Letter (1963:580) To The Swedish Bar Association Concerning The Adoption, On The Statutes Of The Bar Association

Original Language Title: Brev (1963:580) till Sveriges Advokatsamfund angående fastställelse å stadgar för advokatsamfundet

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Purpose and organization

section 1 of the Swedish Bar Association presents the General Bar Association,

by förmäles in Chapter 8. section 1 of the code of judicial procedure.

The Association has the objective

to the promotion of good administration of Justice maintain a

righteous and skilled Attorney Corps,

to follow legal developments and work to ensure that the community's

experience this,

the surveyed attorneys general professional interests as well as

to promote cohesion and consensus between

the lawyers.

Lawyer is the one who is a member of the community.

section 2 of the members ' right to participate in the management of the Association's

common concerns are exercised by the City Council, elected by the

the members and called the Swedish Bar Association's Council.

Annually held a regular Council meeting.

Council elects Board of Directors for the Association, called the Swedish

lawyer Corporation Board of Directors, as well as members of a Board,

called the Swedish Bar Association's disciplinary board.

The Association is divided into departments, each with its own Board of Directors.

Members ' right to participate in the management of:

Special Affairs exercised on Department meeting.

If the General Counsel appointment is provided in section 25. Decision (1982:415).

On the adoption of a Member

§ 3 a member of the Bar Association may be adopted


1. persons domiciled in Sweden or in another State within the

The European Union or the European economic

area or Switzerland,

2. have passed the proficiency test prescribed for

access to judicial office,

3. for at least three years after the aforementioned theoretical test on

properly exercised practical qualified

legal activities, in which case he or she shall be paid

to professional tillhandagå the public in

Legal Affairs, either as an employee of lawyer

or on own account,

4. at the time of the trial tillhandagår

the public in the manner referred to in 3,

5. has approved exam results completed by community

in particular, organized education,

6. has made itself known for integrity, and

7. otherwise deemed appropriate to exercise

lawyer activity.

Association Board of Directors, in view of the present

special circumstances derogate with regard

first paragraph 1, 3, 4 and 5. The same is true for the first

paragraph 2 in respect of the authorized Attorney

in another State in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Exception from treårskravet to in the first subparagraph 3 shall be

a maximum of one year. Further exemptions may be granted only if the

exceptional circumstances.

Those who have undergone training that is required to be

lawyer in a State of the European Union or the European

economic area or Switzerland and who in

Sweden passed a test showing that he has

adequate knowledge of the Swedish legal system,

shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements referred to in the first subparagraph 2, 3 and

5. The sample shall be adjusted to the applicant's education

and professional experience. Even the recorded pursuant to paragraph 4 (a)

and for at least three years engaged in actual and

regular advocacy in Sweden shall, during

condition either that the activity mainly

included Swedish law or, if the business does not

mainly involved the Swedish law, the data subject in

otherwise have acquired sufficient knowledge and

experiences to be accepted as a member of the community, shall be deemed to

comply with the requirements of the first subparagraph of paragraph 2, 3 and 5.

It has become an authorized practice in Denmark,

Finland, Iceland or Norway in accordance with the

provisions and which, for at least three years at a

has served as Deputy

lawyer at law firm in Sweden shall be considered to comply with the

the requirements referred to in the first subparagraph 2-7.

The person who is bankrupt or trustee under

11 kap. 7 § parental code may not be adopted as a member.

Nor should it be adopted as a member who, under section 3 of the

Act (1985:354) prohibiting legally or financially

representation in certain cases is prohibited to leave legally

or financial assistance.

Legally qualified judge or senior management in the courts

or public prosecutor or bailiff shall not be presumed to


The who is an employee of the State or municipal service in other

position than is stated in the preceding paragraph or in other

individual than the lawyer may not be adopted as a member unless the

the Board admits exceptions. What the foregoing does

not the one who is employed by a member of the

lawyer organization within the European Union or

The European economic area or in the

Switzerland. Decision (2010:1126).

section 4 of the application for entry in the community are heard by the General Council.

At the application school include the documents, which the applicant with

into account the provisions of paragraph 3 are invoked.

The Board collects report on the application by the Board of Directors of

the title and, in the case of foreign applicants from overseas

lawyer organization in whose areas the applicant exercised or

practising, as well as the additional information that it deems


Rejected the application for admission, the decision specified the reasons, our

the decision is based. Decision (1993:1597).

4 a of The authorized practice in another State within the

The European Union and permanent attorneys in

Sweden under their home-country title, shall be registered with the

the Bar Association.

Application for registration must be examined by the General Council. To

the application shall be accompanied by the documents as the Board prescribes

or the applicant otherwise would invoke.

In the rejection of an application for registration shall state the reasons for

the decision stated.

