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Regulation (2007:909) With Instruction For National Board For Board Representation Issues

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:909) med instruktion för Nämnden för Styrelserepresentationsfrågor

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section 1 the Board for Board representation questions examining questions about

permits under the second paragraph of section 9 of the Act (1987:1245) if

Board representation for private employees and about exceptions

under section 17 of that Act.


section 2 of the Authority is headed by a Board.

paragraph 3 of the Board shall consist of a Chairman and eight other

members. The President, who shall be or have been regular

judges, chosen from among persons who cannot be considered to represent

employers ' or workers ' interests. Other Board members appointed

After the proposal of the Association the Confederation of Swedish

Municipalities and county councils, employers ' Alliance, Cooperative

negotiating organization, country organization in Sweden and

Swedish Confederation of professional employees. The Association Swedish

Business and the Swedish Association of local authorities and regions suggest two

members and the other each one member. For the Chairman and

each other Member is appointed in the same order a replacement.


section 4 of the Board there is a Secretary.


paragraph 5 of the Secretary is appointed by the Board as a whole. Other matters

determined by the Board as a whole, where their nature requires


section 6 the President hears case of expulsion or depreciation in

a case referred to in paragraph 1. The Chairman also determines

administrative issues.

The Board may, in its rules of procedure provide for or in

individual cases may decide that the President may determine other

cases, with the exception of the ruling on the merits of cases referred to

in section 1.

section 7 of the examination of the matters referred to in paragraph 1 as well as by other

matters other than those referred to in paragraphs 5 and 6, involved the President and

four other members. Two of these will be designated on the proposal

of the trade unions and two by the Swedish

The business community. Instead of one of the latter two

Members shall arise

-When the case concerns a company where a municipality or a

the county municipality has a controlling interest, one of the

Members who have been appointed on the proposal of the Swedish Association of local authorities and

County Councils,

-When the case concerns an undertaking which is affiliated with the

Employers ' Alliance, the Member who has been appointed on a proposal from the

This organization,

-When the case concerns an undertaking which is affiliated with the

Cooperative bargaining organization, the Member who has

appointed at the proposal of this organization.

Decisions which do not include the final determination of the matter shall

However, taken by the President along with one representative for each

the employee side and the employers ' side.

section 8 Of the emerges dissenting opinions in a discussion,

apply the provisions of Chapter 16 of the. the code of judicial procedure if

vote in civil proceedings.

Caseload management

§ 9 the Chairman is responsible for the preparation of cases. If the

necessary, kept oral preparation.

The Secretary may issue an injunction to remedy the deficiency in a

the application and ask for explanation, information or opinion in

a case.

section 10 a case is decided after the hearing, if it is not

There are special reasons.

Should a hearing not be held, the matter will be determined after

presentation. The report is for the Secretary or a

specially appointed rapporteurs. The President may seize

presentation of a case.

Exemptions from government regulation

section 11 of the following provisions of the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the authority:

§ 5 If the delegation,

section 14 if the Board's composition,

sections 15 and 16 for a quorum, and

section 20 on the presentation.


section 12 Of section 18 of the Act (1987:1245) on board representation for the

private employees shows that the Board's decision in the case referred to in

§ 1 may not be appealed.