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Regulation (2006:1085) Prohibiting Certain Dangerous Lighters

Original Language Title: Förordning (2006:1085) om förbud mot vissa farliga tändare

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section 1 of the regulation implementing the European Commission's decision

502/2006/EC of 11 May 2006 on an obligation for

Member States to ban the novelty or non

child-resistant lighters placed on the market, as amended by:

European Commission decision No 231/2007/EC of 12 april

2007. Regulation (2007:684).

2 § flergångständare and Only child-resistant lighters by

non-recurring items may be placed on the market or

be provided to consumers.

Novelty lighters or novelty holder to

lighters, whatever their design, do not be placed on the

market or be made available to consumers.

Regulation (2007:684).


section 3 With flergångständare, a refillable lighters which are

designed, manufactured and released on the market in such a way

to the

1. can be used safely for at least five years,

2. can be repaired and safely refilled throughout the

their lifetime, and

3. is accompanied by a written warranty of the manufacturer concerning

for at least two years from the date of sale.

For a lighter shall be deemed to be refillable, parts,

not intended for single use only, can be replaced or

repaired by an authorised or specialised

customer service service in the European Union after

warranty period.

4 § lighters that do not meet the requirements of section 3 are considered to be

a lighter, non-recurring items.

Child-resistant lighters

§ 5 a lighter is deemed to be child-safe if it designed and

sold in such a way that during normal or reasonably

foreseeable conditions cannot be used by children

younger than 51 months.

A lighter shall not be considered to be used by children as a result of

It required some force to use it, because of its

design, due to the protection of the tändmekanismen, or at

because of the need for a complicated operation or a series of

maneuvers in sequence to light it.

section 6 a lighter is deemed to be child-safe if:

1. in accordance with the Swedish standard SS-EN

13869:2002, Edition 1, for other specifications than

those in paragraphs 3.1, 3.4 and 5.2.3 of the standard,

2. it complies with the relevant provisions of the countries

outside the European Union where child-resistance requirements apply as

correspond to those of the European Commission's decision pursuant to paragraph 1.

Regulation (2007:684).

Novelty lighters and holders for lighters

7 § With novelty lighters or novelty holder

lighter "means a lighter or a holder at any

manner similar to other products that are widely believed to attract children

or intended to be used by children, or in

Entertainment produces sound, light or

motion effects. This includes such lighters listed in

section 3.2 of the Swedish standard SS-EN 13869:2002, Edition 1.

Novelty lighters are not only because they are

equipped with image, text or patterns. Regulation (2007:684).

Requirements for documentation, etc.

7 a of the Manufacturer shall, at the request of the Swedish consumer Agency


1. a test report showing that the firing arm odell as

placed on the market are child safe as well as a sample of the

tested model,

2. a certificate stating that all lighters in all parties who

placed on the market conforms with the model

as well as documentation on the procedure that provides the basis for

This certificate,

3. a new test report, if the model is changed and it can be assumed

that it no longer meets the requirements for child safety in accordance with

This regulation.

Manufacturers shall ensure that lighters

meet the requirement of child safety and keep a

production records to show that all lighters produced

consistent with the model tested.

The details of what the test report shall contain the

may be notified by the Consumer Agency. Regulation (2007:684).

7 b of the test report referred to in paragraph 7 shall be established by a

technical service:

1. complying with the requirements of the Swedish standard SS-EN ISO/IEC

17025:2005, 2nd Edition, edited by EN ISO/IEC

17025:2005/AC: 2007, Edition 1, and accredited by

The Swedish Board for accreditation and technical control (SWEDAC) or

by another Member of the international

ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation organization

Accreditation Cooperation) to perform testing of lighters

or as otherwise approved by the competent authority in

a Member State in the European Union to carry out this type

of work, or

2. which test reports are accepted in one of the countries where

There are child-resistance requirements equivalent to those of the European

the Commission's decision under paragraph 1. Regulation (2007:684).

7 c § Distributors shall, at the request of the Swedish consumer Agency

provide the documentation necessary to track

origin of the lighters. Regulation (2007:684).

7 d § if manufacturers and distributors cannot

provide the documents referred to in 7(a) and 7(c) sections within

the time limit in the case set out by

The Swedish consumer Agency, the lighters is withdrawn from the market.

Regulation (2007:684).

Injunctions and prohibitions

section 8 Of section 27 of the product safety Act (2004:451) follows that

Consumer Authority may notify the injunctions and prohibitions

needed in a particular case, to the provisions of this

Regulation shall be complied with.