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Regulation (2007:1217) With Instruction For The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board

Original Language Title: Förordning (2007:1217) med instruktion för Exportkreditnämnden

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paragraph 1 of the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board is responsible for ensuring that, in accordance with the

detailed rules as Government reports, issue

State export credit and investment insurance (so-called

Central Government guarantees) according to

1. Regulation (2007:656) on export credit guarantee,

2. Regulation (2005:746) on investment guarantee, and

3. the Regulation (2009:320) on the financing of development loans

and guarantees for development cooperation.

The authority may provide warranty for such refinancing loan

provided for regulation of maturing claims

guaranteed within the framework of the State

export credit guarantees.

Authority may engage such service export compatible

with the Authority's tasks and activities.

If a matter referred to in the first subparagraph is of major importance

or essential, it may with own opinion

refer the matter to the Government's review.

Regulation (2009:896).

2 § the museums shall in particular

1. test conditions for the granting of the guarantee,

2. ensure that the guarantees be designed taking into account the

conditions offered in export companies ' more important

competitive countries and promote a level playing field between

guarantee agencies,

3. in the case of the granting of the guarantee comply with the objective of

guarantee operations overall should be self-sustaining over


4. spread the risks in exposure, seek risk-sharing and

take steps to reduce the risk concentration,

5. conduct an effective injury prevention and injury regulatory

activities with a view to limit losses,

6. take the measures otherwise required to ensure

State with the exception of negotiations within the framework of the

the so-called Paris Club,

7. provide information on the forms of guarantee authority offer and if they

General terms and conditions that apply to get


8. follow the international developments in the Agency's

area of responsibility,

9. ensure that the conditions of the guarantees is in

compliance with the international agreements to which

Sweden has signed on officially supported export credits and pass

the information necessary for the application of these

agreements, and

10. promote the generation target for environmental work and the

environmental quality objectives which Parliament has laid down is reached and at

propose measures for the development environment.

Regulation (2011:86).

3 § the museums shall each year before March 1, and otherwise at the

provide the Government the documents needed to

the Government should be able to decide on the scope and

the focus of the Agency's activities.


4 § the museums shall interact with Aktiebolaget Swedish

Export credit on issues related to export credits under

Regulation (1981:665) on export credit financing with State


4 (a) § the museums shall in respect of their environmental efforts report

environmental protection agency and consult with the work of the

reporting as needed. Regulation (2011:86).


5 § Authority is headed by a Board of Directors.

section 6 of the Board of Directors shall consist of not more than ten members.

If a case is so urgent that the Board does not

meet to deal with it, the matter may be decided by

the President and at least three other members, among them

the Director-General. If the Board's decision cannot wait without

substantial inconvenience for the Agency's activities, the

the Director-General alone to decide the matter. Such decisions should

be reported at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

Appointments and assignments

section 7 of the Director-General's administrative manager.

Staff disciplinary board

section 8 By the authority shall be a staff disciplinary board

Applicability of certain regulations

9 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



10 § in connection with negotiations with debtors and

gäldenärsländer for payment of guaranteed claims may

authority with the agreement of the owner of a

ogaranterad claim, if there are special reasons, even

include such a claim in the Authority's

the negotiating efforts. Authority may withdraw and outlining

fees for such participation. Charges the lowest cover

the cost of this participation. The fees determined in each

specific case by the authority.

By 28 February of the year following the financial year, the authority shall

account the part of the guarantee premium in excess of the cost

the expected loss against an income title at the State

budget. The surplus is calculated by adding the amount of paid-in

guarantee fees in excess of the expected loss is reduced by the

costs it has had for premium match.

Guarantees that can förtidsinlösas and running with higher premium

than expected loss, is presented annually to an income title.

Authority may make exceptions for the right of recourse in accordance with section 10 of the

Regulation (2011:211) on loans and guarantees, if the

improve the State's ability to recover the damage amount.

Regulation (2011:300).

Exemptions from the Government agencies Ordinance

section 11 of the following provisions of the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the authority:

section 12 of the Board's quorum,

section 29 of the case list, and

section 30 on the appeal of decisions on the regulations.