Hunting Law (1987:259)

Original Language Title: Jaktlag (1987:259)

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of this Act applies to wildlife management, hunting and hunting

operation within Swedish territory, as well as issues relating


The law also applies in the cases mentioned specifically

1. in Sweden's economic zone,

2. with regard to hunting from Swedish vessels on the high seas

outside the exclusive economic zone,

3. for hunting from the Swedish aircraft across the high seas

outside the exclusive economic zone.

In addition to the provisions of this Act apply to regulations in other

regulations regarding the protection and management of wildlife.

Provisions that permit is required for certain activities and

operations, see Chapter 7. 28 a-29 (b) of the Environment Act.

Law (2001:443).

section 2 of the game mentioned in the law of wild mammals and birds. With hunting means to

capture or kill wildlife, and for such purposes to search for, track, or

the dog game. To hunting also include making interventions in the survey of nests and

to take or destroy birds ' eggs.

paragraph 3 of the Wildlife is protected and can be hunted only if provided for by this law

or by regulations or decisions that have been issued with the support of

the law. When the game is protected, the closure also its eggs and nests.

This also applies in Sweden's economic zone. Act (1994:1820).

Wildlife management

section 4 of the Game shall be cared for in order to

-preserve the wild species belonging to the country's wildlife stocks and the

bird species that occasionally occurs naturally in the country, and

-promote with regard to public and private interests

the appropriate development of game reserves.

In wildlife management includes through specific measures ensure that

the game will receive protection and assistance and to adapt the hunt after

the availability of wild game. To the measures carried out and alignment

occurs responsible landowner and hunting right holder. Act (1997:343).

§ 5 each to view game account. Sports competitions and

other similar outdoor activities in the lands where there are wild

shall be implemented so that wildlife is disturbed as little

as possible.

The game must not be disturbed, nor pursued other than at

hunting. The ban does not, however, prevent appropriate measures to be taken

by mark holder in order to prevent damage by wildlife, if

such damage cannot be countered by other satisfactory


The Government or the authority that the Government may

provide for the ban to harass wildlife and if

the terms to take action in spite of the prohibition referred to in

second paragraph. Law (2001:443).

section 6 of the repealed law (2007:1241).

section 7 If it because of a wild stock size is significant risk

for traffic accidents or serious injuries of wild game, the authority

as the Government decide on the hunt for preventing or reducing

These risks.

In the Agency's decisions must be determined how the hunt is to be carried out and about

It shall be made through the Agency of hunting legal holder, if he has committed

it, or by designated hunters. The decision shall also

determined how it shall perish with animals killed or captured at

the hunt.

section 8 of the existence of a particular viltart means substantial injury risks,

the Government may, in the case of this species may provide that the authority

the Government may decide on such a search referred to in section 7.

section 9 If a wild animal is causing considerable damage or if it is

is assumed to be hazardous for human safety,

Police let kill the animal, if there is no

other satisfactory solution.

The Government may provide for the Police

may have to kill or capture wildlife, when this is justified by

animal welfare point of view. Law (2014:698).

Hunting rights, etc.

Who has the hunting law

section 10 of the property owner have hunting rights on the land which belongs to the

the property, subject to the second subparagraph, or article 10, or

11. In the hunting right included the right to benefit from the game that are disposed of,

are found dead or killed in any other context than when hunting, unless

subject to the provisions adopted pursuant to section 25.

At the agricultural lease the lessee has hunting rights on the leased

ground, unless otherwise agreed.

If the Sami the right to hunt, there are special provisions. Act (1992:787).

10 a of the State have hunting rights on the land at the end of

June 1992 were included in blindernveien Tullgarn Royal Palace and adjacent

kronoegendomar also as kronoegendomarna on Eriksö in Stockholm

and Södermanland, Östergötland County, Sweden kronoparken Karlsby

kronoegendomen Ottenby kungsladugård in Kalmar county, the kronoparken neighbourhood

Halle-Hunneberg and in Västra Götaland County, Sweden with kronoparken

Haddebo i Örebro län, kronoparken Grönbo in Örebro and

Västmanlands län and kronoparken Kloten in Örebro, Västmanland

and Dalarnas län. Act (2000:593).

section 11 of the Hunting right on a road, there is the one that has the hunting rights

adjoining ground. Going the way of the border between lands with different owners

and do not own any of them road ground, have each of them hunting law

on the ground.

section 12 of The public waters, adjacent to the beach, has a real estate

the property owner hunting right next to a hundred meters from the shoreline. If

This would lead to more property owners, hunting rights on the same

waters, each of them have hunting rights on the part of the area

which is closest to his beach.