The provisions of these bylaws, if a member of the community

also apply to the registered under the first subparagraph.

The provisions of this section also apply to it as to

as a result of regulations in accordance with Chapter 8. section 11 of the code of judicial procedure is

required to register with the Association. Decision (2000:739).

4 (b) of the cases referred to in paragraph 3, third subparagraph, shall receipt

of an application be confirmed within one month and the applicant

in the event that the required documents are missing. An application

shall be dealt with and a reasoned decision shall be taken as soon as

possible and at the latest within four months of a

the complete application is received. Decision (2007:705).

4 c section to make it easier for an applicant to be adopted as

a member of a lawyers ' organization in the European Union,

European area or Switzerland, shall

The Bar Association cooperate with the competent organisation in

the other State. The information exchanged within the framework of the

the application procedure, shall be treated as confidential.

Decision (2007:705).

If the Board of Directors

paragraph 5 of the Association's Board of Directors consists of a Chairman, vice

Chairman and 18 other members. Chairman, vice

the Chairman and other members are in now that order at

regular Council meeting for two years, starting from the

the following 1 July. Every two years, will be appointed Chairman, vice

the Chairman and eight other members, every other year ten


In the selection of other members than the President and Vice-President

shall take into account the desirability of that Association's all

departments are represented.

The who at the end of the parliamentary term he or she

appointed will have been a member of the Board of Directors for six

consecutive years without having been President or vice

President, may not for an earlier period than the beginning

two years afterwards appointed to a different position within the

the Board than as Chairman or vice Chairman.

If a Board member is elected to the Member of the

the disciplinary board and receive this mission, he or

She withdraw from his duties on the Board. Decision (2013:741).

section 6, If a Board member resigns before the expiry of the

election period that he or she has been chosen for, the necessary choice of

replacement for the remainder of the period to be implemented.

Such a replacement election can take place at an extraordinary

Council meeting but may also be delayed to the next regular

Council meeting after retirement. The selected takes

immediately in service. Decision (2013:741).

section 7 of the Board of Directors ' seat is Stockholm.

§ 8 Board and disciplinary board supervises

Attorney's Office and has to ensure that Member, both at the

execution of actions before the Court in their other activities

the duties, imposed on him.

Arise regarding disciplinary action against a member of the

other than by notification pursuant to § 40, hearing the Board of

the matter shall be referred to the disciplinary board.

If the Board's position with case, referred to in Chapter 8. 7 §

the fifth paragraph of the code of judicial procedure, is provided in § 45.

Decision (1997:274).

§ 9 the Board represents the Association, defends its interests and

manages its affairs and makes decisions on behalf of the Association in

all cases, regarding which not otherwise determined in these


Because it falls to the Board include:

1. the execution of Council decisions,

2. to manage the community's and its special funds


3. to give to the annual Council meeting

management report for the last finished the calendar year,

4. in the case of members ' claims of fees and expenses for

carried out the mission at the Member's, court or skiljenämnds

the request itself or by designated experts give opinion,

5. on request, or otherwise to give indicative

statement regarding lawyer business practice,

6. to give an opinion in the case of authority and remitted on

its own initiative, on behalf of the Association making the statement in

legislative matter or any other matter of importance to the

legal developments or Attorney activities;

7. to appoint the Secretary General of the Association and other


8. to represent the community in its capacity as shareholder of

Sweden's Lawyers Service limited company, as well as

9. to examine notifications under section 31, subsection 1. the last paragraph.

Decision (2001:768).

§ 10 the Board meets, when the President finds it

appropriate or at least four Board members request it, on a

place as the Board of directors or the Chairman.

Notice with agenda shall, in good time before the

meeting shall be sent to the members of the Board.

The members of the Board are not eligible for other

compensation than for their travel expenses in accordance with the grounds

Council established. Decision (2013:741).

section 11 of the Board of Directors is quorate when at least seven members are

at present.

Decision of the Board of Directors are taken by simple majority. If equal

number of votes comes as Chairman, but at

elections in such cases is determined by drawing lots.

The Board's Chairman and the Protocol be adjusted by one member.

Decision (2013:741).

Article 12 of the Association's disciplinary board consists of the President, vice

Chairman and nine other members.

The President, vice President and six other members chosen in

now that order at the regular Council meeting for four years,

starting from the next July 1. Elections are held

every two years and intends, once Chairman and three other

Members, once vice Chairman and three other lead-


The Board's remaining three members (public officials)

appointed by the Government. They may be appointed one by one each year for

a maximum of three years at a time, starting from July 1. The public

the representatives will be downloaded outside of the persons, who according to 4

Cape. section 6 of the code of judicial procedure is excluded in the case of elections to the

lay assessor.

