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Regulation (2007:1119) With Instruction For The Swedish Swedish Power Grids

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:1119) med instruktion för Affärsverket svenska kraftnät

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section 1 of the Swedish Swedish power grids (Swedish power grids) has to

task of a business-like way of managing, operating, and

develop a cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly

power transmission system, selling transmission capacity as well as in

otherwise engage in activities that are related to the

power transmission system.

section 2 of the Swedish power grid's transmission authority under 8

Cape. section 1 of the electricity Act (1997:857) and paragraph 1 of the Regulation (1994:1806)

If the system operator for electricity. Swedish power grids are also

elberedskapsmyndighet under elberedskapslagen (1997:288).

Regulation (2013:211).

paragraph 3 of the Swedish power grids will also

1. build out the national grid for electricity based on socio-economic

cost-benefit assessments;

2. responsible for supervision in respect of reliability of the

national electricity system under the electricity Act (1997:857) and

Ordinance (1994:1806) if system responsible for electricity,

3. promoting competition in the electricity market,

4. promote research, development and demonstration of new

technologies of importance to the business,

5. respond to contingency planning in their

area of activity during the crisis or war conditions,

6. engage in service exports in its field of activity,

7. promotion of dam safety in the country,

8. develop, install and maintain wiring for

electronic communication, mainly on the backbone, as well as grant

network capacity in these,

9. monitor the availability of high load capacity in Swedish

the electrical system and continually communicate information about effect access

to market participants,

10. in its field of activity to ensure that the opportunities for

expand renewable electricity production is facilitated,

11. in its field capacity to collect fees and

payments in accordance with article 13 of the European Parliament

and Council Regulation (EC) no 714/2009 of 13 July 2009 on the

conditions for access to the network for cross-border

in electricity and repealing Regulation (EC) No 1228/2003,

12. also in other respects in its field performance

data arising from Regulation (EC) no 714/2009,

13. ensure that the regulations and procedures to business administration

disposes of is cost effective and simple to nationals

and companies,

14. every two years, implement and, after hearing the State's

the energy authority, for contingencies

readiness report a discovery work of potential

European critical infrastructures within the subsector the electricity

According to Council Directive 2008/114/EC of 8 december 2008 on the

identification and designation of European critical

infrastructure and the assessment of the need to improve their protection

This, and

15. by 1 July of each year in a special report to the

Government account how power balance during the last

the winter has been maintained, a forecast for power balance

during the coming winter and what information activities

has been drawn to the actors on the electricity market in terms of

power balance. Regulation (2015:263).

4 section in time of war or when the Government otherwise determines is the Swedish

power grid task that in co-operation with other

totalförsvarsmyndigheter meet society's needs for electric power

by planning, directing and coordinating the electricity supply resources.

When the consumption regulation of electricity power grids are introduced Swedish

the task, to the extent the Government stipulates,

responsible for long-term planning and targeting of

production of electricity.

paragraph 5 of the Swedish power grid, in the field of dam safety

1. follow the impact of climate change, as well as monitoring and

participate in the development of the country,

2. ensure that the risks of a serious disturbance of the

society through dust failure or high flow rates in regulated

streams decreases,

3. report annually to the Government on the development and on the

propose measures,

4. promote research and development and transfer of knowledge,


5. responding to regulatory guidance under

environmental protection Regulation (2011:13) and interact with

provincial governments to bring about an effective

supervisory work. Regulation (2014:215).

Business networking group

section 6 of the Swedish power grids and the companies in which the State, through the Swedish

power networks directly or indirectly a dominant influence

form a business networking group.


section 7 of the Authority is headed by a Board of Directors.

section 8 Management Board shall be composed of not more than seven members. In the Board of Directors

also includes Government Chief and staff representatives at

the work.

§ 9 the Board of Directors is responsible for the State's interests as the owner is

to be in the business networking group's companies and in other companies

where the Swedish power networks manages the State's shares.

§ 10 the Board shall in particular:

1. to engage in long-term planning within the group,

2. determine how reporting and coordination between the Swedish

power networks and the Group's business will be done,

3. responding to the requirements placed on business with

account of total defense, energy policy, regional policy

and environmental policies, and

4. make sure that the Government gets the backing that it needs

to determine the magnitude and direction of

the various parts.


section 11 of The data included in the Director-General, within the

business Elberedskap decide cases about regulations,

obligations and other matters relating to the difference

Electricity supply.

section 12 If a Board case is so urgent that the Board does not

time to meet to deal with it, get the case settled

through the messages between the President and at least as many

Members needed for a quorum.

If this procedure is not appropriate, the Director-General

alone determine the matter. Such a decision shall be notified, at the next

meeting of the Board of Directors.

Special bodies

section 13 At Swedish power grids, there shall be a Council that has transparency

in the business with elberedskap (Advisory Council). The Council has to

the task of guarding the other Swedish defence and electricity undertakings

interests in matters of elberedskap. The Council should be given the opportunity to

comment on matters of principle or of greater significance that

concerns focus on preparedness measures, regulations and

imposition of emergency measures.

The Council shall consist of not more than twelve members.

section 14 At Swedish power grids, there shall be a Council which shall

assist the enterprise in the process of dam safety issues

(Dam Safety Council). The Council is an information and

consultative body for issues related to dam safety.

Regulation (2014:215).

Asset management

section 15 of the Swedish power grid facilities may be used for the purposes

the Government has identified in the investment plan and the other

regulations relating to Swedish power grid operations.

section 16 of the Swedish force network resources may not be lent to firms in

business networking group without the Government's consent in each

in particular cases.

External audit

section 17 of the Board shall ensure that the National Audit Office, the information

necessary for the audit of the business networking group.

Positions and assignments

section 18 the Director General is the head of Government.

section 19 of the Government appoints the President and Vice-President of the

the Board of Directors.

section 20 of the Swedish power grid to determine the number of members and appoint

the members and the Chairman of Dam Safety Council.

Staff disciplinary board

section 21 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

section 22 of the Swedish power grids should apply

the staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101) and

internal audit regulation (2006:1228).

section 23 When Swedish power network intends to seek staff from enterprises

in the business networking group, the regulation is not applied

(1984:819) if State place notifications.


section 24 of the Swedish power networks may charge fees in the business,

decide on the fees, and outlining the revenues.

The work may also dispose of income from public


Exemptions from government regulation

section 25 of the following provisions of the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the authority:

section 12 as to who should decide urgent matters,

section 29 on the case.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2012.

2. recognition shall be made in accordance with paragraph 3 of the 18 first time before

the end of 2012.