On other public water as well as on those islets, rocks and reefs, which

does not belong to any farm, sheep hunting, will be carried out only after a specific

State. The Government or, after the Government's determination,

the County Administrative Board of directors by decision in the particular case or

through the regulations grant a permit.

section 13 to a community, some owners simply exercise their hunting rights for their own

needs. They have agreed otherwise, or have they decided something

different according to the samfällighetens management, they may, however,

exercise of hunting rights in accordance with the agreement or decision.

The assignment of hunting rights, etc.

section 14 of the hunting rights granted in cases other than in connection with

agricultural lease may not be transferred or assigned without

the property owner's consent.

The first subparagraph shall also apply in the case of transition through the Division of property, inheritance,

Wills, General parcel or similar acquisitions.

Leasing of hunting rights in certain cases

section 15 if the hunting rights granted by the agreement for remuneration,

applies, in addition to the provisions of Chapter 7. land code if

its use in General, what is said in paragraph 16.

The provisions of section 16 does not apply to leases with the support of

the reindeer husbandry Act (1971:437). For leases included in leasing

or rent, special provisions.

Subject which is contrary to section 16 is void.

Act (2000:593).

section 16 of At lease for a fixed term of at least one year, shall

Agreement always be terminated in order for it to be repealed

When contract expires. The agreement shall, if no longer

notice period has been agreed, terminated at the latest six months before the

contract expires.

If an agreement referred to in the first subparagraph is not terminated within the proper

time, it extended the time corresponding to lease period,

at the latest five years.

A contract concluded for an indefinite period, shall, unless extended

notice period has been agreed, be terminated for that cease to

apply in the month that occurs almost six months

After the termination.

Termination shall be made in the manner applicable to termination of employment

in accordance with Chapter 8. section 8 of the land code. Act (2000:593).

section 17 was repealed by Act (2000:593).

section 18 is repealed by Act (2000:593).

§ 19 is repealed by Act (2000:593).

section 20 is repealed by Act (2000:593).

section 21 was repealed by Act (2000:593).

section 22 is repealed by Act (2000:593).

The right to hunt for some animals

23 § during the times that the Government provides,

1. the who live on a farm or a garden but no hunt right there

kill or capture and retain the following animals coming into the yard or

in the Garden: wild boar, Fox, raccoon, Badger, marten, polecat, mink,

ermine, weasel, squirrel, vildkanin, moles, voles, lemmings, rats,

forest mice, mouse, goshawk, sparrowhawk, Crow, Rook, jackdaw, magpie,

fieldfare (snöskata), house sparrow or Tree Sparrow,

2. a person who has a garden center, plant for professional

Orchard or nursery but lack the hunting rights where dead hare, if it

needed to prevent damage to trees or tree seedlings; in doing so, the

animals killed going to hunt the right holder,

3. the holder of the mark but has no hunting rights where catch vildkanin and

keep the trapped animals.

The Government may allow hunting of bears, wolves, Wolverines, Lynx, or seal

is conducted on private hunting area.

The Government may provide for derogations from the first subparagraph.

Lag (1991:1769).

Ringing, etc.

section 24 of the Government may provide for that game gets caught or

felled on private hunting grounds for marking, survey or other

measures undertaken to meet scientific needs.

Wild accruing to the State

section 25 to protect endangered species, rare or particularly

valuable species and ensure science and teaching

animals of such species, the Government provide for wild game

disposed of, are found dead or killed shall accrue to the State.

Notification obligation

section 26 of the Government or the authority, as the Government determines

may provide for notification in the case of

1. wild game has been convicted while hunting,

2. wild game shall accrue to the State;

3. wild game has been involved in a collision with a

motor vehicles, and

4. wild game has been involved in a collision with a

rail vehicle.

The Government or the authority that the Government may

also provide for the obligation to mark out a place

where a collision occurred between a motor vehicle and game.

Law (2012:153).

Police powers in some cases

26 a of If a game has been involved in a collision with

a motor vehicle or with a rail vehicle,

The police authorities shall take the necessary measures to the animal

should be tracked down and killed. The police may also give

someone else asked to take such measures.