Church member who at the end of the parliamentary term, for which the

He recently appointed, will have been a member of the

the Disciplinary Committee for eight years in a row without underneath that have

the President or Vice-President, must not for earlier

period than the, which starts two years later, again appointed

different position in Board than as President or vice


Selected member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Board or

Deputy member of the Board of Directors and he shall receive this mission, he

withdraw from his duties in the Board. Decision (1997:274).

13 § Resigns from the Council appointed a member of the Disciplinary Committee before

the election period for which he has been chosen to be gone to the end, if the choice of

replacement for the remainder of the period apply as in paragraph 6 is for which

intended cases settled. Decisions (1982:415)

section 14 of the Disciplinary Committee has to deal with issues of disciplinary

intervention against a member in accordance with the provisions of §§ 40-43.

The Board applies to decide on expulsion from the community;

warning, reminder, penalty and statement in accordance with Chapter 8. 7 §

first-fourth subparagraphs judicial procedure.

To the extent specified in paragraph 40, the disciplinary board

for review of disciplinary action against a member is called for

work of the Chambers, consisting of three members, one of which

must be a public representative. This title is called

the review Department. Decision (1997:274).

section 15 of the disciplinary board and the departments meet on

convened by the Chairperson of the Board, on which he determines.

Notice with agenda shall in good time before the merge

shall be submitted to the members of the disciplinary board meetings.

The Council appointed the members of the disciplinary board is

not entitled to any other compensation than for her travel expenses

According to the Council of representatives established bases. Decision (1997:274).

section 16 of the disciplinary board is quorate when at least six members are

at present. The Trial Division is a quorum with two members.

The disciplinary board shall form a quorum is not due to Member's

disqualified, will be replaced. Only those who have previously been

Member of the disciplinary board can be replaced. Replacements appointed

by the Secretary-General or, if he is disqualified or have

prevented from attending, by the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

At the vote in the rules of procedure of the disciplinary board regarding the

rules for criminal proceedings mutatis mutandis. Arise

the case of expulsion from the Association, is voted the other particular. For

decision on exclusion requires that at least six members are agreed

If this penalty.

The Chairman of the disciplinary board and adjusts Protocol

Member. The trial Chamber shall keep a special protocol, which

adjusted by the Chamber's Chairman and a Board member.

Decision (2011:1011).

16 a of the disciplinary board decides on the organisation of

investigational services. Decision (1997:274).

About the registry

section 17 of the Association shall have a secretariat in Stockholm under the guidance of a

Secretary General who is an employee of the Association's service.

The Secretary General may be appointed only


The Secretary-General is not eligible as a member of the

the Board or the disciplinary board or Board Member

or substitute in the Assembly. Decision (2013:741).

If the accounts and audit

18 § Samnfundets accounts each year, the school closed on 31

December. The accounts and the Board's management school examined by the

two annually at the regular Council meeting nominated Auditors. For everyone

of the auditors be appointed a Deputy.

About the Council

section 19 of the General Council elected by the Association's departments on the way in section 29

more detailed provisions.

The Chairman and vice chairman are obvious members

by the City Council.

section 20 of the Regular Council meeting to be held during the period 15 may-

on June 15, on the day, as the Board determines.

For the treatment of certain case, extra Council meeting be held, when

the Board finds necessary or in writing, with an indication

the reason is claimed by at least ten Councillors. In case,

to be dealt with on such a meeting, the Board has to give


paragraph 21 of the Written notice of Council meeting shall be dispatched, to

regular Council meeting within three weeks and to additional

Council meeting two weeks before the meeting. At the notice shall

be accompanied by the agenda, raising the issues at the meeting librarian

occur to the treatment.

Member of the Council, which has the maturity, is obliged to immediately

report this. At maturity for a member, as designated by the Department, shall

known as the alternate member from the Division, which belonged to the community,

If the Division non particularly different order of alternates


When notice of Council meeting expired, shall provide to the Association's

members immediately sent further advice with the task on the

cases, which dealt with at the meeting school.

section 22 Regular Council meeting will be added:

1. to treat the Board's annual report and the Auditors '

report and decide on the discharge to the Management Board and, if

discharge been refused, to decide on action in respect thereof,

2. to process the Board of the Swedish Bar Association's support fund

Directors ' report and Auditor's report and decide on

discharge in respect of the support fund's Board and, if the discharge

refused, deciding on action in respect thereof,

3. to select the Association Board of Directors and the Association's dicsiplinnämnd,

4. selecting Auditors and Deputy Auditors,

5. to decide on avgitfer to the community and to support the Fund,

6. that, at the suggestion of Sweden's Lawyers Service limited company,

decide if the service remuneration to the company, as well as

7. to address the issue, which the Board referred to the meeting or who

Member of the Association in writing before 15 april of the Board

proposed for consideration.

