Regulation (2009:955) Concerning State Aid To Certain Legal Persons Providing Meaningful Employment To People With Mental Disabilities

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:955) om statsbidrag till vissa juridiska personer som tillhandahåller meningsfull sysselsättning till personer med psykisk funktionsnedsättning

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Scope and purpose

paragraph 1 of this regulation are regulations on State aid

to legal persons in their activities

providing such meaningful employment referred to

in Chapter 5. the second subparagraph of paragraph 7 the Social Service Act (2001:453)

to persons who due to a mental

disabilities face considerable difficulties in their

way of life and not for work


The objectives of the Government grant is to strengthen and supplement the

the efforts of municipalities and county councils to give people

with a mental disability

1. a variety of meaningful employment,

2. increased freedom of choice by the selection of

employment sites locally extended and broadened,

3. an employment which is specially adapted to the

individual's conditions and that strengthens his or

her ability to live independently, and

4. to return to the regular

the labour market. Regulation (2011:950).

Conditions for State aid

section 2 of the Contributions may be made to the legal persons

1. conducts an activity that is based on a set of values that

underlines the right to influence and participation in

community life for people with mental


2. carrying out an activity referred to in article 1, first


3. for at least one year before the premium years applied for

has engaged in such activities as set out in article 1, first

subparagraph, and

4. have a business that is specially designed for people

with mental disabilities and carried out near the

people who participate in employment.

Regulation (2011:950).

paragraph 3 of the Contribution must not be left to the legal entities that have

liabilities for Swedish taxes or fees in

Enforcement authority or which are in liquidation or


section 4 of the grants may not be provided to legal entities whose

activities under the control of a municipality, a County

or a government agency.

The shape of the State contribution

paragraph 5 of the State's contribution is an operational grant and constitutes a

replacement for the bidragsberättigades operating expenses

When they organize meaningful employment

for people with mental disabilities.


section 6 of the application for funding must be submitted to the

The National Board at the latest at the time that the Board of Directors


section 7 of the application shall be made in writing on a form

The National Board of health and welfare.

Application must be signed by an authorized

representatives of the applicant for the grant and shall in

application certified that the information given there is real.

section 8 applicants for funding must describe in the application

how each of the objectives set out in paragraph 1, second subparagraph

to be achieved with the help of the signs applied for grant funds.

An applicant, beyond what is apparent from the first subparagraph of

request, the National Board of the documents and information

the Board needs to be able to examine the application.

Regulation (2011:950).

section 9 If the person applying for grants under this regulation

does not provide the documents or information arising out of 7

or section 8, the applicant shall be given the opportunity within certain time

complete the application. If the applicant does not comply with a request

to supplement the application, it may be examined as


Determining authority, etc.

section 10 of the National Board decides in cases of grants under

This regulation.

section 11 of the Contribution is paid for a premium years in broadcasting, subject

availability of funds. A premium years covers a calendar year.

Decision on the contribution made by only one point each

Premium years.

section 12 of the assessment of an application for funding must be made with

based on the applicant's ability to meet the objectives

given in paragraph 1, second subparagraph.

If the applicant for a grant has provided accounting under

section 14 for past donations, the assessment of

grant also made with regard to what is stated

of the financial statements. Regulation (2011:950).

13 § National Board decides in each case whether the

conditions for the grant.

The conditions under which a contribution shall be

the grant decision. Regulation (2011:950).


section 14 of The beneficiaries are required to by 1 March

the year after the year in which the grant has been paid,

submit a report to the National Board. General Ledger

should contain

1. a financial accounting,

2. Description of what resources were used to, and

3. the results obtained and how they relate

the cases for the contribution.

section 15 a beneficiary is obliged, upon request of

Welfare leave the evidence which the Board need

to review the report.


section 16 of the National Board of health shall, by 31 May of each year leave

a comprehensive financial statement to the Government. By

report shall state

1. who has a contribution,

2. the amount of contributions paid to each


3. What are the conditions that applied in respect of each of

the contributions,

4. number of seats that each beneficiary


5. examples of the types of employment that

is provided and on activities that are deemed to work

particularly well, and

6. a summary of the State grant

use in relation to the objectives set out in article 1, other


The National Board of health shall, every two years, starting in 2011, at

the same time also provide Government an assessment of

Government grant effects in relation to the objectives

given in paragraph 1, second subparagraph. Regulation (2011:950).


section 17 of the contributions shall be paid in advance by a quarter

each quarter.

Refunds and chargebacks

18 § a beneficiary is obliged to refund if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or

otherwise have caused that contributions have been made incorrectly

or with excessive amounts,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been given incorrectly, or

with the high amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the refund fully or partly not used or

has not been used for the purpose for which it has been granted,

4. the recipient has not provided such accounts or

such supporting evidence referred to in paragraphs 14 and 15, or

5. the terms of the decision on the contribution has not been followed.

19(8) If a beneficiary is required to repay pursuant to the

section 18 of the National Board of health shall decide to fully or partially

claim back the premium. If there are special reasons,

The National Board may waive requirements for the repayment in full or in



section 20 of the Board's decision under this regulation,

not subject to appeal.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2009.

2. A legal person that has been granted refunds for

grant year 2009 should, instead of as specified in section 14,

leave their recognition of this contribution to National Board

by 1 March 2011.

3. The Board's accounting of the contribution granted

for the grant year 2009 should, instead of as specified in

section 16 of the first subparagraph, shall be submitted to the Government by 31 May


4. for the payment of a contribution is granted for the

grant year 2009 should, instead of as specified in section 17,

the entire premium is paid at the same time.


This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2011.

Older regulations still apply to contributions that have

granted prior to the entry into force.

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