Law (2014:698).


section 27 of the hunt must be operated so that the game will not be exposed to unnecessary

suffering and so that people and property are not endangered;

section 28 Of the wildlife has been harmed when hunting, the Hunter take urgent

the measures necessary for the animal to be traced

and be killed.

About Moose, deer or roe deer have been injured when hunting on a

hunting area and get into another hunting area,

hunters make sure that hunting the right holder or landowner

be notified as soon as possible. If hunting the right holder or landowner

can only be reached with difficulty, the Police

be informed instead. Law (2014:698).

section 29 the Government may provide for

1. the times when various kinds of wildlife may be hunted in different parts of the

the country,

2. a permit to hunt during a special hunting (license),

3. permission to hunt to prevent damage by wildlife,

4. that the dog shall be available at hunting for detection of damaged


29 a of to meet Sweden's international commitments on the protection

of wildlife, the Government provide for the prohibition or

special conditions for hunting from

1. Swedish vessels on the high seas outside Sweden's economic zone,

2. Swedish aircraft across the high seas outside the financial

zone. Act (1994:1820).

section 30 At the hunt may be used only the weapons and other hunting products

the Government provides.

The Government may provide that weapons and other hunting resources shall be of

approved type and fee shall be paid for the examination which is required for

such approval.

The Government may provide that hunting with a firearm may be made only in

certain times of the day.

31 § Hunting may not take place from motorized vehicles. Such

vehicles or other motorized devices may not

be used to search for, track, stalk or intercept the wildly,

to prevent the game to escape or to deflect a survey

attention from the chasing.

The Government may provide for derogations from the first


The Government may announce regulations that prohibit or set up

special conditions for carriage of firearms in the process of

motorized conveyances. Act (1994:1820).

32 § Hunting with hounds may not take place in an area which is so

in a way that it can be foreseen that the drive will go

forward over another's hunting area.

33 § hunting for elk may be after the license of the County Administrative Board and the

within an area that the County Government has registered

(license). Hunting for moose may also occur without a license in the

one area in which the provincial government has registered

(elk management area).

A licence shall be of such size and nature of

It is suited for moose hunting. The County Board may refuse

to register an area licence area or decide on

deregistration, the area's nature does not allow a

the firing of at least one Moose calf a year.

An elk management area should be suited for moose hunting and be of

such a size that it allows for the firing of at least ten adults

Moose a year. The County Board may refuse to register a

area elk management area, if the area does not meet these

requirements. The County Board may also decide to deregister a

area that does not meet the requirements, or if the management does not

in accordance with the regulations or decisions which have

issued pursuant to this Act.

In areas not covered by the first subparagraph, the hunt for

Moose Moose calf only.

The Government may provide for exemption from the requirement of

the third paragraph that an elk management area shall be of such

size that allows the firing of at least ten adult Moose

about the year.

The Government or the authority that the Government may

announce additional rules about Moose management areas.

Law (2010:2001).

34 section without permission is not allowed to intimidate or mota wildly from

someone else's hunting area in cases other than those referred to in paragraph 5, second subparagraph

second sentence. It is also not allowed to without permission to attract game from

someone else's hunting area by feeding or in any other way.

section 35 without the consent of the hunting right holder, it is not permissible to with

fishing gear or weapon which can be used for hunting, take the road of cardholder's

hunting area. However, this must be done in ways that are franchised to the public

and even otherwise, if within the lawful matters. If dogs are carried, shall

It kept on a leash.

Restocking of game etc.

36 § Government may provide that certain species of wildlife not

may be discontinued in liberty or held in captivity without special permission or

the other special provisions or terms shall apply to such


37 repealed by Act (1994:1820).

38 repealed by Act (1994:1820).

The wildlife Board

repealed by 39 teams (2009:1262).

Proficiency test, etc.

section 40 of the Government may provide for the obligation to pass the test

in terms of skills and shooting ability as a condition for getting the course.

The Government may provide for the obligation to pay fee for

the test referred to in the first subparagraph.

The Government must submit to the Association in the pursuit and viltvårdens

area arranging samples, to issue proof of completed tests and to take

a fee for the trial.


41 § to promote wildlife management or other similar purposes

consistent with the purpose of this Act, the Government

provide for the obligation of the chasing

1. to pay an annual fee (the wildlife charge),

2. to pay a fee for certain species of wildlife that are shed,

3. to pay a special fee for the wildlife that felled in battle

to what determined in a hunting license for a court.