23 § Å Council meeting Mon. opinion represented the AGA's only case,

that had been included in the agenda, or immediately

connection with such a case, however, the meeting obetaget to conduct

replacement choice as in 6 and 13, §§ thereupon is provided.

section 24 of the Council meeting held on the town, as the Board determines.

When processing on the Council meeting of the non-choice owns everyone

Member of the community to attend and participate in the negotiations, but not in


The negotiations at the Council meeting opened by the Chairman of the Board

or at maturity for him by vice President, after which the Council

Choose the Chair at the meeting. The Board's Chairman and vice

President are not selectable as Chairman.

Quorum requires at least forty members of Council

or substitutes for them are present at the meeting.

Vote on the Council meeting takes place openly but in elections, which closed

the vote shall take place, if several names suggested than the election relates. At

such ballot owns each voter on the ballot Act it

number of name vote referring to. Voice, avgivas only in name, as

proposed before the vote. Ballot, who noted more name than

the election relates, is invalid. Noted ballot name, as non-proposed

before the vote, such a name is considered to be non-existent. Refers to the

the vote, election of the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Board or

the Disciplinary Committee, the elected, receiving more than half of the votes

votes. Do not receive any such majority, a new vote. Must not

in doing so, either, any more than half of the votes cast, anställes a

third a third vote between the two, as in the second vote

received the most votes. It thus obtains the most

the cast is elected. In the event of a tie for second or third

the vote is different. At other choices than the President or vice

Chairman of the Board or the disciplinary board are those at the

the vote to receive the highest number of votes elected. Receive two or more

in the event of a tie, the new vote between them. In the event of a tie

number of votes in this vote is different.

Decisions are made, where these Bylaws not otherwise decide, by simple

majority. In the case of a tie in other cases than in choosing the

meaning, as the Chairman at the meeting advising.

Agent possesses non participation in the decision on the discharge for the

management, for which he is responsible, and even in the choice of

Auditors for the review of such management.

The President of the General Council at the meeting of the Protocol be adjusted and two


Councillors are not entitled to any other compensation than

for their travel expenses in accordance with the Council's established criteria.

By Council decision delgivas Community School Board members.

If the General Counsel meeting

section 25 of the General Attorney meeting shall be held at least every three years on the time and

residence, as the Board determines. At such a meeting should occur talk

or discussion on issues of importance to attorneys

organization or profession or of General legal interest.

Notice of a general meeting shall be sent out Attorney within six weeks

prior to the meeting.

The negotiations on General Counsel meeting chaired by Chairman of the Board

or at maturity for him by vice President.

About departments

section 26 of the Association's divisions are:

The northern section, extensive Norrbotten, Västerbotten,

Västernorrland, jämtland and Gävleborg County.

The Middle Chamber, extensive Dalarna, Värmland, Örebro, Sweden

Västmanland and Uppsala County.

Stockholmsavdelningen, extensive Stockholm and Gotland County.

Eastern Södermanland, Östergötland, Department-wide,

Jönköping, Kronoberg and Kalmar county.

Western Division, Västra Götaland, Halland, extensive and


Southern Division, extensive Skåne and Blekinge.

Utlandsavdelningen, for members who have their business

placed abroad. Decision (2001:768).

section 27 a member belongs to the Department, within whose area he or

She has his principal place of business. A member who no longer

power advocacy, belongs to the Department within whose

area the main activity last carried out.

Dispute about which Department Member shall belong to the avgöres of

Association Board of Directors. Decision (2001:768).

section 28 of the Department shall adopt bylaws, which are to be

current school approved by the Board.

In the departmental statutes will be warmly welcomed by the provision, to

Department meeting annually shall be held before the end of March for

election of the members and alternate members of the Council, to

Department meeting also to be held, when the Association Board of Directors

or Council for the treatment of retired case so

to claim, as well as at the Department meeting and meeting with

Head of the Board should be taken, of which the transcript shall

within fourteen days shall be forwarded to the Association's secretariat.

Department, of its members occupy the annual fee.

Decision (2001:768).

section 29 each Department appoints by number of members

at the preceding year-end, a member of the Association's

Council for each stub-fiftieth of the number of

corporate members at the same time. Utlandsavdelningen appoints

However, at least two and other departments at least six members.

A title, choose as many deputies as members.

Members and alternate members of the Council is elected for one year in

broadcasting, as from next May 1.

at the end of the term for which he or she is appointed for

will have been a member of the Council for six years in

as a result, may not for an earlier period than the beginning two

years thereafter appointed to the Member or alternate member of the Council.

