Regulation (1996:372) About An Experiment With Some Advanced Vocational Education

Original Language Title: Förordning (1996:372) om en försöksverksamhet med viss kvalificerad yrkesutbildning

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Introductory provisions

1 § State aid may be given for experimentation with certain

advanced vocational education according to the provisions of the Act (1996:339)

If an experiment with some advanced vocational education and

the provisions of this regulation.

section 2 Of the training referred to in this regulation, State aid

be provided to municipalities, counties or individual training providers

and special funds are provided to the State universities and colleges

or other State providers of education.

Government subsidies and special funds be provided subject to availability of funds

and shall not be granted for such a part of a training for the

Government grants or special funds given in a different order.

With the College referred to in this regulation cover both universities and colleges

with the State, municipal or County municipal ownership,

on the one hand, individual training providers who are authorised to issue

examinations under the Act (1993:792) for permission to issue certain


paragraph 3 of the advanced vocational education Committee decides on

Government grants or special funds at the request of the person under section 4 of the

responsible providers of education.

Responsible education providers

section 4 If a training organized by several providers of education in

interaction, shall always be responsible for training

(responsible providers of education).


5 § training shall consist of both theoretical teaching and, on the other hand,

learning at work at a workplace. One third of the training period

shall consist of learning to work. The Committee may for special reasons

justifying the permit time for learning in the work shall include

slightly more or slightly less than one-third of the training period.

section 6 of the extent of the training specified according to a scoring system, where

each point is equivalent to full-time study for a week.

7 § qualified vocational training may be terminated with a qualified

vet exam if the program covers a total of 80 points

and the student has fulfilled what it takes to pass the

all elements of the training.

section 8 as a general goal for a qualified vet exam

terms as referred to in section 2 of the Act (1996:339) about an experiment

with some advanced vocational training.

In addition, the specific objectives and requirements according to § 19 8

determined for a degree.

§ 9 a student who meets the requirements for a qualified

vocational training qualification shall, on request, obtain a diploma. In a

such proof shall focus of education indicated.

A student who has completed a training not leading to

a graduate shall, on request, obtain a diploma.

section 10 of the teachers in the experiment shall have the theoretical

education and experience from the workplace as necessary to

ensure a high quality of education.

section 11 of the students should be given the opportunity to inspect the operations and

opportunity to influence the programme structure and implementation.

section 12 of the education should be provided free of charge for the students.

The education should be open to candidates from all over the country.

Access to education


section 13 Of the education may only be adopted by such candidates

the beginning of education meets the requirements of paragraphs 14 and 15.

section 14 for admission to an education requires that the applicant

completed a national programme in upper secondary school or have

the corresponding Swedish or foreign training or by other

business has acquired equivalent knowledge.

section 15, for admission to an education may be set up requirements on

specific prior knowledge. Such requirements shall be relevant for the

current training and may refer to

1. knowledge of the topic in secondary school national programmes or

equivalent knowledge,

2. requirements for work experience which may be of importance for the

special education specialization or the profession as

the programme prepares for.


section 16 if the number of sites within a qualified vocational training is

less than the number of qualified applicants, the selection is made. In doing so, the

taking into account the applicant's ability to assimilate

the training.

section 17 for the selection, one or more of the following selection criteria are

be used: score, especially tests, previous education and

professional experience.

Training plan

section 18 For any training, there should be a training plan

determined by the Committee.

section 19 of the learning plan must specify:

1. the lead education provider and other

training providers,

2. educational objectives and the key elements that are included in the training,

3. the scope of training, the main structure and


4. focus, organization and scope of the learning at work

included in the training,

5. qualification requirements on the teaching staff,

6. the requirement of prior knowledge and other terms and conditions that apply to get

start of training as well as the selection criteria are to be used,

7. the principles for grading and forms of knowledge control

to be applied, and

8. If the training can be completed by a qualified

vet exam, its orientation, as well as the specific goals and

requirements for this degree.

The plan shall also be indicated if the high school which is represented in the

the Executive Board referred to in section 21 considers that one or more elements

included in education may be counted at this high school.

Student financial aid

section 20 of The who are going through an education under this regulation, in accordance with

Annex to the financial aid regulation (2000:655) receive financial aid

According to the study support Act (1999:1395). Regulation (2001:245).

Management team for the education

section 21 of the responsible education provider, there shall be a

management team for training during the period of training is conducted. If

the education provider is responsible for several courses may

the management team be common to these.

section 22 of the Executive Group for the training shall

1. ensure that the training is carried out according to the provisions of the Act

(1996:339) about an experiment with certain qualified

vocational education, the provisions of this regulation and in accordance with

decision of the Committee,

2. adopt a student to the education and

3. to issue diplomas and certificates on completion of the training.

section 23 of the management team shall consist of

1. representatives of the parts of the workplace concerned by

the education,

2. at least one representative of a high school and

3. at least one representative of the municipal adult education.

The responsible education provider may appoint members in addition to those

referred to in the first subparagraph. The majority of the members of the

the management team shall be representatives of working life.

At least one representative of the students should have presence, and

right to speak at meetings of the management group.

section 24 If a municipality or a county is responsible

training providers, the Board Council appoints instruct

a management team to manage the Board the information referred to in section 22.

The Board may annul, in whole or in part, if there is

special reasons for it.

Government subsidies and special funds

section 25 of the Committee shall, at its distribution of Government grants or

Special funds, in particular, take into account whether a training

1. demanded by work and is considered to have great potential to

be conducted with a high level of quality,

2. conducted by a high school and a municipality and possibly someone else

in co-operation and

3. helps to break traditions in relation to gendered

educational and career choices.

section 26 of the decision on State subsidies or special funds shall contain

information on the amount, the number of training places and education

locating and sizing.

section 27 of government subsidies and special funds will be paid by the

to the responsible education provider.

section 28 of the State aid must be recovered if the responsible

education provider or anyone else involved in the organisation of

education in materially breach any provision or

any terms and conditions that apply to the contribution.

Supervision, etc.

section 29 of the Committee shall be responsible for the supervision and monitoring of the

training courses are conducted with the aid of Government grants or special

funds in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.

section 30 of The education providers who participate in the organisation of a

training is required to evaluate activities and to participate in

the monitoring and evaluation of the programme, initiated by the

the Committee. They shall submit to the Committee or the Committee determines

supply the information requested by the Committee.


section 31 of the decision of the Committee under this Regulation may not

subject to appeal.

section 32 Decisions of the responsible education provider about refused

student's request to get a diploma or certificate,

be appealed to the Board of appeal for higher education.

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