Regulation (1995:808) Concerning The Participation Of The Forces

Original Language Title: Förordning (1995:808) om medinflytande för totalförsvarspliktiga

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The scope of the

section 1 of this Regulation applies to the forces that

undergo longer initial training over 60 days under the Act (1994:1809)

about national service.

The forces exert influence in order to develop

operation in accordance with the educational objectives and with a view to

otherwise promote good educational conditions.

Consultation of and information to the forces

section 2 of The totalförsvarspliktigas participation is exercised by elected officials

and in the committees and other consultative bodies referred to in this


section 3 before making a decision on a matter of importance to the

forces directly affected by the decision an opportunity to

leave comments.

section 4 If a question is not of such weight referred to in paragraph 3, but has

fundamental importance for the forces, the opening act,

schools or other establishments to provide information to the

forces before making a decision on the matter.

§ 5 If, for some special reason, is not able to

seek the views or leave the information referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4, prior

the decision shall be notified as soon as the forces in


paragraph 6 of this Regulation shall not affect each manager's duty to take

some of the staff's feedback and continuously inform the if

the business.

6 a of the defence forces shall reply to the magazine

Military news releases. The magazine shall in time of peace are produced by

and for the forces in order to contribute to their

empowerment, develop activities in accordance with

learning outcomes and otherwise promote good

educational conditions. The forces which fulfill

basic education shall receive the magazine free of charge.

Regulation (2006:1271).

Certain rules

section 7 of The forces at a platoon or at another

place of business where at least ten forces

serving, or regarding forces which fulfill

civilian service to a smaller number of that Authority for

civil contingencies agency determines, may choose a

shop steward with the task of bringing their action with the boss.

Regulation (2008:1016).

§ 8 the manager shall regularly collect the forces for

information on and evaluation of activities.

§ 9 part of the time set aside for information and evaluation

under section 8 may be used by the forces of their own

consultations under the authority of the trustee.

section 10 at every opening act, school or other place of business where

at least 50 forces serving, or in respect of

forces performing civilian service to a smaller

number as the Swedish civil contingencies Agency

determines, there shall be a Board. This should be selected

representatives of the forces as well as representatives of

outlet included. Regulation (2008:1016).

section 11 for the purposes of this regulation, with the

place of business rather than referred to

1. the responsible authority when it comes to

forces serving

(a)) of a company,

(b)) in an association,

(c)) in a community, or

d) of a different individual than referred to in 2,

2. The Swedish civil contingencies agency when it comes

forces serving in a registered

faith communities or an organisational part of such communities.

Regulation (2008:1016).

section 12 of The forces shall be in a majority in Committee.

Chairman of the Board is the head of the Regiment, school or

outlet. The President has the right to appoint a


paragraph 13 of The forces the members of the Board shall be given

opportunity to service time keep a preparatory meeting before the

each meeting of the Board.

Participation in military defence

section 14 of The forces at a company must choose a

confidence man (company Assistant) with the task of bringing their action in

Company Commander.

15 § In every company, there shall be a company Board. This shall

composed of elected representatives of the forces and of

representatives of the dressing. The forces shall be in

majority of the Board.

section 16 of The forces the members of the Committee referred to in

section 10 and one more totalförsvarspliktig from every company in the

the dressing should be given the opportunity to hold a service time

preparatory meeting before each meeting of the Board.

section 17 of the defence forces shall annually within each defence branch organise a

Conference (defence branch Conference).

At this, the representatives of the forces within the

the armed branch of the armed forces be given the opportunity to discuss

issues related to the education and service in General.

At the Defense's Conference also the military advice provided

in section 29 shall be given the opportunity to attend and provide information.

section 18 of the defence forces may decide that the Defense's Conference

be carried out in stages.

section 19 of the representatives of the forces at

the Conference appointed by the armed forces branch

the members of the committees referred to in paragraph 10.


section 20 of the forces will be there every year a

Congress for those performing military service (conscription Congress) and

a maximum of two conventions for those performing civilian service

(civilplikts Convention). In the congresses, representatives (agents)

for the forces involved.

Military Council and Civilplikts Council referred to in section 29 may

organise the conscription Congress civilplikts Congress, respectively. If

Civilplikts military Council or the Council does not wish to organise a

Congress, the military and Authority for

civil contingencies agency instead organise this.