A member of the Association Board of Directors are not eligible for Member

or substitute in the Assembly. If a member or alternate member of the

the City Council appointed by a Chamber is elected

Board member and receive this mission, he or

She withdraw from his duties in the Council. Decision (2013:741).

section 30 of the Association Board of Directors owns that with immediate effect suspend the decision

by Department or Division Board of Directors, which is contrary to the community's

or the Department's statutes or not considered to be compatible with the community's


If fees

31 § 1 mom. Member shall pay an annual fee to the Association. Fee

starts with an equal amount for each Member.

It adopted as a member in the second half will pay for

in that year, half-year fee to the Association.

A member who does not carry advocacy and either filled

Sixty years or for health reasons, is unable to operate

pay, if these conditions have been notified to the community, a

fee amounting to no more than one tenth of the fee referred to in

the first paragraph. Decision (2001:768).

section 31, subsection 2. Service compensation to Swedish Lawyers Service limited company

applied law movement for all in that active lawyers

and is paid with the amount or the basis of the amount

determining which councils for a calendar year in

broadcasting. Full amount is paid for a lawyer who is active in the movement

on 1 July in the calendar year the compensation refers to while half

amounts paid for the starting business in the movement after

on 1 July in the calendar year the compensation refers to.

Member who is proprietor of a business or business leaders in

lawyer limited company shall be responsible for service allowance

be paid for the lawyer's movement he conducts or head.

Decision (2001:768).

31 § 3. The Board of Directors may, if there are reasons for it, RID member from

obligation to pay the annual fee to the church next to it

amount to be paid pursuant to subsection 1. the last paragraph. If

exceptional circumstances may a member be relieved from paying the

the full annual fee. The latter also applies to annual fee

determined in accordance with subsection 1. the last paragraph.

The Board of Directors may proceed after the service company's hearing, if it

There is a particular reason for it, totally or partially allow Member

exemption from liability to pay service remuneration to

service company.

The Board may decide on the withdrawal on account of the contribution to the community

and service compensation to Swedish Lawyers

Service limited company to be paid at the beginning of each calendar year for

later settlement against the fees and remuneration as ordinary

Council decides. Decision (2001:768).

32 § where the Council so decides, be a member of the Swedish

lawyer corporate support fund to pay the annual fee, which shall

assume with equal amounts for each Member.

What is prescribed in section 31, subsection 1. second subparagraph, and 3.

first subparagraph, shall apply in respect of

contributions to support the Fund. Decision (2000:739).

33 §/expire 2001-01-01 by decision (2000:739).

A member is required to enter into the arbitration agreement in the dispute with the Chief of

fees and cost of performed assignments, if the principal or--if he

hired legal expenses insurance--that person insurance companies within a

years from sluträknings-emitting in the Board of Directors in writing requesting it.

The law of arbitrators shall apply with the additions and changes that

set out below.

Arbitration is announced, according to the decision of the Board of Directors, either by the Board of Directors

or a special arbitral tribunal, composed of three or five of

the Board of Directors of each particular case, in or out of the Board, appointed

corporate members.

Arbitration shall be communicated not later than six months after the arbitral tribunal

designated. The Board is, however, on petition of a party or

the arbitral tribunal may extend this time the reasons are.

Where the Board hearing the dispute, the provisions of section 11 of the first and

other paragraphs of these by-laws apply. The Board of Directors and the Special

the members of the arbitral must not of party receiving or command itself


The special arbitral members are entitled to reimbursement of

community for their travel expenses under the same grounds as apply to

members of the Board of Directors.

A member which is a party to the dispute shall bear the expenses for


There is agreement on the fees or remuneration in General for mission

performance, Board of Directors and the Special Tribunal at his trial

not tied it, if the agreement appears to be incompatible with the principal's

or the insurance company's legitimate interest. Have completed

debiting of the fee or charge is approved, the Board of Directors and the

Special Tribunal, where the charge is obvious lucre as well as

In addition, the circumstances of the other leads, leave approval without

respect. Decision (2000:739).

If the professional duties

34 § in the pursuit of its activities shall Member integrity and zeal with which

perform the mission entrusted to him and observe the code of conduct.

A member is required to conduct, which so require, conceal what he

experience in their profession.

section 35 it is the responsibility of the Member to keep the funds and other assets,

that belong to his principals, separate from what belongs to him.

After hearing the General owns the Board to issue detailed rules

regarding members ' management of funds and other assets, which

referred to in the first paragraph, as well as regarding the members ' accounts.

Before the Council shall be consulted in the case referred to in the second paragraph, shall

the Board of Directors prepare departments the opportunity to Department meeting process

the present proposal and give opinion above.

36 § Member will maintain and develop their

professional competence.

The Board may issue detailed rules on members '

obligations to that end undergo professional

further training and provide information on this to the Board.

