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Regulation (2007:853) With Instruction For The Swedish Coast Guard

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:853) med instruktion för Kustbevakningen

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Area of activity

section 1 of the Coast Guard's mission is to conduct

maritime surveillance and perform rescue service at sea.

The Coast Guard will also have the ability to prevent, resist and

manage crisis situations within their area of responsibility. Activities

carried out in Sweden's territorial waters and economic zone as well as

on land adjacent to these water. With regard to the Lakes,

canals and waterways, the activities include only Vänern and

Lake Mälaren, and in terms of the environmental rescue service also.

The coast guard, under special regulations or

decision to operate outside the areas referred to in

the first paragraph.

The Coast Guard will coordinate civilian needs of maritime surveillance

and mediate civil maritime information to the relevant authorities.

Regulation (2010:525).

Maritime surveillance

section 2 of the Coast Guard's mission is to conduct maritime surveillance included

to be responsible for or assist other authorities with monitoring,

law enforcement activities as well as control and supervision under

What specified in §§ 3-10.

section 3 of the coast guard, maritime surveillance and prevention

Act against interference by the order of maritime traffic.

The coast guard should be in accordance with specific

regulations to prevent and detect criminal activity,

intervene in cases of suspected crimes as well as investigation and prosecution of criminal offences

or assist in the investigation of crimes.

section 4 of the coast guard to investigate and decide in cases of

water hazard fee and receive such fees.

Regulation (2010:525).

paragraph 5 of the coast guard, to the extent permitted by

regulations, and where appropriate by agreement

with any authority, carry out supervisory and control activities

in the case of, among other things.

1. maritime transport, maritime safety and transport of dangerous goods,

2. registration and identification of ships,

3. individuals ' entry into, departure from and stay in Sweden,

4. entry/exit of goods,

5. fishing and related activities;

6. hunting and other utilization of natural resources,

7. protection of the environment and naturvårdsintressen, and

8. the object of protection and the access of foreign Government vessels.

Regulation (2012:593).

section 6 of the coast guard shall exercise supervision over the Swedish

continental shelf and economic zone. The Coast Guard will also

decide on and respond to supervision in the case of permits for

marine scientific research.

section 7 the coast guard shall be the contact point for maritime traffic in the

question about notifications under rules on border control

respect people and in terms of maritime security under

agreement with any authority.

The coast guard is the competent authority to receive and respond to

inquiries about whether a ship is Swedish according to

1. the Protocol against the smuggling of migrants by land, air and

by sea to the United Nations Convention on november 15

2000 against transnational organised crime, and

2. The United Nations Convention on 10 March 1988

Suppression of unlawful acts against maritime safety with its

Protocol on 14 October 2005. Regulation (2014:438).

section 8 of the coast guard, outside the area referred to in paragraph 1 of the

first subparagraph, conduct such monitoring of fishing groups

Swedish Government task, arising from the

1. Convention of 31 december 1932 between Sweden and

Denmark regarding fishing conditions in the to Sweden and

Denmark bordering waters (Su 1933:13),

2. the agreement between the European Union and the Kingdom of Norway

on mutual access to fishing in the Skagerrak by vessels

as for the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish flag;

3. gränsälvsöverenskommelsen of 11 november 2009 between

Sweden and Finland (SUN 2010:21), and

4. European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no 1380/2013

of 11 december 2013 on the common fisheries policy,

amending Council regulations (EC) No 1954/2003 and (EC)

No 1224/2009 and repealing Council regulations (EC) no

2371/2002 and (EC) No 639/2004 and Council decision 2004/585/EC.

For the operations referred to in the first subparagraph 4, the coast guard

designate competent officials to be Community inspectors.

Regulation (2014:1556).

§ 9 the coast guard is responsible for the Swedish part of the

control measures that the European Union carries out to sea

within the area covered by the North East Atlantic

Fisheries Commission (NEAFC). For this purpose the authority may

designate competent officials to be inspectors and


section 10 of the coast guard, outside the area referred to in paragraph 1 of the

the first subparagraph shall participate in the European Union's operational

cooperation for the control of the external borders of the Member States in accordance with

European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no 863/2007 of the

the Council of 11 July 2007 establishing a mechanism for the creation

of rapid border intervention teams and amending Council

Regulation (EC) No 2007/2004 as regards that mechanism and

regulating the tasks and powers of guest officers.

