140.334.94 original text Convention between the Switzerland and France about the access to the Simplon concluded on June 18, 1909, approved by the Federal Assembly on 23 December 1909, Instruments of ratification exchanged on December 31, 1909, entry into force on December 31, 1909, the Swiss federal Council and the President of the Republic also keen to resolve, in the best interest of the two countries, French , issues related to the improvement of access to the Simplon, have decided to conclude a convention for this purpose and have appointed for their Plenipotentiaries: (follow the names of the Plenipotentiaries) art. 1. the french government will ensure the establishment of rectification Frasne - Vallorbe on french territory and allow the PLM company to take over the construction and exploitation of the part located on Swiss territory.

It's the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean company.

Art. 2. the operational work of Frasne to Vallorbe line should run at the terms of the Treaty of 14 / 15 October 1902, signed by the company P. L. M. and the former company of the Jura-Simplon, amended by endorsement of the 7/8 June 1909, between the federal railways and the PLM company
Vallorbe station will be at the Customs point of view, international station. The customs facilities will have to subject to a prior acceptance of the two Governments concerned.
The deadline set by article 26 of the Treaty will be extended until December 31, 1910.

Currently see the ar. July 19, 1967 (Vallorbe station) (RS 0.631.252.934.952.7).

Art. 3. the study of a shortcut to Vallorbe Bussigny will be new negotiations between the two States when the two railway administrations interested will judge that the development of traffic requires the establishment.

Art. 4. the administrations concerned will facilitate direct traffic from cars to travelers from Paris to Geneva via bug - Vallorbe and vice versa.
In case the PLM company would create, together with the Federal Railroad, trains specialized Paris Geneva and vice versa, these trains would travel by the shortcut Bussigny - Morges.

Art. 5. the federal railways will ensure, in satisfactory conditions, of the continuations trains to the French shore of Lake Geneva and will, to the extent possible, trains from St-Maurice Bouveret in correspondence with those of the line from Lausanne to Brig, and vice versa.

Art. 6. the line of the French shore of Lake Geneva will receive the share of Italian freight traffic for which it offers the shortest way, except the derogation provided for in article 17 below.

Art. 7 in case the french government decided to double the line from the French of the Geneva Bank, the federal Government is committed, for its part, to double track between St-Maurice and the border, also being understood that the doubling on Swiss territory will be completed at the same time as the doubling of the Annemasse stretch - St-Gingolph border.

Art. 8 when the agreement between the Federal Railroad administration and new dealers of the line from Moutier to barns for sharing traffic will be final, the french government will authorize the company from the East to participate in the formation of the capital necessary for the implementation of this line, subject it will be completed two years after the completion of the Lötschberg line.

Art. 9 when the Confederation and the canton of Geneva will use the right of redemption in respect to the Cornavin station and the stretch of Geneva in La Plaine, the purchase will be made in accordance with the terms of the concession or on a basis agreed amicably between the administrations of railways interested.

This purchase has been made. See the Federal Act of July 10, 1912, with development of the network of the federal railways Geneva territory and the convention is attached between the Swiss Confederation and the canton of Geneva (RS 742.32).

Art. 10. the courses of the company PLM from Bellegarde will continue as currently have their terminus at Geneva point, and vice versa.
The federal railways will agree with the PLM company concerning the technical and financial conditions relating to the movement of trains in the purchased section, as well as for their admission into the station of Geneva-Cornavin.

Art. 11. the requirements of Swiss law on charges of the federal railways will be applied on the line Geneva-Cornavin to La Plaine border.
However the PLM network tariffs (domestic and common) will apply on this line to international traffic (passengers and goods in origin) or destination of the France and the beyond. For the application of these rates, french courses to accumulate with the Swiss course and there will be no rights of transmission at the French-Swiss border.

See art. 9 to 12 of the Federal Act of 4 October. 1985 on public transport (RS 742.40).

Art. 12 when the french government will proceed to the construction of a line of Lonsle-Saunier in Geneva, by the sickle, the federal Government will do the necessary to ensure the realization on the territory of the Confederation.

Art. 13A that effect the federal Government undertakes to build, on the basis of a technical and financial plan to stop with the Government of Geneva, connecting Cornavin station to that of the Eaux-Vives.
Execution of this commitment will however be required to the Switzerland until the realization of the project of the sickle will be ensured, the completion of the connection shall be performed at the time where the line of the sickle will be open to exploitation.

Art. 14. in no case the federal Government will be required to contribute to the costs of construction of the line of the sickle. but, on the other hand, it will not impede that the Geneva Government contributes financially.
For its part, the french State will not participate in the costs of building the connection in question or the section of the line from Lons-le-Saunier in Geneva in Swiss territory.

Art. 15. the operation of the line of connection by the federal railways will stretch up to Annemasse.
The federal railways will ensure in satisfactory conditions, at the request of the company PLM, the continuation of direct trains or the direct traffic from the sickle to destination from Geneva or Haute-Savoie by connection and vice versa.
The two Governments will agree on the technical and financial conditions relating to the movement of trains and cars as well as for their admission into the stations of Annemasse and Geneva-Cornavin.

Art. 16. the requirements of Swiss law on charges of the federal railways will be applied on the sections of border Meyrin Geneva-Cornavin-Geneva-Cornavin to Annemasse border.
However the PLM network tariffs (domestic and common) will apply on these sections to transit traffic and to international traffic (passengers and goods in origin) or destination of the France and the beyond. For the application of these rates, french courses to accumulate with the Swiss course and there will be no rights of transmission at the franco-suisses border.

Art. 17. the Franco-Italian freight in both directions, including the short route will be established by the Simplon, and sickle will be shared by half between the lines of the right bank and the left bank of Lake Geneva.
The traffic of Geneva-local (Geneva-Cornavin and connection, not including Geneva-Eaux-Vives stations) with the Italy by the Simplon, in both directions, remains reserved to the federal railways. Will not be considered as Geneva-local traffic goods coming from or destined for the France and of beyond was the subject of a forwarding in Geneva without leaving the station or warehouses under the supervision of the railway.

Art. 18. travellers and goods or for the France passing through the canton of Geneva will be exempt of formalities and customs taxes to the same extent where this exemption is applied to travellers and goods in transit through the cantons of Basel and Schaffhausen on the line from Karlsruhe to Constance.

See art. 12 of the tr. of July 27, 1852 between the Swiss Confederation and the Grand Duchy of Baden (RS 0.742.140.313.61) and the conv. the Dec 3. 1908/3 Jan. 1909 between branch of the Baden railways of the State in Karlsruhe and the direction of the II district of Schaffhausen (RS 0.631.252.913.65) Swiss customs.

Art. 19. the Federal Railroad administration will retain, on the line of La Plaine at Geneva-Cornavin of Geneva - Eaux-Vives to Annemasse, the staff of Swiss nationality in service on these sections.
She will consult with the PLM company to reinstate on the network of the company, within a maximum period of two years after the resumption of each line, the staff of French nationality which will not be necessary in the new situation and to maintain staff benefits it enjoys from the point of view of wages and retirement.

Art. 20. in the case of the takeover of the network of the company PLM, the french State would be substituted for the company in all the execution of the above provisions.

Art. 21

This convention will be ratified and the ratifications in will be exchanged in Berne, at the latest on 31 December 1909.
It comes into force on the day of the exchange of ratifications.
Made in Bern in double dispatch, June 18, 1909.

A. Aunay Deucher Countess L. Forrer RS 13 242; FF 1909 VI 1 RO 26 State 9 11. July 2006

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