Decision (2003:570).

section 37 a member may not, where this is contrary to the code of conduct, withdraw from

received assignments.

section 38 of law activities in corporate form may be

lawyer be the co-owner or partner, unless the Board permits

exception. Decisions (1995:1103).

paragraph 39 Mr owns non alongside his lawyer movement exercise other

activities of the nature or scope, that it can adversely affect the

his independence or otherwise is incompatible with his position as


On disciplinary matters

40 section Made of community notification against a member of the client or

Annan concerned by the matter or wake Board regarding

disciplinary action against a member, occupied the matter of

the disciplinary board, usually first by the trial Chamber. Is

the review Department agrees that disciplinary sanction is not

expedient and are members agree on the content of the decision,

the Trial Division judgment in the case. In other cases, the matter

be referred to the disciplinary board.

Chairman of the disciplinary board may decide that the case be attributable to

pushed to the Board for a decision without first being treated

at the Trial Division. Decision (1997:274).

section 41 concerning the notification to the Member relating to the circumstances, that is

more than three years in the past, the Disciplinary Committee is not required

to receive notification of the trial. Decision (1997:274).

42 § Discipline Committee's decision, as well as decisions by the review-

Department of the meaning that the case is not hänskjutes to the Board,

shall be sent to the member against whom the complaint

been made, the Chancellor and the Board of Directors.

However, the Department submitted to the Review Board's decision only if

the request Has the matter been admitted due to notification under

40 section, the notifier shall also be part of the decision, unless he is not

withdrawn the notification.

The Board's decision on the cancellation of registration against a member shall

be submitted to the notifier, Member and Attorney General.

Have a complaint against a member or has been in busy issue

If disciplinary intervention decision communicated by the meaning to

the matter to the disciplinary board, not hänskjutes may

The Attorney General, within four weeks after he received some

by decision of the Board to call for action against the Member.

Decision (1997:274).

43 § of the disciplinary case, the Member shall be given the case concerning

opportunity to comment on the produced note, if not

special circumstance causing the other.

Member, against whom the note produced, is obliged to

after due warning, give written observations, to provide the

documents the disciplinary board or the General Secretary

commits itself to provide, as well as to the notice

personally appear before the Board.

The Disciplinary Committee may decide that a hearing should

held in the treatment of the matter in Committee. Unless specific reasons

give rise to the other, such hearing shall take place when the

expulsion from the community can be considered as a penalty. In doing so,

should a Board of directors appointed lawyer perform the action

föranledes of notification or otherwise framkommen

remark. The Board's mandate is carried out after notification of

Board or the General Secretary. The mission must not be used in

Anyone who is a member of the disciplinary board.

If the Member, against whom the note produced, bedömes

be in need of counsel for his defense but does not itself engage

such, the disciplinary board to appoint a lawyer for him at

consideration in Committee. Remuneration of the lawyer who

designated by the Board shall be provided by the community with the amount

determined by the disciplinary board. The same applies to the remuneration of

Defender as the Member, against whom the note produced,

self nominated, if the Board has assessed the nature of such

that the Member need counsel for his defence. The Board may

order the member against whom the complaint was addressed, to completely

or in part to the Community return its cost for

the defense.

Decisions on expulsion, warning or reminder shall designate the

reasons our decision is based. Decision (1997:274).

section 44 Decisions whereby Member excluded from the Association, shall,

as soon as the decision go in enforcement, delgivas community

members and the Kingdom's courts. Are decisions about

expulsion repealed, shall notice be given the Association's

members and said courts, if the decision previously served

them. the same applies a decision repealing a

registration in accordance with paragraph 4 (a). Regulation (2000:739).

44 a of the Bar Association's disciplinary activities cover in

some cases also the authorized practice in another

State within the European Union or the European economic

area or Switzerland. In disciplinary proceedings

against such a law, the law society, as soon as

the procedure starts, cooperate and exchange information with the

competent authority or organisation in the other State.

Decision (2002:740).

On the exclusion of a member, who is no longer qualified to be a lawyer

45 section arises in the Board of Directors regarding the exclusion of a Member

or cancellation of registration in accordance with Chapter 8. section 7 of the fifth

subparagraph, the code of judicial procedure, the Board shall, before making a decision

in the case, prepare the Member the opportunity to comment.

Decision on exclusion or suspension of registration shall

specified the reasons, our decision is based.

The Board's decision shall be sent to the the tubes and

The Chancellor of Justice. What Ordinance in section 44 shall be equivalent

application. Decision (2000:739).

46 section, a member is required to provide the Board the information

needed for its oversight of the Attorney services. The Board may, after

Council hearing announce details relating to the

the data supply obligation. Before the Town Council heard, the Board shall provide

departments the opportunity to treat the proposal on Department meeting and

leave the opinion on the proposal.