Fees referred to in the first subparagraph 1 shall form a fund

(the Wildlife Fund) that after the Government's determination,

be used for specified purposes. Act (2000:593).

Search supervisors

42 section For supervision over compliance with this Act and the regulations, that

has been issued under the law, the Government or the authority

the Government appoint hunting Rangers.

Hunting supervisors may be appointed with the support of 47 § take the property seized.

Liability, etc.

43 § Of hunting offences shall be liable to a fine or imprisonment of up to one

in the as

1. with intent or by gross negligence, unlawfully preying on

else's hunting area or where acquire game or hunting

which takes place on the basis of licence breaches a material for the hunt

provision of the licence,

2. intentionally or negligently violates section 3 or section 31

the first paragraph or against a regulation which has been issued with

the support of 29 § 1 or section 30 of the first subparagraph, or

3. with intent or by gross negligence violates § 32 or

against a precept issued pursuant to section 25 or 29.

Law (2001:163).

section 44 If a hunting offence is aggravated, is sentenced to

prison six months to four years.

When evaluating if the crime is gross, special consideration shall be

1. If it concerned a threatened, rare or otherwise designated

protection worth wild,

2. If it has been carried out routinely or on a larger scale,

3. If it is conducted with the unauthorized use of a motor

conveyance or any other motor-driven device,

4. If it is conducted with a particularly painful one hunting method.

Law (2001:163).

45 section to a fine person who with intent or by gross


1. violation of paragraph 5 of the second paragraph or section 13,

2. fails to perform the notification obligation under

regulations issued on the basis of paragraph 26

1, 2 or 3 If the Act is not subject to the penalty of the law

(1951:649) concerning penalties for certain traffic offences,

3. breach of section 27 of the Act is not subject to punishment in

the criminal code,

4. fails to perform the obligation under section 28;

5. violates a regulation has been issued pursuant to section 29 of

4, the third paragraph of section 30 or section 31, third subparagraph, or

6. violate section 35 or against a regulation which has been notified to the

pursuant to section 36, first paragraph, section 40 or 41 § first


Anyone who wilfully violates section 34 shall be liable to a fine.

In minor cases shall not be responsible under this section.

Law (2012:153).

section 46 the unauthorised taking of wildlife that he knows

or have reasonable cause to adopt have been killed or products obtained

by hunting crime, is convicted of hunting receiving to fine or imprisonment

in a maximum of one year.

If the crime is considered aggravated, is sentenced to prison, not less than six

months and a maximum of four years. In assessing whether the offence is

rough, special consideration shall be given to such circumstances as are specified in the

44 section 1 and 2.

To liability under this section shall be liable if the Act is not

faced with punishment in the environmental code. Law (2001:163).

section 46 For tests or preparation for hunting offences under section 44

or hunting receiving under section 46 shall be liable to a responsible

According to Chapter 23. the Penal Code. Law (2011:514).

47 § Encountered someone red-handed when he or she commits

hunting crimes, get wild and such property as referred to in section 49,

likely to be forfeited or which are likely to be relevant for

a description of the offence be seized of the hunting right holder or

by someone representing him or her. The same power

has particularly appointed hunting Rangers and competent

officials of the coast guard and the customs service.

The property has been seized, the notification about this urgently

be made to the police or the public prosecutor. The

police officer or prosecutor who receives such a notice of

the seizure shall take the same measures if he or she

made the seizure.

To avoid the game that has been seized is destroyed,

get the animal after evaluation sold appropriately.

Law (2014:698).

48 § if someone has committed a crime or concealment hunting hunting, wildlife

that he or she got over by the offence explained

forfeited, unless it is manifestly unfair. Instead of

the game can its value be explained fully or partially forfeited.

While other Exchange of such breach shall be declared forfeited, if

It is not manifestly unreasonable.

Wild game forfeited become the hunting right holder in cases

provided by the Government. Act (2005:298).

49 § Hunting implements, vehicles and other property

has been used as a tool for hunting violations or hunting receiving,

be declared forfeited, if necessary to prevent crime

or if there are special reasons. The same applies to

property that is intended to be used as a tool for

such crime, if the crime was completed or if the procedure

constituted a punishable attempt or a criminal


Instead of the property, its value totally or partially

be declared forfeited. Law (2011:514).

