Regulation (2009:1035) About Doctoral Education For Teachers And Preschool Teachers

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:1035) om utbildning på forskarnivå för lärare och förskollärare

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Scope of application

paragraph 1 of this regulation, there are provisions on education

at the graduate level, organized by specific means and that

aims to offer teachers and pre-school teachers the opportunity

to attend training at the graduate level, so that within a

total maximum period of four years to achieve a

Licentiate degree. Regulation (2013:457).

section 2 of the training should help to build up the school and

for the school's knowledge base and increase the number of teachers and

preschool teachers with doctoral education in school and

for the school.

The training of teachers should refer to a subject that in whole or in

essence represents a teaching subject, or relating to

subject didactics.

Education, for specialist teachers and for teachers who have a

degree as equivalent speciallärarexamen referred to in Chapter 1. paragraph 5 of the

Regulation (2011:326) for permission and identification

teachers and pre-school teachers and appointment as a lecturer also relate to

such a special subject area that is near

related to teaching.

The training will be for pre-school teachers refer to these subject areas

that entails a strengthening of preschool teachers ' knowledge and

expertise in children's learning and development, in particular the child's

linguistic and mathematical development. Regulation (2013:457).

Applicable provisions

3 of the higher education Act (1992:1434) and the higher education Ordinance

(1993:100) should be applied to education, unless otherwise

the provisions of this regulation.


4 section For access to training, the

1. requirements for general eligibility for doctoral

postgraduate level according to Chapter 7. 39 of the higher education Ordinance


2. the specific permissions that the University may have


3. the requirement that the applicant should be employed for an indeterminate period as

teachers or preschool teacher with a principal

a. school except recreational home, and

b. for a Swedish school abroad referred to in article 9 of the regulation

(1994:519) If Government subsidies for the education of Swedish abroad

children and young people, and

4. the requirement that the applicant has

a. a degree as a teacher,

b. a speciallärarexamen or a degree that according to Chapter 1. paragraph 5 of the

Regulation (2011:326) for permission and identification

teachers and pre-school teachers and appointment as lecturer assimilated

by speciallärarexamen,

c. a degree as a preschool teacher,

d. a corresponding older graduate,

e. a formal qualifications, or

f. the identification profession.

High school, for an individual applicant, grant a derogation from the

the eligibility requirements referred to in the first subparagraph, if there are

special reasons. Regulation (2013:457).

4 (a) repealed by Regulation (2013:457).

Implementation of training

paragraph 5 of the training courses will be organized in proportion to

at least 50% of study full-time.

The total training period cannot be longer than

that corresponds to doctoral education on a full-time basis for two


The scope of training may be changed and the training period may

may be extended if there are special reasons for such reasons.

can be time off due to illness, leave of

service in the armed forces or for positions of trust

within trade unions and student organisations or

parental leave. Regulation (2013:760).

Recognition of studies

section 6 of the Regulation (1993:1153) on the recognition of studies, etc.

at universities and colleges to apply to education.

Transitional provisions


This Regulation shall enter into force on december 15, 2009.

Regulation (2011:575).


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on July 1, 2011.

2. A nursery school teacher who is employed for a fixed period and before

on July 1, 2011 has begun an education under this

Regulation in its older version, despite the requirement of a

indefinite in paragraph 4(1) 3 complete

the training.


1. this regulation come into force on July 1, 2013.

2. A teachers or preschool teacher who last June 30, 2012

have been admitted to an education under this regulation has

the right to complete his education under the older

the regulations, however, until the end of december



This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2013. The new

However, provisions should be applied for the period from 1

July 2013.