Within six months after the end of each financial year shall

Attorney who conducts its own activities to the Association's Office send

of the auditor's report with the statement that such records are in accordance with

law and the Association's accounting regulations. Will such a

audit report is not submitted within the specified time, the Board has the right to

designate an authorized or certified public accountant to at advocate

expense audit and issue such a certificate to the Board.

The Board may order the examination of a member's posting, and

financial management shall be carried out by a certified public accountant, as

the Board appoints. In such case, the Member is required to provide

its registers and accounts with related documents.

What an auditor becomes aware at the revision referred to in the second subparagraph

other sentence or review referred to in the third subparagraph shall be disclosed

only to the extent that the audit or review of


When there are special reasons, the Board of Directors may decide that a member's

registers and records and related documents must be reviewed

of the Secretary-General or presented to the Board.

In a review in accordance with the third and fifth paragraphs is the Member,

If requested by the person doing the review, from the bank,

client or other capture and for the reading provide the

kontokuranter, statement or other information required for

management and control of the Member's accounts.

Provides member this information within a reasonable time,

the person doing the examination yourself, download the information.

Decision (1994:1059).

If the confidentiality of Board Member, etc.

47 section members and alternate members of the Management Board, members of the

the Disciplinary Committee, the Secretary General and other lawyers

has participated in the handling of disciplinary matters, or other

supervisory matters of community as well as members and alternate members

in Consumer disputes Board must not improperly for some other

disclose what they are because of a church member's obligation to

provide data and provide documents have been told

about him or her and his or her business.

Decision (2015:416).

If the establishment measures

48 § Councils own decide on collective insurance or Fund for

Constitution of injury as a result of criminal proceedings from members '

or of a member of the employee's side. Before such a decision is taken, shall

opportunity be given titles to Department meeting process

the present proposal and give opinion above.

Have the Council decision provided for in the first subparagraph is provided,

Member required to pay the fee, it moved for years

calculated paid in accordance with the grounds that Council decides. With regard to the

the foregoing fee shall be in 31 § 3 subsection Ordinance shall

application. Regulation (1988:168).

If the Member's withdrawal

49 section if the obligation in some cases for a member to immediately resign from the

community is provided in the code of judicial procedure.

Would the Member otherwise withdraw from the community, he shall at the Board

make a written request to that effect. The application shall drag gas at almost

the following meeting of the Board of Directors. Exists for the Member

note of serious nature, owns the Board order, with

the treatment shall be delayed in avbidan at the v

the honourable Member made the remark. Otherwise, the application

must be upheld.

50 § Neglect member to pay statutory contribution to the community,

service compensation to Swedish Lawyers Service limited company or

statutory fee to the Department he belong to or penalty

and fulfill its obligations after due warning, he non thereof within

time, as the Board determines, the Board shall declare that he resigned

out of the community.

The Board of Directors may completely or partially eftergiva penalty, if specific

reasons exist. Decision (1982:1115).

On the publication of certain decisions

51 section Board shall ensure that it is well known that

someone has been adopted as a member of the Association or resigned from the


The Disciplinary Committee may determine that a decision of the Board in a

discipline case should be published in whole or in part.

Consumer disputes Board may determine that a decision by the Board

to be published in whole or in part. Decision (2015:416).

If The Consumer Disputes Board

52 § consumer dispute Board shall consist of five members and five

Deputies. Two of its members shall be lawyers, two

represent the interests of the consumer and a be the former regular


The Chairman of the Board of Consumer dispute should be before this

ordinary judges.

A case may be decided by three members, including a lawyer, a

representatives of the interests of the consumer and a former

ordinary judges. Decision (2015:416).

53 § Bar Association Board of Directors appoints the members and

alternate members of the Board of Consumer dispute. All directors and

Deputies serve for a period of three years at a time.

A member may not be re-elected if he or she will have

been a member of consumer dispute Board for six consecutive years

at the end of the parliamentary term he or she designated

for. Decision (2015:416).

section 54 If a member or alternate member of the Board of Consumer dispute

depart before the election period, he or she is selected for has

gone for ever, to be a member shall be replaced for the remaining

the period. Decision (2015:416).

55 § at the vote in the case of Consumer disputes Board

the trial bar rules on vote in civil proceedings in

applicable parts. Decision (2015:416).

section 56 in the case of conflict of interest for members of the Board of Consumer dispute and

Deputies concerning the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) in the applicable

parts. Decision (2015:416).

If cases of Consumer disputes Board

57 § consumer dispute Board shall hear disputes between a

consumer and a lawyer or law firm about a service that

the lawyer or law firm provided to the consumer.

Decision (2015:416).

58 § consumer refers to a natural person who is acting for a

purposes which are outside his trade, business or

the professional activity. Decision (2015:416).

