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Regulation (2007:222) On The State Contribution For The Training Of Teachers, As Well As Cleaners And Corresponding

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:222) om statsbidrag för fortbildning av lärare samt fritidspedagoger och motsvarande

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Introductory provision

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid

for the training of teachers, as well as cleaners and


In-service training of teachers is aimed to give them permission

for the education they do, so that students '

goal achievement can increase. The training of leisure educators

and the corresponding aims to give them permission for

teaching in one or two practical or aesthetic subjects

in grades 1 to 6 in primary school or Sámi schools, so that

pupils ' attainment in these substances can increase.

The second paragraph does not apply to teachers who lack

professional qualification and conduct teaching in a

independent school with waldorfpedagogisk approach.

The training of these teacher designed solely to increase

pupils ' attainment. Regulation (2014:95).

Conditions for State aid

2 § State aid under this Regulation may, if there are

available resources, be provided to anyone who is a principal

1. within the school system, except for the school and kindergarten,

2. for a Swedish school abroad referred to in article 9 of the regulation

(1994:519) if State contribution to the education of Swedish abroad

children and young people,

3. for education according to Chapter 24. 8 or 9 of the Education Act

(2010:800) at such a home as referred to in section 12 of the Act (1990:52)

with specific provisions for the care of the young, or

4. for training under the Ordinance (2007:152) on education

at the correctional system in the correctional facility. Regulation (2011:498).

paragraph 3 of the State subsidy is payable for expenses in relation to teachers


1. employed by the principal or by any other

According to the agreement with the principal performing tasks within such

activities referred to in paragraph 2 of the (contractor),

2. participating either in contract training under the regulation

(2007:223) If contract training for the professional development of teachers

and certain other personnel or equivalent,

organized by an individual training providers who are authorised

to issue diplomas under the Act (1993:792) for permission to

issue certain degrees, and

3. have a grades, teacher students,

yrkeslärarexamen, preschool teacher degree, equivalent older

degree or equivalent foreign jurisdiction or engaged in

teaching in an independent school with waldorfpedagogisk


State subsidy is provided also for expenses in relation to

cleaners and corresponding which satisfies the conditions laid down in

the first subparagraph of paragraph 1 and 2 and which have a degree that is intended

only for work in recreation centers or in recreation centers and

for the school. Regulation (2014:235).

4 repealed by Regulation (2011:1057).

The allocation and disbursement of State aid

§ 5/expires U: 2016-03-01/

Government grants under this regulation is provided with 500 SEK

per credits. If the training relates to mathematics or

It is a speciallärarutbildning with specialization

against mental retardation, left State grant with $100

per credits. If the training relates to the Swedish as

a second language, provided the Government with 1 500 SEK per

He credits. Regulation (2015:480).

§ 5/entry into force: 03/01/2016

Government grants under this regulation is provided with 500 euros per ECTS credits, unless otherwise specified in the second or third paragraph.

The Government is left with $100 per credit points if the training relates to mathematics. The same applies if the training relates to a speciallärarutbildning with specialization in 1. language, writing and reading development, 2. Mathematics development, 3. deafness or hearing impairment, 4. Visual impairment, 5. profound language impairment, or 6. mental retardation.

The Government is left with 1 500 SEK per credits if the training relates to the Swedish as a second language.

Regulation (2016:24).

section 6 is repealed by Regulation (2011:1057).

section 7 of the principal School of the State shall apply for grants and

notify the human resources principal applying for Government grants for

According to this regulation. Regulation (2011:1057).

section 8 If the number of teachers as well as cleaners and corresponding

that has been notified to an education under section 3(1)

2 exceeds the number of available training places, decides

Statens skolverk if selection.

If a person who has commenced the training stops the,

The National Agency for education if possible decide that educational site

taken over by another person reported to the training but

not received an education site. Regulation (2011:1057).

section 9 of the State's school hears questions about and pay out

State grant.

Skolverket, by their allocation of State aid to special

account of

1. principal's needs of teachers with competence for the

teaching they operate and, in particular, the need for teachers with

permission for teaching mathematics, and

2. the need for geographical distribution. Regulation (2011:1057).

section 10 State aid shall be paid once per semester for the

education under section 3(1) 2 referred to to be

completed during the semester to which the grant relates. The grant shall

be paid as soon as it has been determined which personnel

participating in the training. Regulation (2011:1057).

The recovery and redistribution

section 11 of The principal who has received government subsidies are

repayment required if

1. the person to whom the grant has been provided for canceling such

training referred to in paragraph 2 or 3 does not

complete the training with a passing grade,

2. the principal by providing inaccurate or incomplete

information or in any other way has caused that the contribution

have been made improperly or with excessive amounts, or

3. the grant of any other reasons have been given incorrectly, or

with the high amount and the principal should have known this.

Statens skolverk should decide to fully or partially require

back a contribution if someone is required to repay pursuant to the

the first paragraph. If there are special reasons for it,

The National Agency for education free from recoveries in whole or in part. A question about

refund or remission under the first subparagraph

1 may, however, be examined at the earliest one year after the State's contribution

has been paid.

An indication of the provisions of this section shall be taken into

the decision on State aid. Regulation (2011:1057).

11 a of The Government subsidies needed back, interest will be charged from

on the day that is one month after the decision on the

chargebacks have been made, and after an interest rate at each

time exceeds government lending rate with two

percentage points.

If there are special reasons for it, the State's school

exempt from the requirement of interest in whole or in part.

Regulation (2011:1057).

section 12 of the funds remaining after the allocation under section 5 or

recoveries under section 11 may on application be distributed to principals

the needs referred to in paragraph 9 of the second paragraph 1 are deemed to be particularly

large. Regulation (2011:1057).

Reporting and monitoring

section 13 A head who applied for government subsidies are required to

to the State's school provide the information needed for

the application of this regulation. Regulation (2011:498).

section 14 of the State's school to follow up and evaluate the

Government grant has been used.

A principal assigned to the Government will be involved in the

monitoring and evaluation of activities determined by the

The National Agency for education. The principal shall also disclose the information

The National Agency for education. Regulation (2011:498).

15 repealed by Regulation (2011:1057).


section 16 of the State's school must notify the regulations needed

for the enforcement of this regulation.


section 17 of the State's skolverks decision pursuant to this Regulation shall not

subject to appeal.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on July 1, 2011.

2. for the purposes of the regulation, the teacher who has

permission to be employed without a time limit in the public

education for adults pursuant to Chapter 2. paragraph 4(1)

the Education Act (1985:1100) equated with teachers who may be employed

without a time limit as teachers in the school system pursuant to Chapter 2.

20 of the Education Act. What is in this paragraph about

teachers in the public school system for adults, too

grants awarded by the end of June 2012 and, as in

the rest is said to apply to grants awarded before the end of

June 2015.

3. for the purposes of section 15, in its new version,

adult education for the mentally handicapped and

Swedish for immigrants treated in the Special

education for adults and education in Swedish for


4. Older regulations still apply to contributions that have

ordered before 1 July 2011.


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 15 november 2011.

2. in the case of teachers under the Education Act (1985:1100)

teach in municipal adult education or adult education

for mentally retarded or in Swedish for

immigrants, the application of the regulation to

permission for the instruction they do of course permissions

According to the Education Act (2010:800) for the corresponding teaching in

municipal adult education, special education for adults or

education in Swedish for immigrants.

3. Has been repealed by Regulation (2012:157).

4. Older regulations still apply to contributions that have

been decided before 1 January 2012.