Law (2008:854) On Efforts To Investigate Some Samhällsfarliga Crimes

Original Language Title: Lag (2008:854) om åtgärder för att utreda vissa samhällsfarliga brott

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section 1 of this Act shall apply in the case of preliminary investigation concerning

1. sabotage or coarse tampers under Chapter 13. 4 or 5 §

the criminal code,

2. arson, aggravated arson, destruction, living

hijacking, maritime or aviation sabotage or airport sabotage

under Chapter 13. 1, 2, 3, 5 a and 5 b of the Penal Code, if

the crime involves sabotage under the same chapter,

3. rebellion, armed threat to the legal order, unlawful

Student Union activities or violation of civic freedom under 18

Cape. 1, 3, 4 or 5 of the Penal Code,

4. high treason, krigsanstiftan, spying, espionage,

mishandling of secret information, rough unauthorized

position with the secret information or unlawful

intelligence operations against Sweden, against the foreign power or

against the person under Chapter 19. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 10A or 10

b of the criminal code,

5. corporate espionage under paragraph 3 of the Act (1990:409) on the protection of

trade secrets, if there is reason to believe that

the offence was committed on behalf of or are supported by

a foreign power or by someone who has acted for a

on behalf of foreign powers,

6. terrorist offences under section 2 of the Act (2003:148) if the penalty for

terrorist offences, offences under section 3 of the Act (2002:444) of punishment

for the financing of particularly serious crime in some

cases or criminal offences under the Act (2010:299) of punishment for

public provocation, recruitment and training

terrorist crimes and other particularly serious crime,


7. attempt, preparation or conspiracy to commit offences referred to

in 1 to 6, if such acts are subject to punishment. Law (2014:386).

section 2 of such a written notice referred to in Chapter 27. section 2 of the

second sentence, judicial procedure shall be confiscated even if it

for the crime is prescribed more lenient penalty than imprisonment for two


A decision as referred to in the first subparagraph shall be communicated only by law

or the Prosecutor.

section 3 authorisation pursuant to Chapter 27. the code of judicial procedure to secret

the interception of electronic communications, covert surveillance of

electronic communication or secret surveillance,

be notified even if the crime is not subject to the requirements

up in Chapter 27. the second subparagraph of section 18, the third subparagraph of article 19, or

paragraph 20 (a) of the code of judicial procedure. Law (2012:287).

4 section If it can be expected that the commissioning of commercial permits

the secret interception of electronic communications, secret

monitoring of electronic communications or secret

camera surveillance would entail such delay or

other nuisance is of crucial importance for the investigation,

get permission to measure is given by the Prosecutor. Law (2012:287).

§ 5 If it can be expected that the commissioning of the decision of the Court of

the detention of the shipment pursuant to Chapter 27. Article 9 of the code of judicial procedure

would cause such a delay or other inconvenience which is

essential to the investigation, is authorized to

the action is given by the Prosecutor. When a shipment due to a

such a State, the company held career without

immediately notify the public prosecutor. The Prosecutor shall immediately

consider, if the seizure shall take place.

section 6 Has the prosecutor decided on seizure under or left

the authorisation required under paragraph 4 or 5, he or she shall immediately make a

written notice of the action at law. In the notification the reasons

for the action specified. The right to urgently review the case. Finds

right that there are no grounds for the action, it shall suspend the

the decision.

If a decision under paragraph 4 or 5 is expired before

the Court has ruled on a case referred to in the first subparagraph,

the Prosecutor notify this action to the security and

integrity protection.

section 7 At the Court under section 6 of the first subparagraph and in respect

the decision of the Court of appeal, the rules in

the code of judicial procedure concerning proceedings in the courts of questions about

coercive measures in criminal proceedings and on appeal of the decision in such

issues apply. What is said in Chapter 27. section 28, first subparagraph

the code of judicial procedure if an application shall in such case refer to a

Prosecutor's report.

section 8 On enforcement of a permit under section 4 to secret

wiretapping and secret telesurveillance terms of 27 Cape. section 25

the code of judicial procedure. What is said there about the right to instead refer to

the Prosecutor.