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Regulation (2007:1181) With Instruction For The Swedish Institute For Language And Folklore

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:1181) med instruktion för Institutet för språk och folkminnen

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section 1 of the Institute for language and folklore are tasked to

engage in language planning and on a scientific basis, boost, bring to life

and spread the knowledge of languages, dialects, folklore, names and

intangible cultural heritage in Sweden.

The authority shall promote the development in its field of activity

through the distribution of Government grants.

The authority will carry out research in its field of activity

and to work for increased knowledge in interaction with others, such as

universities and high schools. Regulation (2012:309).

2 § the museums shall, in particular,

1. collect, preserve, and disseminate scientific knowledge process

and material about the Swedish language, the national

minority languages Finnish, jiddisch, meänkieli, romani chib,

the Swedish sign language and dialects, folklore, folk music

and name in Sweden,

2. gathering knowledge and follow the usage of other languages

in Sweden,

3. initiate and coordinate the work in respect of the lexical

foreign languages that are relevant for interpreting and

translation studies as well as being engaged in terminological

work relating to migrant languages,

4. provide advice and information on language issues,

5. be heard in matters concerning the determination of place names and review

proposal for a

name of General maps,

6. be heard in matters concerning personal names,

7. express its opinion in matters of language political importance,

8. following the application of the language Act (2009:600) and promote

to the public administration using Swedish as

the main language and the national minority languages in accordance with the applicable

laws and regulations,

9. promote public administration uses a

cared for, simple and understandable language, among other things by giving

out writing rules for the public administration,

10. monitor and evaluate completed language work in the public


11. promote the development of terminology and language technology, and

12. promote the Nordic language community is strengthened.

Regulation (2012:514).

2 a of the authority in its work to integrate a

equality, diversity and child perspective as well as a

international and intercultural exchanges and cooperation.

Regulation (2009:743).

3 § the museums shall in connection with the annual report each year

account plain-language work in the past year.

Regulation (2012:309).

3 a of the Agency shall follow up on the outcome of their

activity and report it to the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.

Authorities shall consult on the reporting

needed. Regulation (2014:171).

4 § in addition to the information provided by the authority in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2

It may provide goods and undertake to perform

research, surveys and other services in their

field of activity. Regulation (2009:743).


4 a of the Agency's cooperation with authorities and other

participants will include civil society organizations.

Regulation (2014:171).


§ 5 Authority is headed by a head of Government.

Special bodies

6 § within the Agency, there shall be an Advisory Council for

plain-language queries.

The Board shall consist of not more than nine members.

Positions and assignments

section 7 the Director General is the head of Government.

section 8, four members of the Board of the plain-language queries are appointed by

the Government. The other members are appointed by the authority.

Staff disciplinary board

§ 9 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

10 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



11 § when the Agency performs the tasks set out in paragraph 1 and 2

2, the fees charged under full cost recovery.

Fees are determined by the authority, except in the cases

referred to in section 15, the fee Regulation (1992:191).

The authority may dispose of fee revenues.

Authority shall not charge for the advice which is a

the language planning spirit activities. Regulation (2009:743).

section 12 of the activities provided for in paragraph 4, the Agency shall withdraw

fees equivalent to full cost recovery. Fees

determined by the authority, except in the cases referred to in section 15,

fee regulation.

The authority may dispose of fee revenues.

Exemptions from government regulation

paragraph 13 of the following provision in the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the authority:

section 29 on the case.