For this purpose the authority may designate competent officials to

included as border guards in such units.

Rescue service

section 11 of the coast guard shall, in accordance with special regulations

responsible for the miljöräddnings service at sea for the purpose of

to mitigate the consequences of accidents and spills.

The coast guard should be prepared for and at the request of the

incident commander involved in search and rescue services and other

emergency services and thereby contribute to improving safety at sea,

human life can be saved, that injury is limited and that

the consequences of property and the environment are reduced.

Regulation (2010:525).

section 12 of the coast guard may, in addition to the provisions of Chapter 9. 1 §

Act (2003:778) for protection against accidents, request assistance from the

and provide assistance to foreign authorities at

rescue operations under the

1. the agreement of 13 september 1983 concerning cooperation in

dealing with pollution of the North Sea by oil and other

harmful substances (SUN 1984:13),

2. Convention of 9 april 1992 on the protection of

Baltic marine environment (SUN, 1996:22),

3. Convention of 30 november 1990 on emergency preparedness,

efforts and cooperation on pollution by oil (SUN


4. Additional Protocol to the Convention for 3 on preparedness

for, response to and cooperation in the event of accidents caused by

hazardous and noxious substances, 2000 (SUN 2003:47), and

5. agreement on cooperation on preparedness and response

pollution of the marine environment by oil in the Arctic.

At environmental rescues at sea, the coast guard

also request assistance from and provide assistance to those countries that

participates in cooperation within the framework of European Parliament and

Council decision 1313/2013/EU of 17 december 2013 on a

protection mechanism of the European Union. Such assistance may, however,

only be made provided that the State which has requested

Coast Guard assistance, ensuring full cost recovery

for its efforts.

The coast guard may also request assistance at

environmental rescue at sea of the European Union

maritime safety agency, in accordance with European Parliament and Council

Regulation (EC) No 724/2004 of 31 March 2004 amending

Regulation (EC) No 1406/2002 establishing a European

maritime safety agency. Regulation (2014:1556).

section 13 Before the coast guard decides to request or submit

assistance under section 12 or Chapter 9. Article 1, first paragraph the law

(2003:778) for protection against accidents, the authority shall inform the

Government offices (Ministry of Justice) on the measures

It intends to take. Regulation (2014:1556).

Specific tasks

14 repealed by Regulation (2010:525).

section 15, the Coast Guard will be involved in international cooperation

for the development of border control, law enforcement at sea,

other maritime surveillance and miljöräddnings service. The coast guard

to further cooperate with other government agencies to promote

Swedish participation in international cooperation in its

field of activity.

15 a of the Coast Guard must exercise supervision according to the law

(2015:280) on reporting of accidents at oil and

gas operations at sea outside the European Union.

The Coast Guard will be the contact point responsible for the Exchange

of information pursuant to European Parliament and Council directive

2013/30/EU of 12 June 2013 on security for oil and

gas operations at sea and amending Directive

2004/35/EC, in the original wording.

The Coast Guard will also be responsible for the information in

Moreover, under article 32 of Directive 2013/30/EC, in the

original wording. Regulation (2015:306).

section 16 of the coast guard may perform the contract activity.

The Agency's management

section 17 of the coast guard is led by a head of Government.

section 18 At the coast guard there shall be an Advisory Council which

consists of a maximum of ten members.

Special bodies

19 § to assist the coast guard in efforts to coordinate

civil maritime surveillance and maritime information to it at

authority shall be a consultative body for civil maritime surveillance

and maritime information.

Care consists of the Agency's Director, who is the Chairman,

and no more than twelve other members, as well as alternates for these.

The Authority's head, put another officer at

The coast guard in his place as President of care.

Regulation (2010:525).

Positions and assignments

section 20 of the Director-General is the head of Government.

section 21 At the coast guard found a Director General.

section 22 members of care for civil maritime surveillance and

maritime information designated by the agency head.

Staff disciplinary board

section 23 By the coast guard, there shall be a

staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

section 24 of the coast guard shall apply

the staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).


section 25 of the coast guard may charge fees for their

external relations. The revenue from the surcharge activities

be disposed of by the authority.

The authority may provide for fees.

Regulation (2010:525).