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Announcement (2007:1108) Of The Defence Products Referred To In The Act (2007:1091) On Public Procurement

Original Language Title: Tillkännagivande (2007:1108) av de försvarsprodukter som avses i lagen (2007:1091) om offentlig upphandling

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For the purposes of Chapter 3. 1 § 1 a Act (2007:1091) concerning the

public procurement ' products that are procured by a

Central Government authority in the field of defence following

products listed in annex V to the directive of the European Parliament and of

Council Directive 2004/18/EC of 31 March 2004 on the coordination of

procedures for the award of public works contracts. In

the annex States that the corresponding text, see annex 1, point 3, of the

The WTO agreement on government procurement (Government Procurement


List of products for public procurement in the

defence area

Chapter 25: Salt; sulfur; Earth and stone; plaster, lime

and cement

Chapter 26: ores, slag and ash

Chapter 27: mineral fuels, mineral oils and

products of their distillation; bituminous

substances; mineral waxes


ex 27.10: special engine fuels

Chapter 28: inorganic chemicals; organic and

inorganic compounds of precious metals, of

rare-earth metals,

of radioactive elements and of isotopes


ex 28.09: explosives

ex 28.13: explosives

ex 28.14: tear gas

ex 28.28: explosives

ex 28.32: explosives

ex 28.39: explosives

ex 28.50: toxic products

ex 28.51: toxic products

ex 28.54: explosives

Chapter 29: organic chemicals


ex 29.03: explosives

ex 29.04: explosives

ex 29.07: explosives

ex 29.08: explosives

ex 29.11: explosives

ex 29.12: explosives

ex 29.13: toxic substances

ex 29.14: toxic products

ex 29.15: toxic products

ex 29.21: toxic products

ex 29.22: toxic products

ex 29.23: toxic products

ex 29.26: explosives

ex 29.27: toxic products

ex 29.29: explosives

Chapter 30 pharmaceutical products

Chapter 31: fertilisers

Chapter 32: tanning or dyeing extracts;

tannins and their derivatives; pigments and

other colouring matter; varnishes and other

paints; PuTTY and other sealing and

mastics; inks, ink and ink

Chapter 33: essential oils and resinoids; Perfumery,

beauty and body care products

Chapter 34: SOAP, organic surface-active agents,

Washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes,

prepared waxes, polishing or scouring preparations, candles and

similar articles, modelling pastes, '

Dental waxes and dental preparations with a basis of plaster

Chapter 35: albuminoidal substances; modified starches; adhesives and

Glue; enzymes

Chapter 37: photographic or cinematographic goods

Chapter 38: Miscellaneous chemical products


ex 38.19: toxic substances

Chapter 39: plastics and articles thereof


ex 39.03: explosives

Chapter 40: Rubber and rubber products


ex 40.11: bullet-proof tyres

Chapter 41: raw hides and skins and leather

Chapter 42: articles of leather; saddlery and harness; travel goods,

handbags and similar articles; articles of


Chapter 43: furskins and artificial fur; articles of

These materials

Chapter 44: wood and articles of wood; charcoal

Chapter 45: Cork and articles of Cork

Chapter 46: manufactures of straw, of esparto or of other

plaiting materials; basketware and wickerwork

Chapter 47: pulp of wood or of other fibrous

cellulosic material; waste and

scrap of paper or paperboard

Chapter 48: paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp,

paper or paperboard

Chapter 49: printed books, newspapers, pictures and other

products of the printing industry

Chapter 65: headgear and parts thereof

Chapter 66: umbrellas, Sun umbrellas, walking sticks,

seat-sticks, whips, riding-crops and parts thereof

such articles

Chapter 67: prepared feathers and down and articles

made of feathers or of down; artificial

flowers; articles of human hair

Chapter 68: articles of stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, MICA

or similar materials

Chapter 69: ceramic products

Chapter 70 glass and glassware

Chapter 71: natural or cultured pearls, precious or

semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals with

plating of precious metal, and articles thereof

products; imitation jewellery

Chapter 73: cast iron, iron and steel

Chapter 74: Copper

Chapter 75: Nickel

Chapter 76: Aluminium

Chapter 77: Magnesium and beryllium

Chapter 78: lead

Chapter 79: Zinc

Chapter 80: Tin

Chapter 81: other base metals

Chapter 82: tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of

base metal


ex 82.05: tools

ex 82.07: tools, parts

Chapter 83: miscellaneous articles of base metal

Chapter 84: boilers, machinery and mechanical



ex 84.06: engines

ex 84.08: other engines

ex 84.45: machinery

ex 84.53: computers

ex 84.55: parts of machines under heading No 84.53

ex 84.59: nuclear reactors

Chapter 85: electrical machinery and apparatus, parts thereof

such goods


ex 85.13: telecommunication equipment

ex 85.15: Transmission apparatus

Chapter 86: locomotives and other railway and

tramway rolling stock and parts thereof;

stationary railway or tramway track fixtures and fittings and

parts thereof; mechanical (including

electro-mechanical) trafiksignaleringsutrustning

of all kinds


ex 86.02: armoured locomotives, electric

as 86.03: other armoured locomotives

ex 86.05: armoured wagons

ex 86.06: maintenance and service carts

ex 86.07: trailers

Chapter 87: Vehicles, other than railway or

tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories



ex 87.08: tanks and other armored


ex: 87.01 tractors

ex 87.02: military vehicles

ex 87.03: breakdown lorries

ex 87.09: motorcycles

ex 87.14: trailers

Chapter 89: ships and floating structures


ex 89.01 a: warships

Chapter 90: optical, photographic and

cinematographic, instruments and apparatus for

measuring or checking, medical and

surgical instruments and apparatus


ex 90.05: binoculars

ex 90.13: Miscellaneous instruments, lasers

ex 90.14 direction finding: rangefinder

ex 90.28: electrical and electronic

measuring instruments

ex 90.11 compound: microscope

ex 90.17: medical instruments

ex 90.18: tool for physical therapy

ex 90.19: orthopaedic appliances

ex 90.20: x-ray apparatus

Chapter 91: clocks and watches and parts thereof

Chapter 92: musical instruments; apparatus for recording and

reproduction of sound, apparatus for recording

and image and sound

recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories thereof


Chapter 94: furniture; bedding, mattresses, mattress supports

to beds, cushions and similar stuffed

Interior Design articles


ex 94.01 a: aircraft seats

Chapter 95: goods and products of the cutout or

press material

Chapter 96: Brooms, brushes, brooms, dusters and sieves

Chapter 98: Miscellaneous articles