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Regulation (2007:824) With Instruction For Kammarkollegiet

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:824) med instruktion för Kammarkollegiet

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1 § kammarkollegiet's mission is to provide service

in the State area, primarily relating to finance, legal,

asset management, risk management and administration.

Kammarkollegiet has further provided for herein or

in any regulatory information including the

environmental law, foundations, Sweden's classification, registration of

faith communities, the fixing of rates within

the burial area, travel guarantees, and

authorisation of interpreters and translators.

Kammarkollegiet is monitoring the General State Inheritance Fund entitled to inheritance and

manages the Fund's capital.

2 § the museums shall represent the State

1. in cases where compensation under section 4 of the Ordinance (1995:1301)

on the processing of claims for damages against the State, and

2. in other cases the Attorney General authorizes the authority

to deal with.

The authority shall also represent the general body of water, in the

extent to which an authority is not responsible for

do it.

3 § the museums shall bring an action for the General

1. in order to take advantage of the environment and other public

interests in accordance with the environmental code,

2. in the decision referred to in

— Chapter 19. section 22 of the land code,

— Chapter 19. the third subparagraph of paragraph 4 of the law of real estate training


— Chapter 4. section 26 of the Act (2008:990) if chattel, and

– Chapter 2. section 29 of the maritime law (1994:1009). Regulation (2010:1870).

4 § the museums shall decide on the remuneration in accordance with

1. Act (1977:266) on State compensation for non-material damage


2. Regulation (1986:259) for compensation as a result of

disease or injury incurred but the Kingdom,

3. the Regulation (SKOLFS 1991:47) about compensation in the

injury to the student in some upper secondary school education,

4. the repealed Regulation (AMSFS, 1992:5) about compensation in the

moral injury to student in manpower training, etc., and

5. Regulation (1998:1785) on compensation for damage to

participants in certain labour market policy programmes, etc.

The authority may grant reasonable remuneration of public funds

for appearance fees to anyone who can provide information

in such a case at the authority. Regulation (2014:123).

5 § the museums shall be responsible for

1. the collection of government revenue and payment of its

expenses, subject to the Special


2. to determine cases to amend, repeal or override the

some of the provisions of the deed, wills and

Foundation appointed and determine some other cases involving


3. that the State's fixed assets, whose care and supervision

no other task is to attend to, not appropriated

contrary to regulations, to monitor the right to property

and bring a claim for this and decide cases on

tenancy leases, to the extent no

another task is to do it,

4. to determine matters on earth nature and the rights and

obligations attached to immovable property because of its

specific nature,

5. with regard to the State's shares in the company

managed by the Cabinet Office

a) measure and report this possession,

b) store the issued share certificates, unless another authority

do it, and

c) monitor and report on dividend payments, purchases, sales,

shareholders ' contributions and other economic events,

6. to manage the application process for grants

Government or Government decides on, pay out

such contributions and follow up the conditions that may be associated

with contributions and decide on the suspension of the economic

accounts in cases where the audit is not complete within

the prescribed time limit,

7. to determine applications for grants under the regulation

(1993:712) on the aid Fund for moisture and mold damage in

houses, etc., and managing archiving of your records, and

8. that after the decision of the Government to manage the decommissioning issues

that remains after the authority has expired.

Regulation (2015:682).

6 § the museums shall also be responsible for

1. on-the-spot that the Government approves, under four different locks

keep and nurture the Kingdom's regalia and treasures as

Special inventories;

2. to store the lists of such movable property in the

Royal palaces and the Royal stable belonging to the State,

3. to keep access to the State's land and buildings

under the Agency's management,

4. to bring the accounting ledgers of Swedish Division,

5. making real estate legal archive investigations;

6. to monitor State loans as entrusted to the authority.

6 (a) repealed by Regulation (2014:123).

7 § by appointment, authority for State

Government agencies and foundations with State ties


1. economic, legal and administrative services,

2. the debt security,

3. an internal state risk financing schemes, and

4. methods of risk management and other counsel in

risk management authorities.

The authority may, by mutual agreement, provide

asset management, including financial statements and other

administrative services, for government agencies, foundations, or

funds within the State or Church District.

The Government may, in a particular case, decide that the authority may

provide services under the second paragraph of the second

organizations. Regulation (2014:123).

7 a of the Agency performs administrative and supervisory

tasks for

1. Scania Board,

2. The State claims Board,

3. The arbitral tribunal in some safety issues,

4. the Board of appeal of the State,

5. Travel guarantee Board,

6. the Arvsfonds delegation, and

7. The State Board of workers ' inventions.

The Agency even after agreement data access

1. Alcohol assortment Board,

2. nuclear waste Fund,

3. Review Board for support to credit institutions,

4. the Committee against discrimination, and

5. the Foundation of the Royal Fund With the people for the motherland.

Regulation (2015:163).

section 8/expires U: 2016-04-15/

Authority to which the competent authority, in the case of interpreters

and fulfil the tasks arising from

European Parliament and Council Directive 2005/36/EC of 7

September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications, as amended

Council Directive 2006/100/EC.

section 8/entry into force: 04/15/2016

The Agency performs the tasks arising from the Regulation (2016:157) on the recognition of professional qualifications.

Regulation (2016:181).

8 a of the authority shall be responsible for procuring coordinated

framework agreements for other government agencies. Within

the field of information technology comes responsibility to the public


The authority shall ensure that the best conditions are created

for government procurement of goods and services. Within

the field of information technology, the authority shall take particular account of the

management of common standards, as well as the interest of the

innovation and technology-neutral solutions.

Regulation (2014:123).

8 b/expires U: 2016-04-15/

Authority to which the competent authority carrying out the

tasks resulting from the law (2015:671) options

dispute resolution in a consumer contract and European Parliament

and Council Regulation (EC) no 524/2013 of 21 may 2013

online dispute resolution for konsumettvister and amending

Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and directive 2009/22/EC.

Regulation (2015:682).

8 b/entry into force: 04/15/2016

The authority shall carry out the duties as competent authority conferred by the Act (2015:671) on alternative dispute resolution in a consumer contract and European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no 524/2013 of 21 may 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and directive 2009/22/EC.

Regulation (2016:181).


§ 9 the authority is headed by a head of Government.

section 10 of the authority is an Advisory Council consisting of not more than

eight members.

11 § § 7 a New designation by Regulation (2014:123).

Fund Advisory Board

12 § within the Agency, there is a particular decision-making body for

asset management, mutual Fund Advisory Board. The delegation has to

to decide if

1. long-term investment policy,

2. framework and guidelines for the management of the risks

United management, and

3. other strategic issues. Regulation (2011:496).

13 § Fund delegation shall annually in connection with the

the annual report shall provide an accounting of their decision to

the Government.

section 14 of the Fund Advisory Board consists of not more than seven members.

The head of the delegation and is endemic to its Chairman.

15 § Fund Advisory Board is a quorum when the Chairperson and at least

half of the other members are present.

Positions and assignments

section 16 of the Director-General is the head of Government.

section 17 of the other members in the delegation than the head of

appointed by the Government for a fixed period of time.

Staff disciplinary board

section 18 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

19 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance

(1987:1101) and internal audit regulation (2006:1228).

Regulation (2008:1260).


section 20 of the Agency's activities under 4, 7, 8 (a) sections and section 11 of the other

subparagraph shall be financed through fees. This also applies to cases

the left over according to the first subparagraph of article 9 of the regulation

(1995:1301) on the processing of claims for damages against the State.

The authority may provide for the amount.

Regulation (2008:1260).


paragraph 21 of the decision of the authority under section 5 of the 6 may not be appealed.

Regulation (2011:120).