§ 59 a consumer may request in writing the examination of a

case, after paying an application fee as

The Bar Association appoints. Decision (2015:416).

60 § Lawyer and, where appropriate, the law firm is

required to participate in a consumer dispute, the Board of review if a

solution by consensus has not been achieved.

Consumer disputes Board may notify other claim than the fees to the

the lawyer's insurance company. Decision (2015:416).

61 § consumer dispute Board hears not a case if the

"the consumer has not sought to achieve a solution in concert

with the lawyer,

– the value of the claimed less than 1 000 SEK,

– the value of the claimed exceeds 200 000 SEK,

– the matter comes in later than one year after the

consumer complaint lodged in writing to the

the lawyer, unless there are special reasons,

– the matter commenced by dilatory and/or vexatious reviews or unfounded,

– the completion as requested by the Board are not going in from

the consumer,

– the investigation is flawed and it is not possible to remedy


– the matter in the light of the Committee's working methods do not lend

themselves for examination by the Board or seriously prevent

Board from functioning efficiently, or

– the procedure or are settled out of court.

Decision (2015:416).

62 section If it already by the contents of a case, it can be shown that

the dispute according to any of the basics of 61 § cannot be treated,

should Consumer dispute Board provide both parties an

reasoned decision of refusal within three weeks from the

the case was accepted. If any grounds of inadmissibility under section 61

It appears later in the handling of the case, the decision

If deportation is taken as soon as possible. Decision (2015:416).

63 § in cases of Consumer disputes Board, the lawyer who

the matter concerns be given the opportunity to submit a written

opinion, unless special circumstances warrant any

other things. Decision (2015:416).

64 § proceedings before the Board of Consumer dispute in writing.

Decision (2015:416).

65 § consumer disputes shall be settled within 90 days of

they are ready for a decision. Consumer disputes Board,

notify the parties when a case is ready for


If a dispute is complex, the time for judgment pursuant to

the first subparagraph may be extended. In such cases, the parties

informed of this, and about how long it might be expected to take

to examine the dispute. Decision (2015:416).

section 66 a case may be declared dormant by

Consumer disputes Board if the dispute is tried in the lawyer's

insurers. Decision (2015:416).

67 § Parties responsible for their own expenses for

procedure. Decision (2015:416).

68 § Decision from Consumer disputes Board shall be in writing

and motivated.

Consumer dispute the Board's decision cannot be appealed.

Decision (2015:416).

Amending the statutes

§ 69 amendments to these bylaws are decided by the Council.

Before taking such a decision, the titles are given

opportunity to treat the current proposal on a

Department meeting and then comment on it.

To a decision rule amendments to be valid, required

It is either that the decision has been taken on a regular

Council meeting and then have gained the support of at least three quarters

of the whole number of Council or decision has been made on two

consecutive regular Council meetings and at the

meeting held last has gained the support of at least two-thirds of the

the present Council.

An adopted rule amendments will be determined by the Government of

to be valid. Decision (2015:416).

Transitional provisions

These regulations come into force on 1 January 1964. On the same date cease

community on 3 June 1944, adopted on 31 October 1947 by the King

established bylaws apply; with respect, however, of what the below

is determined.

1. the entry into force of these articles holds the position that

Board Member, Deputy Director, auditor and deputy auditor

remaining in his post during the time that the choice had been predetermined.

2. election of the President, Vice-President and other members of the

the disciplinary board shall be held for the first time at the annual

Council meeting in 1964. They will be taken to the Chairman and the four

other Board members elected for four years, vice President and three other

Members for two years.

3. election of the members and alternate members of the Council for the first time

to be notified, shall, to the extent not otherwise become particularly in new

by-laws, approved by the Association's Board of Directors, what in the elderly

avdelningsstadgarna on elections of members and alternate members of the Association's

Board are prescribed in applicable parts give pause to this Institute.

4. The disciplinary board shall enter into operations on 1 July 1964. Next to the

the day will be what the older statutes is provided on the Board's

concerned with disciplinary matters still apply, however, the Board of Directors

obetaget that already before 1 July 1964 to make decisions about the handling of

referring to disciplinnämden.


1. What now has been established shall apply from 1

July 1997.

2. A public representative to the disciplinary board which has

appointed with the support of the older rules will remain as a member of the

Board during the time that he has been appointed.

3. A disciplinary case, which has been referred to by the Board of Directors

the Disciplinary Committee with the support of the older regulations, shall be determined by the

an assessment Department, if the conditions for the

the new provisions in section 40.


What has now been established shall apply from 1

January 2001. However, section 33 is still applied to the Member's

dispute with the principal on their fees and charge for a completed mission

that started before 1 January 2002.

Related Laws