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Regulation (2007:1206) With Instruction For Dental And Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:1206) med instruktion för Tandvårds- och läkemedelsförmånsverket

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section 1 the dental and pharmaceutical benefits the work should, through their

activities contribute to the efficient and

cost-effective use of drugs and dental care, a good

availability of drugs in society and a well

functioning of the pharmacy market. Activities shall be conducted in

accordance with the ethical principles of priorities in

health care. Regulation (2014:1069).

1 a of the Authority responsible for

– decision on the subsidies and price control of goods

included in the pharmaceutical benefits;

– questions about öppenvårdsapotekens trade margin and the exchange of


– supervision of the observance of the law (2002:160) if

drug benefits, etc., and of regulations and conditions

in connection with the Act, and

– decision on the design of the State Dental assistance in

the case of eligible actions, reference rates

and thresholds and replacement rates in the protection against

high costs. Regulation (2014:1069).

2 § the museums shall

-monitor and analyse developments in the pharmaceutical, pharmacy

and dental areas,

-monitor and analyse developments in other countries and take into

be experiences from there,

– compare the price level in Sweden with the price level in other countries

for relevant products in the pharmaceutical sector,

-follow price developments in the pharmaceutical sector in a

international perspective,

-follow up and evaluate their decisions and regulations

the authority decides,

– inform concerned about its activities and its decisions on

subsidization and price regulation for goods that are included in the

pharmaceutical benefits, and

– inform about their activities concerned within the dental field

and if its decision under paragraph 5. Regulation (2014:1069).


2 a of the Agency's efforts to control knowledge should

planned and carried out in cooperation with other relevant

authorities so that the governmental steering with knowledge

regarding health care is coordinated.

Provisions on cooperation with some other authorities see

Regulation (2015:155) if State control with knowledge

with respect to health care and social services.

The Agency announces its rules in Common

statutes relating to health care,

social services, medicine, public health, etc., in accordance with annex

1 to the Constitutional Assembly Ordinance (1976:725).

Regulation (2015:166).

2 (b) § the museums shall interact with the insurance fund and other

stakeholders in matters concerning State Dental assistance.

Regulation (2011:1146).


section 3 Authority is headed by a head of Government.

4 section at the Agency, there shall be an Advisory Council consisting

of not more than nine members. Regulation (2014:1069).

Special bodies

section 5 within the Agency is a special decision-making bodies

is referred to the Board for pharmaceutical benefits. The Board decides

to outlining the general approach for subsidy and pricing,

– If the subsidization and price regulation of new

the original medicines, new supplies and new

formulations of previously subsidized medicines,

-on its own initiative or at the request of changing conditions

to a certain product or a certain product to be included in the

pharmaceutical benefits;

-on its own initiative to a certain product or a certain

be no longer to be included in drug benefits;

– If the regulations pursuant to the authorisation in article 5 of the regulation

(2002:687) of drug benefits, etc., and for general advice on

non-prescription medicines,

– If the enforcement provisions under the authorisation granted in paragraph 21 of the

the regulation on pharmaceutical benefits, etc., in such matters as

the Board decides on,

— General advice on such matters as the Board decides,

as well as the

-in other questions the head of submitting to the Board.

The Board consists of a Chairperson and six members. For

the Chairman, a Deputy Chairman is appointed.

Regulation (2014:1069).

5 a § within the Agency is a special decision-making bodies

is referred to the Board for State dental care. The Board decides


– the regulations according to the appropriations of the Regulation (2008:193)

If the State dental care, and

-General advice within its area of responsibility.

The Board consists of a Chairman and three members. For

the Chairperson shall be appointed a President vice1.

Regulation (2011:1146).

5 b of Committee for State dental care to design their

decisions as to the expenditure of the State dental support fits

within the framework of the alloted funds of the State budget. If spending

is expected to exceed the appropriated funds to the Board if required urgently

possible to decide on changes in the rules referred to in

5 a §. Regulation (2008:843).

section 6 of the Government the Manager decides on the regulations and General

advice that is not in accordance with section 5 or 5, shall be adopted by either of the

specific decision-making bodies.

Regulatory Manager also determines other matters that should not be

be determined by the decision-making bodies or of the staff disciplinary board.

Regulation (2014:1069).

The proceedings of the Board of the pharmaceutical benefits Board

State dental care

section 7 of the head of Government or head of the appoints are

Rapporteur of the Board of the pharmaceutical benefits Board

State dental care. Regulation (2008:843).

section 8 of the boards is a quorum when the Chairperson and at least half

of the other members are present.

When matters of major importance are dealt with, if possible, all

Members must be present.

The head of Government has the right to participate in the meetings of the boards.

If necessary, the Councils temporarily co-opt one or more

experts with specific expertise. The head of Government and

co-opted experts have the right to be heard but does not participate in the

decisions. Regulation (2008:200).

section 9 If a case is so urgent that the Committee did not have time to

meet to deal with it, the matter may be settled by

messages between the President and at least as many members

needed for a quorum. If this procedure cannot

applied, the President may alone decide the matter. Such a

decision must be reported at the next meeting of the Board.

The procedure referred to in the first subparagraph may also be used to determine

cases of simple nature. Regulation (2014:1069).

Positions and assignments

section 10 the Director General is the head of Government.

section 11 of the President, the Vice-President and the members and

personal substitute for those of the Board of

pharmaceutical benefits Board for State dental care

appointed by the Government for a fixed period of time.

Regulation (2010:194).

Staff disciplinary board

section 12 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

The applicability of specific regulation

paragraph 13 of the staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101)

in fact, dental and pharmaceutical benefits.

Regulation (2008:659).