Regulation (2008:1300) With Instruction For The Swedish Transport Agency

Original Language Title: Förordning (2008:1300) med instruktion för Transportstyrelsen

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section 1 of the Transport Board is the main responsible for

legislation, authorisation and supervision of

the transport field.

Transportation Board shall ensure that the transport policy

objectives are achieved. Activities will focus in particular on contributing

into an internationally competitive, environmentally friendly

and safe transport system. Regulation (2010:182).

section 2 of the Transportation Board's supervision shall, in accordance with the

regulations that apply to each area, exercised

1. over the rail, Metro and tram systems,

2. over the civilian maritime traffic, in particular maritime safety,

maritime and port security,

3. over civil aviation, in particular air safety and

aviation security, and

4. within the road transport system.

paragraph 3 of the Transport Board shall be responsible in particular for questions about

1. requirements on the infrastructure, vehicles, ships and aircraft,

2. qualification requirements and permissions,

3. requirements for infrastructure managers, trafikorganisatörer and

transport companies,

4. traffic rules, use of infrastructure, facilities and


5. market access conditions and the conditions of competition, and

6. conditions for travelers and those who buy

freight transport services. Regulation (2012:792).

section 4 of the Swedish Transport Agency to fulfil within their area of responsibility

information under EU legal acts and other international


Transportation Board shall particularly assist the Government with

preparatory work in the international cooperation in

1. The International Maritime Organization (IMO),

2. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO),

3. Organisation for international carriage by rail (OTIF),


4. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

(UNECE) on transport issues. Regulation (2012:792).

4 a of the Transportation Board shall notify the OTIF which lines to

Sea to be entered in or deleted from the CIV-each

CIM list referred to in article 24 of the Treaty on the international

carriage by rail (COTIF) of 9 May 1980, as amended by

the amending Protocol of 3 June 1999. Transportation Board shall

also submit applications for validation of technical standards and

the adoption of a technical regulation within the meaning of article 5 and 6 in Appendix

(F) of the Treaty. Regulation (2015:347).

§ 5 Transport Agency responsible for

1. register of railway infrastructure and railway vehicles,

2. aircraft-and the enrolment register;

3. the ships and seamen's registry,

4. registration of agreement about boat construction advances, and

5. the road traffic register.

section 6 of the Transport Agency has regulatory responsibility for

air navigation services for civil and military aviation.

The Swedish Transport Agency shall draw up an agreement with the armed forces of

regarding the practical application of administrative responsibility for

air navigation services relating to military aviation.

section 7 of the Transport Board may enter into agreements with the competent

authorities in other countries on the recognition of the Swedish

evidence in the maritime field. Regulation (2015:10).

section 8 Transport Board, in addition to its supervision under

Railway Act (2004:519) monitor the markets for

train services, including the markets for

rail transport, work effectively from a

the competitive perspective.

The head of the executives referred to in Chapter 8.

3 c and 3 d of the Railway Act. Regulation (2015:362).

§ 9 Transport Board may sell the information to the authorities and

individual from that part of the road traffic register which relates to the

vehicle registration and which the Board of Directors for the regulation

(2001:650) on road traffic register. Information may be disclosed to

Terminal, on medium for automatic data processing or


Data relating to the data subject's personal circumstances

may not be sold, if they are likely to pose a threat to his

personal integrity.

section 10 Transportation Board shall ensure that the regulatory framework and

routines that authority disposes of is cost effective

and easy for citizens and businesses. Regulation (2010:182).

10 a of the Transportation Board shall for the operational activities

that authority is conducting for the performance of the Swedish

obligations as flag State to have a quality management system in

accordance with article 8(1) of the European Parliament and of the Council

Directive 2009/21/EC of 23 april 2009 on discharge of

flag State obligations. Regulation (2011:674).

section 11 of the Transport Agency shall annually

1. disclose the Agency's actions to contribute to a

climate-efficient transport system,

2. present the results of the Agency's oversight of State

activities, and

3. provide traffic analysis in its mission to to the Government

a follow-up of the objectives of transport policy.

Regulation (2015:10).

11 a of the Swedish Transport Agency responsible for research and

innovation that is justified by the authority.

Regulation (2013:169).


section 12 of the Swedish Transport Agency shall consult with the FCA in

competition issues and report abuses to the work.

12 a of the Transport Board may, within its area of operation

interact with other players and take measures in order to achieve

the transport policy objective consideration of security. The measures

taken will effectively contribute to the goal

are met. Regulation (2015:10).

12 b of the Transport Board may, within its area of operation

interact with, and otherwise provide assistance to conduct

external relations with regard to foreign authorities and

organizations in matters primarily concerned the rule development and

certification. Regulation (2015:10).

section 13 Transport Board shall in its field of activity

provide a basis for the application of Chapter 5.

the environmental code. Regulation (2011:1226).

section 14 Transport Board shall ensure that the generation of the target

for the environmental work and environmental quality objectives that Parliament has

established accessible and shall, where necessary, propose measures for

development of environmental work.

Transportation the Governing Board shall, in respect of their environmental performance report

environmental protection agency and consult with the work of the

reporting as needed. Regulation (2011:1226).


section 15 of the Swedish Transport Agency is headed by a Board of Directors.

Regulation (2010:182).

section 16 of the Board of Directors shall consist of not less than five and not more than nine

members. Regulation (2010:182).


16 a of the Board may assign to the head of that

decide the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations.

Regulation (2010:182).

16 b of the rule in paragraph 16 (a) does not apply to measures

particular fundamental importance or otherwise of major

weight. Regulation (2010:182).


section 17 the Director General is the head of Government.

17 a section/entry into force: 04/15/2016

There is a Deputy Director General at the Swedish Transport Agency.

Regulation (2016:142).

Staff disciplinary board

section 18 At the Swedish Transport Agency, there shall be a

staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

section 19 of the Transport Agency to apply

internal audit regulation (2006:1228) and

the staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).


section 20 of the Transport Board may provide for fees

1. for the activities in the field of aviation, and

2. for activities referred to in paragraphs 9 and 12 (b).

Regulation (2015:10).

Transitional provisions


This Regulation shall enter into force on the 1st October 2010 for

16 b, 1 July 2010 for 15-16 a section and the

april 1, 2010.

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