50 § in the case of forfeited property, special provisions on

the procedure of such property in so far as not otherwise provided by 47 § third

subparagraph, or to paragraph 48. The Government may provide for

way of derogation from the special provisions in the case of animals needed

research purposes or for any other special reason should not be

sold as set out in the regulations.

51 as stated in § 46--48 § § if wild also applies in the case of skins, eggs

and bon.

51 a of The who have committed offences under this law in Swedish

economic zone is convicted by a Swedish court, although Chapter 2. 2 or

paragraph 3 of the criminal code is not applicable. Act (1994:1820).

paragraph 51 (b) If an offence under this Act has been perpetrated within the

economic zone, the criminal prosecution be brought before the District Court whose

judicial district closest to the place where the crime was perpetrated. Act (1994:1820).


52 § the Government may entrust an administrative authority to

notify such provisions or decisions referred to in 23-25

and 29 to 30 sections, the second and third paragraphs of section 31, § 36, § 40

the first and second paragraphs, 41 paragraph 2, § 48 others

subparagraph and paragraph. Law (2009:1261).

How the decision may be appealed

repealed by law 53 (2000:593).

54 § County Administrative Board's decision under section 33 if registration and

cancellation of licence area or elk management area may

be appealed to the administrative court. Other decisions according to

This law may not be appealed.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the administrative court.

Law (2010:2001).

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1988, when the Act (1938:274) if

the right to hunt is hereby repealed.

2. the provisions of paragraphs 15 to 22 shall not apply in respect of leases of

hunting rights that have occurred prior to the entry into force of the law.

3. Older provisions on hunting rights for boställshavare, kronohemmans åbor

and holders of kronotorp, skogstorp, growing apartments, kolonat and

fjällägenheter and responsibilities and special effect for breach of

such provisions shall still apply.

4. The new law shall not affect the rights referred to in paragraph 8 of the first

law (1938:274) on the right to hunt. The provisions of section 8, other

subparagraph, that law shall apply in the case of easements that includes

hunting right on certain property and as granted by 31 december


5. In the area of the 1987 Hunt has been registered with

under section 13, hunting statute (1938:279) moose hunting area without

be the license area, elk hunting take place according to the older provisions until the

Furthermore, until the end of 1994.

If the area consists of at least five acres of contiguous land,

It shall be for the period after 1994 on the application of the holder

registered as licensed area pursuant to paragraph 33 1 Although

There are no special reasons for such registration. About the area

consists of at least twenty acres of contiguous land, shall, if

Instead, the applicant so requests, be registered as a licensed area under

paragraph 33 2. The application for registration shall be made by the end

by the year 1994. Act (1994:626).

6. For elk hunting in the reindeer herding area, Government or authority

as the Government determines for a transitional period, provide that

derogating from the provisions of section 33.


This law shall enter into force on 1 January 1992. Older provisions

However, in the case of a decision given before the date of entry into force.


1. This law shall enter into force simultaneously with the Act (1994:1500)

reason of Sweden to the European Union.

2. section 45 of its older version still applies in cases where no prior

the entry into force have failed to fulfil what was incumbent on him

According to paragraph 38 or violated a regulation that has

issued under section 37 or 38 section.


1. This law shall enter into force simultaneously with the Act (1994:1500)

reason of Sweden to the European Union.

2. the decision on the ban, regulation, authorisation, concession or similar

taken under section 37 and 38 shall be deemed to be communicated with the aid of

the corresponding provision in the Act (1994:1818) on measures

in the case of animals and plants belonging to protected species, if not

the Government or the authority the Government ordains

other things.


This law shall enter into force on 1 april 1995. Decision given

before the entry into force in accordance with the provisions of the older appeal.


This law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997, but shall not

apply for tenure decisions taken on the basis of

the reindeer husbandry Act (1971:437) before this law into force acting.


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2001.

2. in the case of the leases which occurred before the entry into force

apply older provisions. If the agreement is renewed after

However, entry into force then applied the new provisions of the

instead of 16-21 of its older version.

3. Goals that are pending before the lease Committee upon entry into force

shall also then be dealt with by the lease.

4. In respect of the tenancy the Board's decision, the provisions of

second and third subparagraph of 53 sections still apply.


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2012. Elk hunting,

though conducted according to older regulations until 29

February 2012.

2. One area that has been registered as a licensed area under section 33

in its older version, but the application is recorded as

license area according to paragraph 33, if the area is of such

size and nature of the products in that it is suited for moose hunting

and allows for the firing of at least one Moose calf a year.

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