Act (2005:268) If Agreement Between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway And Sweden On The Population Register

Original Language Title: Lag (2005:268) om överenskommelse mellan Danmark, Finland, Island, Norge och Sverige om folkbokföring

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The agreement on civil registration as Denmark, Finland,

Iceland, Norway and Sweden signed on november 1, 2004

shall apply as law in this country. The agreement is drawn up

in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Norwegian. All

texts are equally authentic. The written text in Swedish

Annex to this law. All texts shall

be promulgated through publication in the Swedish International

agreements (Sun).


Agreement between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and

Sweden transcription

The Governments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have,

in order to facilitate the registration of people in the

Contracting States, agreed on the following:

Article 1

1. This agreement applies to persons registered

as residents of one of the Contracting States, and that has

intention to move, or who have moved to another of these

States. Temporary stays lasting less than 6

months are not moving.

2. Migration is not covered by the agreement if not

exit State within three months of the reported exodus

has received the notification referred to in article 2, point 2, third


Article 2

1. The one who moves from one Contracting State to another by

These States, shall, within the time limit for

notice in this State, report the migration to

competent local registration authority. At the same time with the registration

the removal shall provide the information required in

move-in the State and to provide identification with documentation

of citizenship (passport or equivalent), as well as provide information

If the social security number and the residential address and municipality, the

removal had in the exit State until the transfer

took place.

2. The local registering authority in the moving State

Determines whether a person is to be registered as resident in

moving in the State.

Find your local registration authority that a person shall

be registered as a resident in the moving State, the

removing registered as resident and be assigned personal numbers

as soon as possible in the same way as it applies to persons who

moving in from States outside the Nordic region.

At the same time that it has been decided that there should be a

registration or not in the moving State,

the registration authority in the moving State

the person and the central or a specified

Registration Agency in the exit State.

In the notification to the authority of the State shall

set the flyttandes social security number in the exit State, name,

date of birth, sex and, if registered,

move-in date, social security number, commune and residential address in the

moving in the State. Corresponding notification will be sent if

the registration authority in the moving State later abrogates

the earlier decision on the registration of occupancy.

Find the local registering authority reasons to assume that

the who has reported the move, shall be deemed to be a resident of a

different place in the moving State, he shall be referred to the

local registration authority in this place.

3. Only when the notice of registration in the moving State

is received, the local registering authority in

Unregistering the exit State that has moved. As date

for the exodus is used the moving State registered

move-in date.

Article 3

The question of a person pursuant to this Agreement shall be deemed to

as a resident or not resident in the moving State, is determined

According to the legislation of that State.

If the local registering authority in the exit State has

Another view of the facts that have been

the basis for registration, the case may be taken up with the

local registration authority into the State. Becomes

These do not agree, exit State local

regulatory authority to take up the matter with the State's Central

registration authority, which in turn can raise the matter with

moving the State's central registration authority.

As the moving State count the State as a person resident in

After moving in from another State. This is true as long as they

actual housing conditions are the same as when moving

took place.

Article 4

The Contracting States undertake to on request

mutual information on the flyttandes name,

date of birth, social security number, place of birth, gender, residential address,

local registration authority, citizenship, marital status, and

date of amendment, spouse's/registered partner's name and

date of birth, parents ' names and birth date (for children

under 18 years of age), name and date of birth for children (under age 18) and

possibly the final settlement date, as well as the other information

can be assumed to be necessary for the assessment of the question of residence,

and inform about the decision taken.

Notification under article 2, and in response to requests under

This article can be by direct electronic communication

between the central registration authorities in the

States parties that have agreed on this.

Article 5

The central registration authorities in the Contracting

States are required to keep up to date and publish a

list of local registration authorities in the

the respective States.

Article 6

The agreement shall enter into force on 1 January, 1 april, 1 July

or October 1, which falls immediately after three months

elapsed from the date on which all Contracting States

the Norwegian Foreign Ministry announced that they have approved

the agreement.

For the Faroe Islands and Greenland's part, however, the agreement shall enter in

force on January 1, april 1, July 1 or October 1 as

falls immediately after three months have elapsed since

The Danish Government has notified the Norwegian

State Department that the prerequisites are met.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to notify the other

Contracting States on receipt of these messages and

If the date of entry into force of the agreement.

Article 7

At the same time as this agreement enters into force, repeals the

Nordic agreement on 8 May 1989 concerning the population register.

Article 8

A Contracting State may, in relation to each of the

other States may terminate the agreement as per 1 January

or July 1 with a notice period of six months. Termination

shall be effected by written notification to the State concerned and the

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

notify the other States on receipt of such

message and its contents.

Article 9

The original text of this agreement deposited with the

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides the other parties

certified copies thereof.

In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly

authorised, have signed this agreement.

Done at Stockholm on 1 november 2004, in a single copy in

Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish languages, all of which

have equal validity.

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