Regulation (2008:1016).

paragraph 21 of the conferences ' purpose is to give delegates the opportunity to discuss

issues of importance to those forces. The congresses are led

of the forces.

section 22 Delegates at the congresses shall be appointed by those performing military service

each civilian service through direct elections. Election shall be carried out

on years of service.

section 23 of the election to the congresses, of those performing military service

be appealed to the armed forces and of those performing civilian service

in the Swedish civil contingencies Agency. The appeal

shall be made within one week of the record of the

the election results have been posted at the Regiment, school or

outlet. Decisions taken by the Swedish armed forces

and the Swedish civil contingencies agency may not

subject to appeal. Regulation (2008:1016).

section 24 Any totalförsvarspliktig which fulfill military service may leave

motion (motion) that is processed at military Congress. The same

each totalförsvarspliktig performing civilian service in question

If the civilplikts Congress.

section 25 of the Regiment, school or establishment shall provide

information about elections to the congresses of the political

associations for young people who are connected to the parties

represented in Parliament and which are active in the region.

They will also have information on the associations '

opportunities for meeting activities where the forces


section 26 of The totalförsvarspliktigas participation in the congresses shall

It is considered as a service task.

section 27 After the congresses shall inform the representatives of the service time

forces on what has been discussed and decided

at the Congress.

section 28 of the Department of Defense, the armed forces, the Authority for

public safety and emergency preparedness, and business administration Swedish power grids

to be informed about the decisions taken at the conferences.

Regulation (2008:1016).

Military Council and Civilplikts Council

section 29 of the delegates at the Congress may conscript among appoint not more than

seven forces tasked with known as:

Military Council for the coming year after Congress

represent the forces that fulfill military service.

Delegates at the civilplikts Congress may designate from among their

a maximum of two forces to be part of a civilplikts advice

and represent the forces performing civilian service.

The term of Office is one year from the Congressman

was appointed. No more than three members may simultaneously be included in

Civilplikts Council.

A maximum of two outgoing members of the Military Council and a

out of the Civilplikts Council may be chosen for the new entrants

Civilplikts military Council or Council. Regulation (2005:550).

29 a of the retiring members of the Military Council and the

Civilplikts the Council may serve in each Council for induction

of the new members for up to 28 weeks in total in

Military Council and a maximum of 20 weeks in total in

Civilplikts Council. Regulation (1997:1194).

section 30 of the Council compulsory military service shall be administratively attached to the

The Swedish armed forces. It shall, through the Agency of the armed forces have

access to a Central Office and regional offices.

31 § Civilplikts Council shall be administratively attached to the

The Swedish civil contingencies Agency. It shall, by means of

Swedish civil contingency provision have

access to a private office. Regulation (2008:1016).

32 § Conscription Council members and members of the Civilplikts Council

the right to fulfil the remaining elementary education according to law

(1994:1809) about national service at any of the respective Council

private offices. Regulation (1996:887).

33 § The members of the Military Council and Civilplikts Council

no longer fulfils the initial and the retiring members

serving in the councils under section 29 shall retain their benefits

According to the Regulation (1995:239) for benefits to

forces. Today the remuneration shall, however, always

determined to 150 kroner. Any education premium is not being made

for the time after completing basic training.

Provisions on the right to compensation for damage or disease

as a member or a member of the Military Council or

Civilplikts the Council incurred during service, see section 6

Regulation (1977:284) on occupational injury insurance and State

personal injury protection and law (1977:266) on State compensation

for non-pecuniary damage and more Regulation (2010:1690).

Contact manna Conference

34 § Conscription Council and Civilplikts Council shall each year carry out a

Conference with forces liaison officers. If there is

specific reasons, the Conference carried out in installments. Participation in

the Conference shall be regarded as a service task.

Consultative Committee

35 § armed forces must periodically bring together representatives of the various

defence branches and Military Council for deliberation on issues

the totalförsvarspliktigas input.

36 § the Swedish civil contingencies Agency will

regularly gathering representatives of the education professionals

authorities and Civilplikts Council for deliberation on issues

related to the totalförsvarspliktigas input.

Regulation (2008:1016).

Enforcement regulations

37 section defence forces may provide for those who

carrying out conscription and contingencies

preparedness for those performing civilian service, in terms of

1. the maximum number of agents that may be chosen to

military Congress and civilplikts Congress,

2. participation in health and safety issues,

3. the role of education for information

According to this regulation,

4. enforcement of otherwise by this regulation.

Regulation (2008:1016).

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